Friday, January 8, 2010

Under a layer of . . .& Thankful Thursday (late)

Actually not. But it is frigid here. At least snow would be pretty. When I go out to feed it does feel like it should look like this.

I have not spent as much time posting this week as I would like.

I live in a wonderful old farm house. But old farmhouses don't hold in heat real well and are drafty. I finally gave up last night and nailed a quilt to the side door and shut it off. Looks tacky but it is a little warmer. The door is really pretty when it isn't cold though. It's actually half door half window so that is partly why it is so cold.

I meant to post about my thankfulness yesterday and didn't get to so here are 5 things that I am thankful for.

#1 God continues to provide sometimes in strange ways. I mentioned on New Years that our landlord gave us $600.00 off our rent. Well two days ago he hired Cowboy to work on his son's truck. We got another $500.00 off and $100.00 cash to boot. We needed gas money and the money to pay the phone and cable. So paying bills today.

#2 I am thankful that my friend Denise's husband is home from the hospital and that she managed to post yesterday to update.

#3 I am thankful for propane heat

#4 I am thankful that God gives me a heart that is somewhat patient with the circumstances. Actually I have had fun dealing with the inconvenience of no water. I am learning the dependability of paper plates. Do you know how much dish soap is? Go to paper and you won't spend so much on soap. LOL.

#5 Lastly I am thankful for hot showers. Even though are pipes are frozen and we have no running water in our house we can go next door to our landlords business. He has showers that have very hot water.

Praising God in the winter storm. I am thankful that he brought us here to this house.

And, this year I am going to keep photo's of the house on the blog. You'll always be able to tell it's me even if I change the background.

Tomorrow I'll be accomplishing one of my goals and dreams and spending the day in my sewing room. I'll post some photo's.

Hope your weekend is Blessed.

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Susannah said...

Oh, do stay warm! Your nailing a quilt up on the door reminds me of how they used to hang heavy woven tapestries on the walls of stone castles in Europe to warm them up in winter.


e-Mom @ Chrysalis