Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Goals and Dreams in photo's

Making my house a home. Lea's last comment got me to thinking. I had mentioned the footprints in the snow and wishing tht they weren't there. But you know I am glad that they are because they remind me why there is one set of prints. Now I will remember each time I walk in that Jesus is with me. Thank you Lea. Living in Faith

This year one goal I have is to spend more time with God. I love to journal my prayers. This photo represents my prayer journal.
Another goal spending time at least every Saturday in my sewing. I guess I could include this on my dream list.

This is a ministry goal that I am including in my dream list. This was a photo taken a couple of years ago. The girls were in my program at Mission Makeover. The ladies are volunteers from a local church. The girls were being the teachers that night. Each group completed a baby quilt top. I dream doing this events. I trust God's timing. I live on faith. Please visit me here each Monday for a post about the Ministry. Or go here for regular updates, photo's and more info.
Last year (that sounds long ago) I began doing Small Things with Rachel Anne. This year following her suggestions my goal to making my Home a Sanctuary will be easier.

This photo represents how I want my home office not to look. Another dream. Yes it does look like this most of the time. You can only imagine what the desk looks like.

And lastly another dream. LOL that my floors will look like this without my help. Alas I add this to my goal list.
And I have another goal which relates to my blog. My goal is to be encouraging and to share my faith with you this year. And, to write less posts with the label dummies at blogging. I added that because did you notice I stopped writing in italic's? I went to click on it and did something wrong and it disappeared! Maybe when I refresh it will come back!
And now dear ones I am off to spend the rest of this Sunday simply. Which by the will be the Sunday label. Come by each day and each Sunday for a Blessing.