Sunday, February 27, 2022

Menu Monday- Baking Plans & This n That



Welcome to a new week 

I hear the Birds every morning  when I get up. 

Fred the Rooster next door. 

I am enjoying cooking in my new Kitchen.  I have lots of plans for baking. 

I am actually sitting  in the car with the dogs the Cowboy is in Kroger getting . . . 


Grand Ma's Mollases

Corn Syrup


Can you guess what I'm making? 

LOL.  I am sure the Paperika threw you off.  But it might be good added to Chocolate.   Hmm. 

Tomorrow  I am planning on making a Pecan Pie.  That is why I needed the Corn Syrup. 

The Grand Ma's Molasses is for Chocolate  Chip  Cookies.  I use White Sugar and the Molasses instead of Brown Sugar.  My family likes the flavor better. 

Tonight I am making Oriental Pepper Steak.  Can't  make it without Paperika! 

I am trying a new way of making it.  Come back Friday to see how it turns out. 

And now here is this week's Menu . . . 

Sunday Crockpot Chili and Tortillas

Monday  Roast Chicken Stuffing and Green Beans

Tuesday  Tacos

Wednesday  Chicken  Fried Steak, Mashed  Potatoes, Creamed Spinach

Thursday  Chicken Alfredo, Salad and Garlic Bread

Friday Crock Pot Oriental Pepper Steak, Rice 

Saturday  C. O.R.N  Clean Out Refrigerator  Night

Do you plan your weekly meals? 

I would love to see your menu plans.   Sometimes  I get into a routine. 

Do you?  

Have a great week! 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Simple Sunday


Happy Homemaker in Texas


Welcome to our last Happy Homemaker  post of February!

I sure hope next week brings  us so great spring weather. 

Do you?

Are you ready for Spring? 

Happy Homemaker  is my weekly feature.   I join Sandra for her party.  

These are Sandra's prompts ...

The weather

Oh my gosh.   It has been frigid the last few days! 

Thankfully it is warming up for the new week!

On the breakfast plate 

I am feeling  Warm. Happy. 

Today's  To Do List  

Finish cleaning old apartment  and then nothing. 

Hello comfy clothes, heat a book and a glass of Dr. Pepper and Vino in the evening. 

This  week's To Do List

Nothing.  The last 3 weeks have been super hard. 

I am looking forward to no obligations. 

The menu 

Sunday Crockpot Chili and Tortillas

Monday  Roast Chicken Stuffing and Green Beans

Tuesday  Tacos

Wednesday  Chicken  Fried Steak, Mashed  Potatoes, Creamed Spinach

Thursday  Chicken Alfredo, Salad and Garlic Bread

Friday Crock Pot Oriental Pepper Steak, Rice 

Saturday  C. O.R.N  Clean Out Refrigerator  Night

From the camera 

I lived this page I made for a Junk Journal.  I am working on. My mother is in this group.  She never told me about this.  

She was never very interested in our horses.  Finding this photo made me scratch my head.  I wish I knew the story. 

On my reading pile  

A couple for reviews and a Free read.  I will review it too but no schedule. 

Coming up on the blogs 

I am thinking and kind of planning an impromptu  Tea party for April.  

So that's a few plans a bit of what's going on.  

Linking with Sandra at her party. 

I hope your weekend  is going well.

Have a great new week. 

Good Morning


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Foodie Friday

 Hello and Welcome   

To Foodie  Friday 


It was a long hard week.  One more day of moving then cleaning.  

I will  be so glad to really enjoy our new home. 

I can't  wait to show you pictures.  

Believe it or not I managed to stay on my Menu.  I flipped a couple days but for the most part I stuck to my plan. 

Do you plan a weekly menu? 

Do you stick to your plan? 

I would love tips on sticking to Menu plans! 

Here's  what we ended up eating. 

Thursday -I have beef Stroganoff started in the Crock Pot.  I will cook some Noodles  and make a Salad. 

Wednesday  we do Pizza.  It is on sale. 9.99 for a large.  

@ Tuesday we did have Tacos no pics.  I was too tired!  

On Monday we had Kielbasa, Potatoes and Cabbage . . . 
It was so good. 

And I was excited that our Landlord who lives next door has Chickens.  The girls got Cabbage too! 

Not sure what night we had 
this . . .
A very  nice Ceasar Salad.  It was fun to document  the eclectic table . . . 
All I could find were these Salad Plates.  A lovely Christmas  candle and nice Solo drink cups. 
I used this Spice Blend on these yummy Pork Chops. 
Served with Potatoes  on heart shape cake pans . . . 

We are settling  into our new home. 

I even found dinner plates! 

Fingers crossed I will be back to normal and regular posts. 

Have a great weekend! 

Monday, February 21, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas


Joining Sandra for her party  . . .

The weather  

It's early ... it was rainy over night.  The grass was wet. It will be a pretty  warm and sunny day. 

It is warming up more everday. 

There is a cold front toward the end of the week.

On the breakfast  plate 

Mid morning  a Grill Cheese

How I am feeling 

Just happy.  Very Blessed. 

Very tired. 

Todays To Do List  

Internet tech @ 9:00 ✔

Gas company @ 9:00 

Go to old apartment  for another load and clean a little

2:00 appointment for last month electric bill assistance.   395.00 on 1 bill!

On the t.v. 

Nothing since Thursday waiting on Tech. 

This week's menu  


Pot Roast, Potatoes and Carrots 


Taco 🌮 


Oven Roasted Chicken, Rice, Brocolli  


Green Chile Stew and Chicken Nachos Rice  


Shrimp, Baked Potatoes & Green Beans

Around the house 

Boxes  and lots of room. Gorgeous  floors and fixtures and counter tops.  And fans and lighting very  pretty. 

From the camera  

First meal in new apartment.

A few Mardi Gras beads, candlestick ( no candles)

No plates, heart shape cake pans worked for . . . 
Yum a super easy Seafood boil.

In the craft basket 


Not mine.  But I hope to start the Unraveled Mitten  Crochet Along . . . 

A 'for me' moment  

See above

That's a look at a few plans, and what's  going on.   Prompts provided by Sandra. 

Have a great week

Good Morning