Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hellooooooooo Blue Monday

Good Morning Dear Friends!

Sharing some Blue with you and a little Love . . .

 Found this lovely Blue wintery scene on Pinterest and I knew my Blue friends would love it too!
 I've been a little Blue here on my Journey not finding time to post . . .
 Here's why . . . I am spending most of time getting organized in my new job . . . teaching at a preschool . . .
Much more to come about that but let's not forget the wonderful Blue things you can find on
Pinterest . . .
 Bear with me friends . . . I am a true Texan and we don't like snow but we love to look at it.  I love the snow here and the Blue door. 

And last but not least . . .
Just a little more Blue snow.
Thanks for stopping in.
I'll be posting a little when I can.
Are you wondering where I am? 
I am working now.
we are moving on Dec. 7th . . . a Happy Birthday present to me!
If your one of my sewing/quilting buds you know what it is like to pack up a sewing room!
I am busy packing and planning.
I'll be back regularly after the New Year.
Until then I hope you'll bear with me and my irregular posting!
Have a wonderfully Blue week.
Hugs to all1

Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Ordinary Saturday

I love my Saturdays.  It wasn't until recently that I really, really
began to love and appreciate the ordinary, idleness of a Saturday
spent at home . . .

It wasn't until My Cowboy began working fulltime (on Saturdays) that I began to enjoy the quietness of the alone time. 

It didn't take me long to discover that Saturdays were becoming the one day of the week I could get up a little late.  Hang around in sweats and a t-shirt and sit at my sewing machine and create

I do have to get the laundry done.  But getting up and switching the loads from washer and dryer is a little exercise my old bones need.
If I sit too long at the machine I do get a little sore. 

But believe me without that distraction I would be sitting all day.
Have you noticed my Pinterest files of quilts I want to make. 
I love quilts.  I love playing with fabrics.  Choosing and sorting colors and textures.  And then seeing the finished product. 

Yes, I love my Saturdays. 

Praying your Saturday is filled with simple pleasures.

Friday, October 11, 2013

5 Minute Friday "Ordinary"

Joining Lisa Jo for 5 Minute Friday . . . writing with a topic for a straight 5 minutes.  No thinking. No backtracking.  No spell check,

Ordinary there is nothing ordinary about the amazing love God has for us.   I am in awe of His patience and His love.  There is nothing ordinary at all about God.  It's amazing to thing think of His extraordinary creation(s).  Sometimes I just think about how smart he is! 

He hasn't given me an ordinary life.  He has given me a life of excitement and amazing things.  A life filled with his love.  Even when I am down or depressed.  I remember His extraordinary love. 

I realize I am not ordinary.  I am special because I am His child.
You are special also.  Even if we don't feel very special.  Even if we feel we are only ordinary the truth is we are really not. 

We are extraordinary!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Need A Little Help

Need a little help or encouragement today . . .

No worry, they are not here. I help you!
Ask a friend!
Have a Good Day

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh Blue Monday Night

Good evening....
in an Alfred Hitchcock voice only because I thought of it when I said . . .

Good evening!

Today was a little crazy and I didn't get to post so here's a late Blue Monday . . .
First a couple from my Pinterest craft files
 just cute I so love these little bunnies actually anything with 'em
 Love the idea of repurposing embroidery this way.
I so want to make one. 

Collecting ideas right now because my sewing room is packed until
December when we move! Yea on the move.  Blue on the packed sewing room part!
 One to make you smile because it does me!  I have used it on another post before but, there is blue on those little fairy wings!
And this one needs a caption!  Any ideas!

Happy Blue Monday night!  See you tomorrow and next Monday.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Job . . . A New Journey Begins

Yes after a little over a year of job interviews.  Frustration and heartache I now have a new job. 
How To Impress Your Interviewers On Your First Job Interview

The first few weeks were a struggle. I began working at a Christian pre-school as an assistant teacher. 

My heart has always been in teaching.  And when a position became available at a Christian school that offers paid training I joined the team and took the only available job. 

For the new classroom in children's department.

 Sadly this is what the classroom that I started in was like at nap time.

But some voice inside me said to trust and lean on Christ.   There were some days that I got through the day on prayer alone. 

But, this last week a wonderful opportunity arose. 

Yes it was a struggle for the first few weeks attempting to assist a teacher that needed way more than I could offer.  But my
determination paid off when an opening for a lead became available.

Preschool Classroom
I am now teaching 2 year olds and loving it.  I moved to the 2 year olds last Wednesday to assist the lead.  On Thursday she turned in her resignation.  And, miracles or miracles I got the promotion. 
The management had already seen my heart and my enthusiasm in action. 

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  Not only for me but the children and parents.  But I have a wonderful veteran that is staying with me through this month (until we find my assistant). 

And so now I am making lesson plans!  Cleaning and organizing my room.  It is a joy to be able to say that! 

Studying the letter "F" this week.  Collecting a few ideas for crafts and lessons . . .

frogs crafts preschool - Google Search
Super simple project. The pre-schoolers will love painting the paper plates a bright cheerful green!
This will be finished and placed on the windows of our room so the children and parents can see them as the come to close. 

