Friday, May 29, 2015

Called By A Can Of Tuna

It's been happening over and over.  Everyday when I open the pantry.  Lurking on the shelfl.  Just sitting there acting all innocent . . . .yet not quite.

Image result for charlie the tuna
 Maybe I should just move it I think to myself. Stick it on the back of the shelf waaaaay behind the Dr. Peppers.  Nope that won't work I empty that shelf regularly. LOL.

Image result for can of tuna
So finally I decide I either have to get rid of it or open it!

 Todays the day.  I am giving in.  I am opening that can of tuna!
Image result for opening  can of tuna
I'll be using the old fashioned way but check this out!  I've been tempted when my can opener broke!
So then I begin to wonder what to do with it.  (Actually I already know but that would ruin it for you.
insert snicker)
Well I could boil a few eggs I saw this cool way of baking eggs I could try make a nice salad.
The Cowboy would like it as a sandwich with his bread toasted.  I am just plain happy eating it straight from the bowl. Quick easy get it done no mess.  Yes that's the idea!
But somehow.  That just doesn't seem right.  It's like I hear this little voice saying . . .Tuna Casserole.  I'm not sure where's its coming from.  But the more I think about it.  Yum.
I can taste it now.  I begin to think When was the last time I made tuna casserole? 
The voice answers me . . .

  It was not! 

Stop it!
OK so this is getting ridiculous! I think I'll just Shut the Pantry Door and get on Pinterest and find a Tuna Casserole Recipe.  I mean it has been ages since I made one.
How long has it been since you've had a big bowl of Tuna Casserole? Sorry thats another commercial!  
To be continued . . . 

   Oh no!  The voice  . . . 

                                Happy Trails 
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Five Minute Friday--Blue

Goin' to a fun party over at Kate's.  She gives us a topic and we write about it for five minutes.
So setting the timer and I am off . . .

Blue this small little word conjures up so much to write about.  Like Blue Moon and a Blue Spell and many more phrases.  One of my favorites Blue Monday.  I have so much fun partying over
at Sally's for her weekly linky party.  There are so many different posts all about the amazing color Blue.
It's hard to feel Blue on Mondays but alas sometimes I do feel Blue.  But visiting Sally and my other blogging friends cheers me up.  What cheers me up more is the sweet comments and kind words I receive
here on my blog.  I know I am not the best photographer.  I don't take wonderful photo's of my food.
And write great tips.  And have a beautifully decorated home to share.  I usually write about the same thing over and over.  That's why I love Five Minute Friday.  But this blog this little place in my otherwise Blue 
world makes me happy.  Someday's what I write/post in itself seems to chase away the Blues.  Some days
it is a sweet comment.  A kind word.  Do you realize what a kind word can mean?  Do you realize that just leaving a little comment can cheer someone up?   Maybe chase away the Blues. Because face it
someday's maybe it's just not a pretty word.
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                                                            Happy Trails                               

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Alphabet Thursday Letter "B"

B is for . . . 
Butterfly who doesn't love to see a Beutiful Butterfly?
Image result for butterfly
I've always loved Butterflies.  There was this plant that my parents called a weed . . . 

They literally were all over our property attracting these beautys . . . I giggle when I see the Texas Lantana in gardens and garden centers.  If we had only known!

In later years my father discovered the Butterfly Bush . . .

He loved different varieties . . .

He spent many hours reading magazines and mail order sources discovering new varieties of plants that attract  Butterflies.. .
 I can imagine what it would have been like if he had owned a computer and had internet access!

Daddy's gardens were kind of wild . . .
   Image result for garden center butterfly bush
He didn't have time to prune.  He was too busy buying more plants . . .
  Image result for garden center butterfly bush
More plants meant more Butterflies . . .My Saturdays were always sweet going to different
garden centers and green houses.

