Monday, January 18, 2010

Book Review

I just finished reading a great book from Thomas Nelson publishers.

Voices of the Faithful is a collection of inspiring stories from missionaries all over the world.
The group of stories was compiled by The International Mission Board.

There are many wonderful stories of faith and God's mercy, grace and His Faithfulness.
The stories are set up in a devotional format with 366 devotionals. You could easily take a few minutes everyday and come away both lifted up and encouraged.

This would be a great gift book for someone in the ministry. Or a great book for the family. The stories are short and would be great to use to complement a home school missions study or reading book. And the stories are very easy to read.

Each story begins with a verse and ends with a short sentence prayer. Each of the stories are written in first person by the missionary. Reading the story makes you feel like your reading a letter from the person.

Here's an example of one of the stories:

The writer shares about God's provision. They were worried about the economic condition they were facing and wondering how they would stretch thier last $100.00 to feed thier family of 8.

Vicky writes...' One day he (speaking of her husband) came home very anxious about the immediate future of our family budget. On the same day, God had something to teach us. We heard a knock on the back door; and upon answering it we found our unemployed neighbor . . . That day our neighbor was standing there with a huge bag in arms filled with potatoes, vegtables and even some cookies. '

This is just one example of the many stories that share God's faithfulness and provision.

This book is available at Amazon you can go here and purchase. Or you can purchase at your local Life Way or online here's thier link and my review there.

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