Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning and Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! Today I am very Thankful and I am joining the great group of other bloggers that are . . .

Today I have a big list but I am keeping it short. Strike that it isn't as short as I thought...grab a cup of coffee or Dr. Pepper  and settle in a few minutes.

 I know we all have some Muuuuuuuuch to be thankful for.  Today I want to talk about this . . .

I love this little grafic.  I am not sure where I found it. (bad blog etiquette I know sorry) I just think it is just such a great illustration. 

I was wondering are you thankful for your home?  I mean really, really thankful? 

Today I am.  There are many times that I have been happy where I live but I had a yearning to be somewhere else.  I won't go into it that is another looooooooooooong story but suffice it to say I wasn't really happy or thankful alot of the time. 

But today I am ligitimately thankful and happy.  Although I will put in that I do yearn for something else.  We recently moved to a new apartment but with the timing of getting in here and getting out of the other place we had to take all that they had which was an efficiency.  Basically it is living room, kitchen, and bedroom with no door of the livingroom.  It sn't huge but it isn't tiny either our huge king size bed that is made out of a tree fits in the room with room to spare to walk around.  Yes I said tree.  I'll show a pic of it soon.

The reason I am yearning now is we plan to move to a 2 bedroom as soon as one is available so we'll be packing and moving again!  Yep I'll be moving again.  I have almost lost count how many times we've moved in the last few years. 

And I have to tell you that none of the moves we made turned out the way we expected.  There was the apartment ministry position that after 7 months the company completely terminated the project.  We could have stayed in the apartment but the rent was really high for what it was and the location was well no where I was comfortable living with no support so to speak. 

Then there was the boys home ministry.  My husband was to be chaplain and I was to assist the director.  We went in with such high hopes.  Our hopes were soon dashed.  We prayed and prayed about what God wanted us to do.  I cannot begin to describe the horror stories. 

Then when we were finally able to leave we moved into the first apartment we could afford that we could get accepted into (by the way when you have no recent rental history it is hard to get accepted).  That apartment was the worse place I have every been.  It was 450 sq. feet with a window unit a/c.  Our electric last year was 220.00 for two months.  It was warm in winter!

 Then my Cowboy began loosing hours at work.   I am telling you it was probably one of the hardest years in many ways.   Even harder than the 2 months we spent in a hotel 3 years before. 

I know your probably thinking a lot of different things when you read this.  I know just by giving you the highlights and no real detail about how we ended up going through all this.  Actually sometimes I wonder.  No a lot of the time I wonder. 

But, I am writing all this to encourage you.  I write to tell you not to get discouraged.  We have spent the last 8 years serving God in fulltime ministry.  The last 2 years we have had to make the sacrifice for Cowboy to go back to work.  And this year I went back to work. (after not working for 30 years!) 

We struggled a lot with our decisions.  But, we are able to still do the ministry (Cowboy is chaplain at a boys rehab facility run by our state)
And God in his infinite wisdom has brought us to the place we are now.  And we are happy. 
And I have the internet and it is free.  Yes.  We are close enough to the clubhouse we get a signal! 

And, so I am happy to be able to visit my wonderful blog friends again.  I am happy in my little efficiency apartment. (at least till a 2 bedroom comes up LOL) I am happy that God has been patient with my whinning and that he has brought us to this place. 

And I am sooooooooooooooooo Thankful

Today I am praying for you.  I am praying that if your reading this and you are really a little less than thankful that you will seek God's wisdom.  That he will help you see why you are where you are now.  And that he will help you see that he has a huge plan for you.  He loves you no matter what.  Even if there are times you really can't tell he is there.  He is.  He is a master composer. He has some wonderful plans for you.  You might just have to wait a little while to see them come to be. 

Who knows you might get free internet if you wait long enough!

Thankfully Smiling on the Journey . . .

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Worfilled Wednesday

Thank you God.  Thank you for providing us a way.  Thank you
Jesus for being The Way.

Today if your not sure which way to go.  I urge you to take a look at what God has done for you.  The Bible will take you on an amazing Journey. 

Follow along with some of my friends and visit the other Wordfilled Wednesday posts for a bigger glimpse of God's amazing love.

Enjoying the Journey . . .

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh Happy Days

So where do I begin.  It has been so long since I got to post.  I have all these things to tell you about; but I don't know where to begin.

So, today for this post I will just tell you that I praise God because he supply's our needs.  This is something that I have always known but sometimes there have been times that I hate to admit that I have kind of questioned. 

The last few years have been really rough for us.  The crazy thing is it has been just really, really hard since we went into fulltime minitry.

Yep while we have  followed  God and been doing his will  we've been homeless.  We lost all support for the ministry after 8 years and how to go out and find jobs.  We've been barely to get from pay to pay day.  We've have had to go without inter-net for over a year. 

All this time we have tried to have faith.  We have tried to wait for God's timing.  And sometimes we've wondered whether we were making right decisions. 

We are still in ministry.  Each week provide chaple services at a boys rehab facility.  We love sharing God's word with the boys.  My job is to research and find the music and put it together for Sunday morning.
I have a group of boys that I call the Drama team.  They sing and dance.  Some Sundays they perform. 

God has blessed us and provided for us. 

We now live in a great apartment which we love.  We are in a little efficiency and we are waiting to move to a two bedroom probably in a few months. 

But we love it.  We spent the last year in a very small apartment.  It was close to Cowboys work.  And that is about the only positive about it.  I cannot tell you how awful it was. 

I am thankful that we have moved. 

And the best part I think is we now have free WiFi. I am sitting in my apartment writing this post!  They told us when we moved in that it would be available soon.  Well Friday they  hooked us up!  And, the best part is we get it inside the apartment.  We thought we would have to go to the clubhouse which is only open during business hours. 

I am so happy to be able to get on the inter net.  To visit my favorite blogs.  I am still catching up though.    I am looking forward to getting back. 

Today I read this verse.  I wanted to share it.  Just a little part of Psalm 16.  It spoke to me today.

v. 7 I will praise the lord who commands me, even at night my heart instructs me.  I have set the Lord always before me.  Because he is my right hand.  I will not be shaken.

These are just a few ways that God has Blessed us.  So I was wondering how has he Blessed you today?

Enjoying the Journey

Monday, June 25, 2012

10:19 at night and . . .

Just lettin' ya know . . . It's 96 degree's
Nope none of this here tonight . . .
But the good thing is I am on the internet! 

Sorry I know I already posted that I am back but Cowboy made the comment about the weather and I added to his statement . . .

It's 10:19 at night . . . it is 96 degree's and I am on the internet!


I am thankful!  God is good!  Come by tomorrow for my post about how all this came about!  (the internet not the weather LOL)

Oh Happy Day Blue Monday

I'm back! Yea.  I laugh because I am reminded of those words from the movie
Independance Day.  Thankfully I am not flying into an alien space ship. 
Thankfully I am able to post.  I have missed you all so much!  I have missed posting. 

One of my favorite days is Monday because I get to join Sally and post some great Blue photo's.  Today's photo makes me think cool.  And do we need some cool here in Texas we are in triple digits.  But that is ok with me because I can stay inside with the cool a/c and write and visit all my favorite blogs! 

Watch for many more posts here.  And, if you haven't signed up to get my posts by email please sign up and leave a comment and let me know to come over and visit you! 

Come by tomorrow and read my post I'll be sharing just how I'm Back!