Friday, November 30, 2012


I laugh...the first thought that went through my mind was the song don't even know the title or who sang Wonder, Wonder, who, who wrote the book of love! 
What a simple one to answer.  The Book of Love is The Bible.  And the author is God of couse. 
And then I wonder.  Have you ever looked around creation and just wondered?  I did that yesterday as I walked the dog and looked at all the different trees.  They are all so beautiful.  In the fall we love to see all the different colored leaves.  I wonder how God could know that we would love Fall so much and give us so many beautiful trees and colors to enjoy.  And I wonder how he could know that we would need Him so much.  That we would need His love.  Because sometimes His love is all we can cling to.  I wonder why he bothers with us.  When I look around the world I wonder what he thinks.
And I am in awe in awe.  I wonder what actually seeing Him will be like.  I can only imagine.  Another song popping into my head.  I can only imagine what it will be like.  I wonder.  Do you? 

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Wishing You a Wonderful Journey

Thursday, November 29, 2012

 For simple things . . .
 It seems my days are hard to explain.  (I grin) Cowboy is underfoot!  Enough said.  I don't seem to be able to post till about 4:00 so I wanted to leave you with something sweet.  (Bear with me here)
Have a Beautiful and Sweetly Thankful Day!

God calls us to be glad and rejoice in Him. 
Psalm 32:11

Gladly Rejoicing on the Journey. . .

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WFW Wednesday Filled With Words

Wordfilled Wednesday from My Heart  "Waiting". . . (Part One)
Today the word Wait came to me followed by the amazing message from the above scripture. 
I was thinking about writing an update post about The Shop and as I began to think about the words I would share here with you these words came to mind.  

And, I realized it wasn't easy to wait..  But I also realized I am peaceful. 

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

I am waiting.  I know that God has a plan for me and my immediate future.  For now I am trusting God and I am waiting for clear answers. 

For the last few months I have been exhausting myself trying to find work.  For two different opportunities I was interviewed 3 times!  With both I was confident of an offer.  When no offer came I saw it as a huge set back.  At least for us financially. 

We Cowboy and I had decided that I would go back to work full time or at least work 30 hours a week.  The end of June I began to earnestly seek a job.  I prayed that I would be able to start working by August.  I did receive an offer  and took a position that I thought would be something I could manage.  And, the offer was made on July 28th.  Answer to my prayer.  I barely made it to my 90 day evaluation at that evuluation I turned in my resignation.  Partly because I was confident about another job offer (where I had applied earlier) and partly because I couldn't handly the job any longer.  I found myself driving home every Friday praying that I would not think about work or the people until Monday.  It was a heart ache for me because the first weeks I drove home praying for my co-workers because I wanted to.  Because I cared about them.  But as the weeks went by the autmosphere became so difficult that I was still praying 'for them' but I was praying more and more to get them out of my head! 

A couple of weeks after I gave my resignation and I did not get the offer I began to feel like I had made the wrong decision about quiting my job.  But, God has shown me in some of the weirdest ways that it was the right decision.   I am confident that for the time I was there that is where God intended for me to be.  We were able to pay off some bills and financially get stronger. 

As I have looked and searched for work and not found any I have begun to feel more and more that God doesn't want me 'out of the home' with a fulltime commitment. 

But the weird thing about the way God answerd me when I began to doubt is that our car broke down.
We had put it in the shop for something minor and then all these things started happening.
It is still broke down.  I would not have been able to get to work!

As I have thought about what kind of jobs I could do  I have begun to ask myself this question 'What do I know how to do?' And 'What do I do best?'  And the answer that keeps coming to mind is sewing and teaching. 

I don't know how.  I don't know when.  I don't even know if God wants me to do something with this talent.  And I hate to even call it that.  But I know for right now I am to be at home. 

And, for right now I am waiting for His guidiance.  I am waiting for Him to show me.  I don't want to rush things or get ahead of His timing. 

I am waiting. 

I wish I could give you some encouraging words today.  I guess the only encouragment I can give is Trust in God.  Even if your uncertain trust him and his word.  And, open your eyes and your heart to Him.  Ask Him to show you and speak to you.    Trust in God and Wait.

The words to the following song have been tumbling around in my head; they speak to me and say some of the things that I can't put into words. 

Waiting on The Journey . . .

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Up to my ears

It's up to my ears I have been the last few days. The good news is I have one quilt finished well I have to bind it but to me that is finished. It is not even December 1st and it is done! Yea! But I have another quilt to finish and I am worried about making it. So I am spending most of my time with my pedal to the medal. While I am busy I wanted to leave you a few sweet pics and some tips for the season!

This one from Daisy . . .
Found on Pinterest.  Adorable! 
Pots and Pins
Adorable.  I am so starting this one in January.  In my inbox this morning was a newsletter from
Country Threads my favorite quilt shop in Garner, Iowa.  This pic I found at a darling blog when I googled a photo of the pattern they have on sale. 