Daddy always got compliments from the neighbors on his gardens . . .
Image result for green house butterfly bush
Who doesn't like Butterflies . . . 
Image result for green house butterfly bush

Letter B is for Butterfly . . .
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   Image result for horse dressed as butterfly

                         Happy Trails
Watercolor Horse Painting  Giclee #artprint by SweetPeaAndGummyBear on Etsy #foal

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Carry On --Wit/Wisdom

I was thinking of writing a post about vacations so I was looking at some ideas on Pinterest.
The below photo popped up and the following story came to mind.    (all photo's were found on Google)
Joining Linda Kay for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. The Carry On a Short Story . . . Active toddlers need lots of entertainment on airplanes. Don't forget a thing on your next flight with this toddler packing list for carryon bags.

'Mommy are we leaving soon?"  "How long will it take?"  "Are you afraid of  flying?"  " Can I take my cat?"
The questions kept coming.  Over and over.  The children were so excited.  Their first time on an airplane was something to marvel about.  And flying all the way to another country was just too much to imagine.

An early summer vacation in sunny Mexico was on the horizon.  We were all excited to spend 10 days laying in the sun.  Building sand castles, wading on the beach.  Maybe a little snorkeling.

The anticipation was building as we shopped for new swim suits and beach towels.  As we laid out clothes.
Shorts and t shirts were the planned attire.  Of course hair bows for the girls.  And lots of rubber  bands to tie off braids.

"Mommy can I take my doll?"  More questions came as the bags we being packed.  "I want to take my crayons."  Smiling . . . "Yes" I said . . . "You may pack a bag for the plane. You can take anything you
want."  Little did I realize I was taken literally.   Thankfully this trip was taken during the days before
carry on's had a weight limit.

Image result for little girl in airport

The big day came.  All went well.  We managed to get to DFW on time.  We caught our flight and settled in with our huge carry on!  We colored.  We sang.  We played lego's.  We played dollies.  And we landed in Mexico City with only minutes to catch a connecting flight.   The Cowboy takes our sons hand.  I take our daughters.  "Follow me" he yells as he runs down the concourse.  Easier said than done.  I am dragging a 6 year old and a 20 pound bag of toys!  Yes it seemed like it was 20 pounds.  It may have been 30 pounds.

 Who would have thought a 6 year old could pack that much stuff in a tote bag for a 2 hour plane flight!

The Cowboy and I just shook our heads and ran for the plane.  Thankfully we made our flight.  And as
we sat down we asked the question that had been on our minds all day. . . "Why did you pack so much?"

That sweet little 6 old smiled and said . . . "Well it took daaaaays to drive to Colorado and that's another state! " Mexico is a whole nother country!"

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Our trip to Mexico was way back in 1985 waaay before fancy bags with wheels.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday Top Picks . . .

I've been thinking about doing something a little different.  So I thought since I haven't any words today I would give it a try.
Here are my Top  Pinterest Picks of the last few days . . .

My #1 Favorite because it was so perfect for Memorial Day . . .

Happy Memorial Day, hammock, red,white and blue, vintage quilts, Pottery Barn pillows, vintage stool, pond, summer
The photo is so Patriotic.  I just love the look of the red,white and blue.  I have a RWB pinterest board.
I want to do something similar on my patio.  Minus the hammock.  I loved visiting Kim.  Check out her blog.
Click Here.

Holy cow. This lady has a billion easy and cheap organization ideas!
Loved the look of this fabulous storage system.  I'd love to have a sewing room big enough to decorate in Black and White.  Added this to my Sewing Space Ideas Board.  Click Here to see the fabulous space.

Plant a rainbow garden!
Loved this.  I want to try planting carrots in a pot.  This was a really interesting post.  Check out the fun plant markers her kids made.  Click Here.

10 Must-See Small Cool Spaces: Week Three
I love books.  And eclectic decorating.  Brenda at Cozy Little House is writing a series.  She loves tiny spaces too.  This pic is from Apartment Therapy. Click Here.  If you haven't visited Brenda go by and check out her Cozy Little House.  Click Here.

