Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordfilled Wednesday and Thankful Thursday

Welcome to Amy's Wordfilled Wednesday. Today I am out of my element using my daughters computer. So I can't link to Amy but here is here address. (or maybe acreawoods...sorry I cannot spell that word. )
Today I want to write an early Thankful Thursday post. You can visit Iris at for more Thankful Thursday posts.
Today I am thankful for the wonderful friends I have made through blogging. There are more than I can write about right now but you all know who you are.
I won't be able to be around for awhile because I don't have the inter-net anymore.
I don't know when I'll have it again. I am waiting on God.
But I wanted to say to each and everyone of you I love you.
And I have not forgotten you.
I will check in with each of you when I can get to a computer.
Thanks for the good times I will be adding all your sweet words of encouragement to a memory book.
Many Blessings and my prayers are with you even while we are apart.
As I write I am thinking of Paul and his many letters the other believers and his words of wisdom and encouragement. So until we meet again when you read Paul's writings please say a pray for me.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Then Sings my Soul Saturday

I have not been able to find the words to the song that I have been wanting to share.
It is a song written by an old friend the Youth Minister that I mentioned in my Mission Monday post last week. It is an amazing song about God's grace and our unworthiness. It speaks of making mistakes over and over again and feeling unworthy to come back to the cross.

This morning my first stop was at Peggy's. It was funny because her you tube didn't load. But I read the words to this song. Then I went to you tube and found this.

These words spoke to me and said what I have been feeling and wanting to share.
There are times that I am confused and frustrated, hurt and angry and it is only Christ that heal those hurts and lift me up again.
Here are the words to this amazing song.

Dear Lord, I’m on my knees again
I come to You because You understand
I’ve tried so hard, but I just can’t change myself
That’s why I know I need Your help

So here I am
This in my plea
My only hope is Your love for me
I’m reaching out
So desperately
Come take my hand; take all of me
Just as I am

Oh Lord, You make what’s broken new
Why can’t I just learn to follow You
I want to know You and feel You in my soul
I surrender all control

I am not afraid to follow You where You lead me
I can leave the past behind me
I’m forgiven and I’m free

Thanks for coming by today and please visit Amy and Peggy (I hope you don't mind I used your song!)
Many Blessings

Friday, October 24, 2008

Favorite Things from my week

My Favorite things from my week were:

The friends that left kind words of encouragement for me.
When your down you can see God's love and grace through the kindness of others. He continues to show me his Grace.

God provided a really huge affirmation for the ministry. I was asked to invite the girl that I mentor in Houston to come and be a speaker at the Annual Conference. Evey year our state hosts a conference for all the volunteers that work in the prison facilities. This year we went for the first time. While I was there learned that the conference would be in Dallas. And I began praying that my girl would be able to be one of the speakers.

Cooler weather I love the fall. I guess it really is my favorite part of the year. Not only the weather but it leads up to the holidays and I love the holidays.

My daughter I am happy that I am in her life again. And that I get to see our grandson almost everyday.

One of my favorite blogs is Sandras Diary of a Stay at Home Mom while visiting her I found Sussane's she is the hostess of Fridays Favorites.

Here's a dream photo I thought I would share. I would love to have a porch like this.
I hope your day is Blessed with much happiness and gentle breezes.

Welcome to Kelli's Show and Tell.
My post is here today.
Please come by and visit me.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to Thankful Thursday hosted by Iris

My Thankful list is short and simple this morning.

I am Thankful that God has shown me his plan for me concerning ministry.
I wrote on Mission 4 Monday about how God brought us to this ministry and how he prepared me for what I am doing now.

I am Thankful that God provides.

I am Thankful even though most of the time I don't show it for my Cowboy. He is a strong and Godly man and he tries to be the man God wants him to be.

Here is a photo that reminds me of peacefulness.

Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the
LORD your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9 (NASB)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Praising God in the storm

Tonight I write and ask for prayers for our ministry. I have a counter on my blog I know that there were lots of visits today and only a few comments.