In their little 12 Days of Christmas newsletter they included recipes and tips. 

Holiday Thought for Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas:

No matter what, no matter where, it's always home if love is there.

(Splurge on a long distance phone call. Let someone know you're thinking of him - even if it's not a holiday!)

2 C. Corn Chex Cereal

2 C. Miniature Pretzels

1 C. Dry Roasted Peanuts

20 Caramels (chopped)

1 pkg (12 oz) Vanilla White Morsel Chips

Combine dry ingredients. Melt vanilla chips and immediately stir into dry ingredients. Spread onto wax paper. Allow to cool and break into servings.


Merry Christmas

Monday, November 26, 2012

Blue Monday Tour

Welcome to a Beautiful Blue Monday here in Texas! Today I am doing something a little different. Today I am sending you away. Yep no hanging around here today I want you to visit a couple of beautiful Blue places . .
First off I want to send you to my sweet friend Denise's blog.  You'll just love, love, love the Blue you see there.  Click here for the sweet Blue at Denise's.  It will be short.  The blue there is her new background.  Please tell her I sent you.  And don't forget to come back here because there is more Blue over at . . .
Oh I loved this post today at Thistlewood Farm.   I was already thinking of doing something like this and so today seemed perfect.  Click here to visit the sweet Kari Anne.  And please let her know I sent you!  I'd love to hear what you think.  Leave me a comment.

Enjoy The Journey,
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Prayers Please

Today I am asking for you sweet sisters to pray. I don't normally get to post on Sunday morning because we are at church. My Cowboy is the Chaplain at a youth prison facility. Cowboy is sick today so we could not go.
Last night we had to cancel his Birtday outing with our daughter and grandson.  This is photo is from last year.  We were going to go to church, then dinner and then to tour downtown Main Street.  You might remember that was the night they went ice skatin. 

Cowboy felt so bad he couldn't go.  He has a cold and very bad cough.  The thing is he is a really, really bad patient.  He takes allergy medicine and cough drops.  He eats really bad so that is why he gets sick. 

Please pray he gets over this and that he will change his habits.  He has to work tomorrow 'has' to. 
And please pray for Daisy.  She has been sick for a few days.  A few days ago she started chewing on herself on her back hip.  She's done this before and quit so I didn't think a lot about it.  But she kept doing it for a couple of days.  I was out of the antibiotic spray I put on it.  But she stopped chewing and so I thought she was going to be ok. (she is a little neurotic)  Then the other night she started throwing up.  She threw up like 4 times during the night and that morning.  So I didn't feed her all day.  She finally started throwing up water.  So I took her off all food and water.  Late that afternoon I gave her ice chips.  The next day I gave her chicken broth. By the afternoon she was fine so I gave her chicken, green beans and rice.
She was fine.  Then she was fine for a few days.  She does lick her wound some.  Then this morning at 5 she woke me up.  She had to go outside.  She had diareah.  She didn't eat breakfast.  (she's been back on regular food for 3 days)  When she went out after breakfast there was blood in her stool. 

So, long story short I think she is really sick.  She is about 10 I think.  She acts fine.  She is running around and frisky. 

But sadly I can't afford the vet.  I have to do what I can for her here.  So I am praying God will heal her or that he will just let her go to sleep.  I have been praying for that for a while now. I know that sounds bad but I know that I can't take care of her properly if she gets sick. 

So today I ask you to please pray with me for my Cowboy and Daisy. 

Thank you for your prayers.  You Bless.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Beginning

To look a lot like Christmas . . .
Anne at Designs by Anne click here shared some of her favorites here's a few I found on her pinterest inspiration board . . .
 Elegant . . . I am thinking simple white . . . I changed the mantle yesterday . . . I love the simple elegantly wrapped gifts . . .
 But I love the tree in a basket too . . .
 And how cute is this.  Who needs a mantle . . .
 Today while I have dreams of Christmat decorating dancing around in my head.  I am doing laundry.  Had to take this shot of the cat curled up on the unmade bed.  I was in the process of stripping the sheets and he jumped right in for a nap!  And while the laundry and dishwasher is going I am going to satisfy my withdrawal  and get a fix . . .
 I had to put the sewing machine away for Thanksgiving today I am back to this quilt.  I hope I get this middle section finished today.  Wish me luck!

Enjoy your Journey . . .