And of course . . .
Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ commercial for Super Bowl wins America’s heart. See the video here
                                                  Happy Trails

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

Praying your day is Blessed . . . 

                                        Happy Memorial Day
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

"I/We Not Tired"

Sometimes when your 3 your GiGi thinks you need a nap. . .

Sometimes you try to convince your GiGi you don't need a nap . . 

Hmm...'She's not buying it. But she got the camera out.  That's a good sign" (insert 'snicker')

Sometime you enlist help . . . 

Sometimes it takes a really long time to convince 'The GiGi'

Sometimes you really have to 'Put on the charm' . . . 

Sometimes you have to be extra, extra cute . . . 
And extra sweet . . . 

And then if your lucky . . . 
She gives up! 

"See we not tired"

Time flies.  He's 7 now.  These two Critters still make my Saturday sweet!

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                              Happy Trails

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Five Minute Friday--Follow

Joining Five Minute Friday again.  It's nice to be back writing from a prompt for only 5 minutes.   Simple.
Easy.  No plans, no regrets, no edits etc.  Here goes . . .
Start . . .  
Who do you follow?  That's a big buzz word in the blog world.  I catch myself checking my stats almost daily to see who's stopping by.  Who is following me.  But I wonder why?  Do you follow me because I follow you?  Do you follow because you like what you find here.  Do you follow to build your list of followers?  These are all questions I am sure we've asked ourselves at least a few times.
I know when I choose to follow another blogger I tend to choose bloggers that like the same things I do.
But I also follow bloggers that have different interests.  Bloggers that live in different places.  Single moms, lovely ladies with 1 child or 20.  Working moms, stay home moms.  Yes I do follow a lot of different people.  Please with different hopes, dreams.  Different hobbies.  Different  ways of dressing.  I could go on an on.  I don't know why you follow me. Or if you do.  I do follow bloggers.  But there are footsteps I follow too.

                                               Image result for jesus walking on water
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                                                         Happy Trails

Alphabet Thursday "A" is for Apple

A few years ago my mother moved back to Texas.   It was a difficult and bittersweet move.  After 52 years
she was setting up house all alone.  There was a part of her that was a little giddy.  I talked to her several
times prior to her move and she talked about decorating her kitchen with apples.

Image result for vintage apple decor
I wish I had found this phone.  I can just see her sitting and chatting on an apple phone. Is this just not an adorable example of Apple decorating.  I found this when I googled Vintage Apples

Eventually her kitchen was filled with apples.  From canisters, to towels.  Of course there's a clock and a rug.  But I noticed there is no apron.  Now this is interesting because she makes and sells apron!  She just doesn't use on.

I got to wondering how many apple aprons I could find on Ebay.  Here are the results.
Vintage 1960's Colorful Red Apple Fruit Floral Cotton Kitchen Half APRON
This one looks like one my mother would make.  If she made Apple aprons. (Snicker) Click here to buy it on Ebay.  The description says it's from the 60's.

How about one a little older . . .
Red Apple Kitchen  Apron Vintage 1950's Handmade Adorable Never Worn!
I like the '50's version better.  Found here.
Red Bandanna Apple Print Handmade Vintage 1/2 KITCHEN APRON~Rockabilly~Retro 50s
Wow.  This one is supposed to be old too and it's only at .99!  Click here to bid.
Vintage Retro Red Black White Gingham Check Apple Rockabilly Glam Teacher Gift
Another old one.  Click here and here
Full Length Bib Apron White Green Red APPLES Room Essentials
Very cute I think for a newer apron.  Click here
All this talk about aprons makes me want pie . . .

Image result for apple pie Image result for apple pie

Linking this fabulous collection with Jenny for Alphabet Thursday.  Join us next week for letter B!

                                                       Happy Trails
                             Image result for horse eating an apple