I have no idea if my plea concerning WFW offended people of not.

Tonight I have a huge financial plea for our ministry and us personally. Tonight as we have done so many times in the last five years we are Praising God in the midst of a storm.

We know that he is with us in this work. He continues to show us over and over and over that this work is needed and he Blesses us.

Each and every time God has faithfully showed not only his grace but his provision for us. As an example for almost three years we lived in a house rent free.

In June he opened the doors and directed us to this house. And, he has provided provision for us to pay our rent. Our rent is paid through the end of November. But, there are very little other funds coming. Our phone was turned off tonight. It is linked with the t.v. and the inter-net. We will not be able to communicate with supporters without the internet.

Today I have been saddened at the response that I received from my post. And now tonight I write and seek not only encouragement but your prayers.

I know that God will provide. I know that he will give us the encouragement that we need to continue you on.

I have to lean and trust him because my first reaction is to be mad. To be mad at Cowboy and to urge him to go and get a job again. Just like I did periodically for the last 5 years. But I have to stop and remember that for almost three years we lived rent free. God affirms us.

Tonight I lean and trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. I have no idea why he will not just send manna from heaven in the form of money to fund this work. I have no idea why we are attacked and then affirmed. But I do know that there are girls that need to hear of God's love and so I will continue on.

I pray that I have friends out there that will pray for me. Because I need it so much.

Tonight I end this post trusting in God's sovereignty and the strength that the Lord Jesus Christ will give me to make it through this storm.

Word Filled Wednesday

Amy chose one of my favorite verses.

Take delight in the Lord and he will give you your heart’s desire Psalms 37:4

Here are Amy's thoughts.
"When we rely on Him and put him as our first priority we will have our heart’s desire!

I can’t tell you how invigorating last week’s topic of joy has got me going! I actually feel like I’m walking lighter and really relying on His Joy. So take delight. He loves you!
God Bless! Amy"

On Monday I joined Peggy's meme Mission 4 Monday and shared my testimony about how our mission work began. One of the main things we do is a food pantry for teenagers (and thier families) that are on parole. There are over 200 teens that report to our local office. As part of our ministry we are allowed to include in the sacks devotional literature. I have included many of Amy's WFW illustrations.
And through the months I have seen many wonderful ones on other blogs and have written and requested to use them. You guys make so many wonderful illustrations and I can't possibly ask everyone seperately so today I am adding Mr. Linky to my post.
If you are interested in helping me help our ministry and would like to give me permission to use your WFW please leave me a comment and sign the Mr. Linky. I know that the kids will be Blessed and we will have another opportunity to tell them about God's love for them.

Please visit Amy today and be Blessed by the other Wordfilled Wednesday participants.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More than a Friend Week

Welcome to the second week of More Than a Friend if you missed last week please join us this week and write a post about someone that is special to you. I read some wonderful posts last week and really enjoyed meeting some really special people.

The rules are simple. Take the button.(1 point) Write a post.(1 point) And for extra points put the song up. (5 points) I thought I would make this fun. Now one more way to get extra points. Invite someone else to write a post. Leave me a comment and tell me who you invited for (5 extra points!) (Your name goes in the drawing once for each point. So this means if you do all the above your name goes in 12 times! Wow.)

This is super simple and you even have all week to do it. Mr Linky will be up on Tuesday and Wednesday. But if you come by on another day you can just go to the Tues. or Wed. post to link.

This should be a really fun week and I am looking forward to lots of More than a Friend posts. I will tally points on Tuesday night and announce the winner (only one this week) on Wednesday.

So when a special friend comes to your mind this week. Write a post and come on over and link up.

And you'll be entered to win this.

Thanks for joining! Many Blessings to all.