Friday, November 23, 2012

5 Minute Friday Thank You

Thank you for Five Minute Friday I love the topics and getting to write for 5 minutes (or more sometimes) without thinking too much.  Without worry about what I say etc.  Thank You Lisa Jo I will miss you but I hope you have a great Christmas.  Your making us all want January to come!  Thank You our topic...oh I love this one because I have been wanting to tell all my followers Thank You!  You guys are so sweet to follow me.  I hope that I leave encouraging thoughts for you.  And maybe a little wisdom and a few smiles. 
Lot's of Thank You's to you wonderful girls that leave comments.  And many, many Thank You's  to you lurkers.  I know your there!  Wow!  I read the stats.  Thank You for all the visits!  And before I run out of time I want to say
Thank You to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because it is because of Him and His love for me that I am here.  That we are all looking forward to His birthday. 
And I pray that we all get a chance to remember that Jesus is the Reason

Merry Christmas
And I am thankful it is 5 minute Friday because I am cooking today
and enjoying the grandson and our daughter
gotta go get the potatoes off the stove.
I hope you all had a Blessed Day yesterday!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

When I woke at 5:40 this morning by a cat grabbing my feet I had to remind myself I am Thankful he is home . . . And as I lay awake a few more things came to mind . . .
I am thankful for the beautiful Texas weather.
I am thankful for the seasons.  I love fall.  I love winter.  I love spring.  Summer well I love it too when it doesn't last tooo long.
I am thankful for my eyes.  I am thankful that I can see the beautiful colors of fall.
I am thankful for colors.  What a dull world it would be without color.
I am thankful for yellow.  It is such a bright and cheery color.  I have an x sister in law that doesn't like yellow. No she hates it.  Will not have anything yellow.  Didn't feed her kids corn because it is yellow.  How weird is that?
I am thankful for corn.  Especiall frozen corn. 
I am thankful for today.  Today during this time of thankfulness I am sitting with my feet up. 
I am thankful that Cowboy and I will be alone today just doing our own things...him watching movies on his new Kindle.  Me at the sewing machine.
I am thankful he bought a Kindle and we can hook it to the t.v.  and watch movies.  Most are really bad movies but it is something to do when your tired of sewing for the evening

I am thankful for the one little church in our neighborhood that still believes in our ministry and provides. 
I am thankful that God lets us serve Him in ministry
I am thankful that I opened the door of my heart to Jesus and that He came and that He stays

And . . .
I am thankful that Christmas is around the corner and that Jesus is the Reason for the Season
I am thankful for these boys that sing and dance for Jesus.  I am thankful that God gave me the opportunity to work with them. 
I am thankful for Amarilla, Dallas,Dallas,Dallas, Houston, College Station, Ponder, Mesquite and all the others.  And I pray that today they are in a place that the can . . .
I pray that today you can Be Thankful.   Just look around you I am sure you can find a long list.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WFW Wednesday Filled With Words

Since most of us think about Thanksgiving as the beginning of the Holiday Season today I am sharing a few thoughts about this most important verse. 

As we all spend the last few hours cooking,cleaning and maybe doing some last minute decorating tweaking.    And maybe even spending a few minutes to think about the things we are thankful for . . .

Things like God's provision . . . a car that runs . . . Cowboys job . . .

And at the top of our list . . .
. . . Family and a bountiful feast . . .
. . . We'll be thanking God for our meal.  And for being together and all the things you normal include in the dinner prayer.  

But I hope we don't forget that if it wasn't for the fact that God sent His son we wouldn't have a lot to be thankful for.  It's God's love for us that he provides for our needs.  And it is his love for us that he sent Jesus.  

Today I was reading in one of my favorite devotionals 15 Minutes Alone With God by Emilie Barnes.  I have had this devotional for at least 10 or 11 years. I love this devotional book.   I have been Blessed and encouraged by this book.  I have grown closer to God. 

Here's a poem from the devotional I read today.

Little jelly beans
Tell a story true
A tale of Father's love
Just for me and you.

Green is for the waving palms.
Blue for the skies above
Brown for the soft earth where
People sat hearing of His love.

A SPECKLED bean for fish and sand
RED for precious wine
And BLACK is for the sin He washed
From your soul and min. 

PURPLE'S for the sadness of
HIS family and friends,
And WHITE  for the glory of the
Day HE rose again. 

Now you've hearad the story
You know what each color means
The story of our Father's love
Told by some jelly beans

So every morning take a bean
They're really very yummy
Something for the soul, you see.
And something for the tummy. 

And the prayer . . .
Father God, thank you for the simple reminders of who You are and what You have done.
You are an awesome God.  Help me to remember that always.

I was reminder to be Thankful for creation.  To be Thankful for His love for us.  And to be Thankful for Jesus Christ and His love for us. 

And I am Thankful you came along on The Journey today . . .

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On My Heart Celebrating Friends

What's On Your Heart today?  Today I am thinking about friends and Celebrating
Friendship.  I came up with an idea actually I tweaked an idea that I wanted to share with you. 