Another fun idea for the weekly bulletin board . . .

preschool frog activities - Google Search This one we will do on Monday to let the hand prints dry and then hang to display. And a fun project reinforcing the letter "F"

Letter of the Week-  craft F is for Frog.  She has most of the letters.  Looks like she just hasn't quite made it through the alphabet yet.
I am thankful for other bloggers and teachers and homeschool moms that share their creative ideas. 

All these ideas were found on Pinterest my new 'go to' for creativity!

Thankful that my prayers have been answered.   

And so a new Journey begins.  Would you like to come along? 

Maybe you have some ideas to share with me!  Leave me a comment and direct me to your blog posts or Pins!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wordfilled Wednesday

Good morning.  No time for a Wednesday
filled with words. 

But leaving a Wordfilled Wednesday photo

So true.
If your struggling remember God is with you.
Have a wonderful Day

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Fall Tuesday

Have a wonderful day . . .
Leaving you a few fall images to give you a smile . . .

 A few pumpkins  . . .
 A welcoming gate to invite you . . .

A sweet church to soothe your soul . . .

Have a Good Day

Monday, September 30, 2013

Upscaled Blue . . .

Denim . . .
From my idea files . . .
 Love this idea of reusing jeans.  Great idea for a tablet cover . . .
Or a cool idea for a journal . . .

 Love this one.  I've probably shown this one before but it's Blue so
And then this cool idea to update a T-shirt!
I want to try this one.
And always I have to include something from the barn . . .

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sharing A Sunday Blessing Prayer Requests

I received a Blessing this morning in worship.

May your day be filled with Blessings.

Thought I would share a favorite scripture
illustration . . .

 My Cowboy and I serve at a church in a juvenile prison.
This morning was a sweet time of worship and praise. 

And a time of sweet prayer . . .
It's amazing to read some of the sweet words that were lifted up to the father this morning . . . (undedited)
Dear Heavenly Father, I ask of you to help me in my time Lord and understand that I love you Lord. And I ask you to help my family as well and Bless my church we as everone in the world.
Amen J.H.
Father I wan you to save me. And help me teach me to do good.  And help me fill me up with wisdom.  And don't leave me alone. Please I need you Lord.  Thank you so much for everything!
J. A. P.
Pray for me because I need strength.  And for my family.
Help me to stop being negative.
Lord please give me the strength to go home and get out of here.  And I just want to know you more. 
Protect my family and friends.
K. C.
I would like to pray for every single person that needs praying for. So they can learn to accept God in their lives.  So whatever they need they can ask him!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Things I Love . . .

Just a few things . . .
I love my blog.  One of my favorite things to do.  I hope you enjoy visiting.  And I hope you leave with a smile . . .
I love my crazy life.  I have tons of favorite things and interests!
I love Pinterest because I can find adorable photo's of one of my favorite animals.
I love horses . . .
And you can find beautiful photo's of snow.  Which I love to look
at!  I am a true Texan.  We don't get snow!
And I love this pic of my grandson the
Christmas he was 3.  It was perfect to illustrate Revelation 3:20.
I love illustrated scripture!
And I love that even when I can't put it into
words that my Father is listening. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sooo Thankful so many prayers answered

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So many prayers.
So many days that the words just did not come.
God is faithful.
Today our daughter received word that her divorce is final.
Many emotions tumble through all our hearts.
It is so hard for her to look at the finality of it.
It is hard for her to realize she is divorced and a single mom.
It is hard. 
It is so sad when your only dream is to be a wife and a mommy.
But, things don't always turn out the way we expect.
We are happy.  We are blessed because she is safe.
Our grandson is safe. 
We are glad that God is in control.
If you are saying prayer, after prayer and your wondering where God is just remember he is there. 
He hears.  He listens.
Sometimes his plans are not ours.
But His plans, His timing is perfect.
Thank you God for your faithfulness.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Blue Monday In The Kitchen

Do you have Blue in your kitchen? 

I found a few pieces I would love to have in mine . . .
blue pyrex

I don't know why but back in the late '70's when I got married
I didn't get one piece of Pyrex. 

It wasn't until recently I realized how great these are in the kitchen!
Vintage Horizon Blue Pyrex.  <3
I really could use a few for cooking up casseroles for the week!

Horizon Blue PYREX Pendant Light

I love this clever idea for re-purposing!

Do you have any Pyrex in your kitchen.  How about a re-purposing idea?

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me My Dream Dining Room

My Dream Dining Room
Love the bench.  On a quest to find the perfect bench to update.
And the perfect chairs for the other side of the table. 

And the two ends.
\Need some tall straight backs that I can cover to match the  bench.

The Shopping List:
Yards and Yards of Muslin
Long Bench
6 straight back chairs
or maybe 4 matching
and two different


Time Plan all before Christmas . . .
Ho Ho Ho

all to fit into this space . . .

 We finally did it
Decided on a new place
I have been filling my Pinterest  board
with pic after pic of ideas and dreams
And now I finally have a floor plan
and a location
and a date . . .
Happy Birthday to me
We move on my Birthday December 7th
Praise God
We are looking forward to a wonderful holiday season
So I hope you don't mind.
I hope you enjoy going along on this New
filled with my crazy ideas and eclectic style
and my
simply crazy thoughts
Come along it'll be a Blast
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