Monday, June 3, 2019

Blue Monday-Getting My Groove Back

I've been away too long.  I have missed being here.  I am striving to get in the "Groove" and Get My Mojo back 

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I googled the topic and found this. It kind of cracked me up.
Here are ten very actionable ways on how to get your mojoback:
  1. Address Stress. ...
  2. Remember What Fun Is. ...
  3. Get Physical. ...
  4. Take An Electronic Sabbatical. ...
  5. Be Fabulous. ...
  6. Hang Out With The Best. ...
  7. Do Something Adventurous. ...
  8. Love Your Body.

Well I have done #4.  I would love to do #7.  How about you? 

Well I don't know about the list but.  For me I am going to start with going back to what worked before.  

And that was beginning today with Blue Monday.  I loved this 
group and was sad to see it go away.    

Any one remember it?

On Monday the task is to share photo's in Blue.  Here's a few 
from my archives.  
This one and a few others shared waaay back in 2013 when I was sill teaching preschool.  Click here to visit the post. 

Over at this post.  I shared a sweet and toothy Blue Monday 
smile . . . 
Another fun Monday part was Mosaic Monday.  I shared my 
Fall mantle that included some Blue photos and I made a Blue Mosaic of them all.   This was super fun!
Here's the post. 
A favorite photo of my son shared on Blue Monday, Good Fences 
and Wordless Wednesday.  This shot was taken at the barn where 
he gave lessons.  So many good changes since this one was taken in 2016.  He doesn't have a pretty white fence like this one but he has his own business and it is thriving!  Click here to see the post from 2016. 

Wow just looking at these memories makes me smile
and well 
I'm getting my Groove back!