Because Tuesday is all about sharing and encouraging I wanted to share with you an idea that might help you Celebrate Friendship and at the same time help someone have a Merry Christmas when otherwise they might not. 

The idea came from Heidi at Foxgoves,Fabric and Folly.  She just recently hosted a blog Christmas Swap.  I know you all now about these blog swaps. 

But my idea was to take it home and do a swap with my friends.  So I took Heidi's suggestions, and I  wrote an email to some friends.  I asked them to participate with me. I also asked them to share this with at least one more friend.   It's a bit like a chain letter which I've always been told are bad.  Where does that come from?  So if it is let's take 'the bad' of it and turn it to something good!

I am still getting emails.   I thought it was easiest just to show the email I sent. 

Dear Jacque,
I am celebrating family and friendships as I think of Thanksgiving and the Holiday season. And I miss you!

I am making an attempt this year to connect with new and old friends! I thought a fun way to connect was to Host a Christmas Swap. I would love to have you join me!

Here’s some details for the swap, I am asking each of you to put together a delightful box of goodies that include the following.....(which will be made for your assigned partner!)

A Holiday Recipe, Something Homemade( by you or someone else), Something New or Something Vintage, Something edible (a candy cane, chocolate kiss or those yummy Lindsor White Chocolates (pure Heaven) I wish I could be your partner cuz I know you'll come up with the best box w/o even shopping! LOL. And the most important part Your Favorite Bible Verse.

I really do need to come for a visit! I would love to see your house! It has been too long! And, I haven't seen you on FB much either. So I really do miss you.

Opp's back to the swap! Sorrry!

Please wrap your goodies as exquisite as possible! Be creative. But don’t worry about spending money for this. Dig in your closet or craft room. I know your visiting Pinterest so you have lots of ideas bursting in your head to try. Why not try one out! Now remember you’ll be mailing your box so keep that in mind postage is expensive. If you want you can hand deliver to your partners home and ‘drop off’. Or make a date for coffee and exchange gifts.

Here’s the fun part. I’ll collect all the names and put you with a new friend. You’ll meet someone new! You send a box and you’ll receive a box. So you’ll have two new friends by the time the swap is over! How fun is that!

And to make it even more fun please email this to one other friend. The more the merrier!

So here’s the scoop fill out the below info. And email me back by next Mon the 26th. I will connect all the friends and hopefully by Monday night I will email you back with your partner.

Now you don’t really have to wait for your partner in case your our shopping this week and see a great ornament or great new or vintage item for the box. I know your partner will love anything you find. I would!

 Information Sheet

Your Name:


Email Address:

Favorite Holiday Color(s)

Decorating Theme Traditional,Contemporary,Vintage,Primitive

Favorite Candle Scent

Do you like glitter or a natural look?

Favorite Holdiay Food


Share your favorite holiday event . . . Christmas Eve Service, or ice skating with your grandchild. (don’t stress over this one you can write as much or as little as one line or the whole story. If you want you can include pics)

Please email me back as soon as you can and let me know your IN. Like I said this is meant to be fun so don’t stress! Just join. And don’t forget you can share with a friend.

Thanks for being my friend!
I did each email personal.  The italics and bold words were especially for my friend Jacque.
The idea was to encourage each person and to encourage them to pass it on and encourage someone else.
The idea was to make a new friend and also encourage and cheer a few friends that are having a hard time over the holidays. 
The ideas for this are endless and I'll be sharing more of them in additional posts. 
I love the idea of taking this fun Blog World activity out into our 'Real World' and share Jesus. 
Do you like this idea?  Do you have an idea to Tweak it?  I would love to hear your ideas and your comments. 
Celebrating Friends on the Journey . . .
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful Blue Monday Mosaic

Welcome and Good Morning. Thanks for stopping in today. I know your week is busy. I wanted to leave you something to cheer you and make you smile today. Just a little bit of God's beautiful Blue creation.
I loved Lori Cole's logo and I wanted to share it with you and invite you to visit her website.  And the logo's Blue too!   Please visit Priority Ministries it is a great place to be encouraged and grow. 
Click here.

And some of God's beautilful creation . . .

Look close a little Blue on the top of their heads!

Beautiful creation.  I don't see many birds where I live in the city.  I am thankful for the wonderful people that photograph them and share on the internet.  All of these were found on facebook. 

And, well one more Blue photo because . . .
My feet are cold!  I still have not gotten my slippers back from my daughters.  It makes me Blue because I wish I could see her more.  You would think she lives in another state not 30 minutes away.  Maybe someday my days won't be so Blue.

But I am thankful and I wanted to share my Thankfulness with you. 
And remind you to Give Thanks.  Have a great week.  And put your feet up and take a few minutes to rest in between cooking and cleaning!

Thank you for visiting.  I will be adding my weekly Mosaic so please come back by.  

Wishing You a Blessed Journey . . .

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