Friday, September 7, 2012

Graceful . . .
  Today I am sad to say that I think grace filled when I see this word. I think selfish.  I think I am selfish because what I want to think and write about is who I know that is Graceful.  But I I need to be filled with God's grace.  Today I am sad and angry.  I need to show Grace.  But without being filled with God's strength and power I cannot give Grace where it is needed.  And so I pray that God will help me to be Graceful.  To be like his son and be filled by his power.  Tonight I am sad because my husbands motorcycle was stolen this afternoon.  I am frustrated and angry.  I want to pray for the person that stole it.  But I can't. 
I want be beautiful on the inside and on the outside.  I wish I was charming and graceful in appearance and in stature but when your heart is heavy you don't feel charming or beautiful or graceful.  I am sad because of the fight and struggle we are having with our son in law over custody and visitation.  I need to give Grace.  But I can't.  

Looking for Grace
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