Friday, May 27, 2022

Dog Tired Friday


Wishing you all a great day and happy holiday weekend. 

I/we had an eventful roller coaster of a week with many more ahead. 

I am traveling between home and rehab several times a day.  

Thankfully it is only 9 blocks and free parking.  I can park just steps from the door.   

My Cowboy is very needy and clinging.  It is draining me.  

His illness is straining his recovery. 

I/we cherish your prayers. 

Monday, May 23, 2022

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Joining Sandra  for her party and prompts . . . 

The weather  

Beautiful  sunny days. 

Rain on Sunday night so it is cooler today.  

Outside my window 

The marina outside  the Cowboys  hospital room 

Lots of Sail Boat and Yacht  activity.  It is fun to watch. 

Right now I am 

Waiting for final orders for move to rehab

Thinking and pondering  

Changes and the new normal

How I am feeling 

Tired  but Happy The Cowboy is better 

On the breakfast  plate  

Today I made Biscuit Cinnamon Bites for the Cowboy.  They were tasty 

On my reading pile  

On my t.v. 

I have had the remote for a few days.  Lots of Food Channel  and Movies when I can find one

On the menu 

No menu plans.  I will go to grocery  store today and get fresh fruit and veggies.  I need some Salad

Looking around the house

Ugh! The dogs are shedding  so bad.  They need a good brushing!

To Do List   

Grocery  store today

I need to get a card and mail for grandsons bday

I want to talk a walk in the neighborhood  and take pictures of flowers.  

From the camera 

A pic from last June.  I hope the Cowboy can go to the Seawall soon. 

The craft  basket  

This morning  I was able to make a couple junk journal pages . . . 

. . . A little trimming then they will be read for journaling. 


Linking at Sandra's  and the regular  parties.  

Thanks for  spending  part if your day with me. 

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Good Morning

 Have a great Day

Friday, May 20, 2022

Foodie Friday

 Good Morning.  Are you happy it's 


I have had an odd week.  It's been hard to tell what day it is.  

The Cowboy went into the hospital last Tuesday.  He is stable but they are having trouble in figuring out where and what the infection is.  

Please say a prayer for us! 

And now here are the dinner plates I fixed myself . . . 

Frozen Chopped Collard Greens.  They were way better than I expected.  I cooked Bacon and poured half the drippings in and then covered with homemade Veg stock. 
I had Mushrooms sauted in Butter and some drippings.  And 2 pieces of Bacon. 
And here is a little better pic.  I was happy with this meal. 
My meal Thursday was O.K. I had this plan . . . 
I cooked my Rice and then went to get Chili Rellenos out of freezer.  

As you can see I ended up with a piece of Grilled Corn from freezer.  And Jalapeno Poppers the Cowboy bought.  They were not good. 

This was the Cowboys meal on Wednesday or Thursday . . . 
He ate a few bites of Fish and Rice but was not chewing well yet. 
Left over store brand canned Black Eye Peas.  The best I have had in a long time! 

So good I love fresh Spinach.  This is the last.  It sure doesn't go far.  A few Tomatoes brand an Egg Roll.  They cook great in the Air Fryer! 
Tuna Casserole for 1.  Wasn't it sure of ratios but it worked.  I used half a can of Cream of Celery which I liked much better than Mushroom.  I don't see a difference in flavor.  
I don't care for the bits of Mushrooms in the Soup. 

LOL this is the person that had Mushrooms as a main course!   

Dinner tonight? 
Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Wordless Wednesday Cruisin'Galveston


Tea Time Tuesday


Good Morning today I have a little  different Tea Time post.

For the last several  weeks we have been unable to go into our Music Craft Studio . . . 

I saw this on Fb . . . 

I thought it would be fun to collect some Tea Pot birdhouses to share  . . .

I love these clever ideas.  I think the Birds do too.  

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas


The weather 

Seems hot when I get in the car.  

88-89 most days 

Some clouds maybe showers toward weeks end. 

Outside todays  window 

Gorgeous view from the Cowboys hospital room  

Right  now I am 

Watching him sleep and enjoying the view

Thinking and pondering  

And praying for the Cowboys recovery.  He had has an infection.  It went to his brain.  Scary stuff. 

How I am feeling  

Grateful the Cowboy is alive and improving.  

On the breakfast  plate 

The Cowboy had Pancakes and link Sausage he didn't eat the Sausage 

On my reading  pile 

My Kindle is full.  My apps are full.  I can't concentrate to read! 

On my t.v.  

Mostly Guys Grocery Games.  

I don't watch much t.v.  

On the menu   

No real plans

I cooked ribs in the crockpot.  So they are in freezer. 

I bought a Tomahawk Steak on sale for when the Cowboy comes home. 

I have salad and Mushrooms in the fridge. 

Making Tuna Casserole tonight.

Looking around  the house 

Dogs hanging out with me and shedding!  I need to vacuum. 

To Do List   


We get paid this week on Wednesday. 

I will pay bills. 

Grocery shop.  Need dog food.  I will buy produce. 

I guess no baking till Cowboy comes home. 

From the camera 

Domino rarely gets on the bed since Lola became part of the family.  


Thanks for visiting.  Have a great week. 

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