Being Thankful on Tuesday

For some reason blogger wasn't cooperating and wouldn't let me load the photo's I had chosen. And so the subject of this post is impromptu.
I did want to thank everyone that participated in my More than a Friend post challenge. It was so much fun meeting everyones friends.
I am praying today about whether to put it up tomorrow or not. So I need feedback.
If you enjoyed it please leave me a comment and let me know.
BTW Peggy,Carla,Alicia,Denise,Grammy oh I am leaving someone out please forgive me but anyway I decided not to draw names because what I want to give away I can give to all of you because you were all More than a Friend to me last week. Please email me your addresses. I'll be sending something to you on Friday.
I am in a huge rush because the subject of my original post should be here in a few minutes and will keep me busy the rest of the day.
He was so cute when he left yesterday. He was dressed like a pumpkin to go and have photo's taken in a pumpkin patch. Hopefully my daughter will have the prints this afternoon and blogger will work and I'lls can them.
So until later. Everyone have a Blessed Day and please leave me a comment.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mission 4 Monday . . . My Mission

I have been planning for a couple of weeks to share our ministry @ Mission 4 Monday. Peggy's wonderful Monday meme.
And, for the last couple of weeks circumstances or the one that I wish not to give credit thwarted my efforts. You see I had planned to share what our ministry is all about because I mention it frequently here.
But God has placed it on my heart to share with you not only what it is but why and how it came about. And I beg you in advance to forgive the lengthiness of this post. (Please bear with me and read it through the end.)

I have always gone to church and probably like many of you have had those spiritual ups and downs. Those times you are close to God and those that you aren't. Of course in my maturity now I see that all the times that I wasn't close to God it was because I just wasn't paying any attention to him.
I am married to a wonderful man but we have not always seen eye to eye on things. I wanted to have lots and lots of kids. He wanted two. We had two. I was disappointed and frustrated.
But I was a good girl. I was a Christian and I knew that if I prayed God would answer my prayers. First disappointment.
When our daughter (our youngest) was in 2nd grade. We were doing well financially and my dear Cowboy bought me a Bernina sewing machine. I had been making all of our daughters clothes. Although I never enjoyed sewing for myself because I wasn't good at it. I excelled at making little girls clothes. (and I look forward to sewing for granddaughters!) I made dresses for every ocassion and bought her matching shoes. I could afford the shoes because I spent so little on her dresses. We bought my machine in August and in January we moved the kids from public school to a Christian private school and quess what they started wearing uniforms. Now I had already realized that she was really getting beyond enjoying me making clothes for her and so really the timing was right.
I don't know how it actually happened but shortly after the first of the year I stumbled onto a quilt shop. And I began taking classes. And I found my love. At the time I didn't realize it but it was my calling. I loved playing with the fabric and color and designing, everything involved in making quilts. And after a few years I decided that I should have my own quilt shop.
And so I began doing reseach. I researched vendors. I researched how to write a business plan. I wrote the business plan and investigated Small Business loans. I was ready to be a quilt shop owner.
The only problem was I had no investment money. And Cowboy wasn't willing to use any of our personal money for the venture. Although I thought it was unfair that he wouldn't support my dream I accepted this disappoint and just continued living life and enjoying my family. Second disappointment.
It wasn't long after this disappointment that we got the opportunity to move to Colorado. We were there for a short 6 months before we relocated to Missouri.
While in Missouri I taught quilting classes at our church and also began teaching at a small shop. I was happy and in my element but that bug began again and I began begging Cowboy to invest in my dream. All the while we were both active in our church and our kids were almost grown and leaving home. Our daughter graduated and went to college in Jackson, Tenn. our son married a local girl. I thought I was free to reach for my dreams.
We were active in our church and Cowboy went on a mission trip to Africa. When he returned he was different. Although we had always gone to church there was a difference in him. I realized that God had called him into service. I just knew it in my heart. I don't know how. I just knew it. And I was scared to death because I thought God would call us to Alaska or some place remote. And I would have to give up everything I had.
All the while I was searching for a place to fit into ministry. God was tugging at my heart and I knew that he had something for me. I was going to ladies Bible study. I taught in VBS. I was the VBS director.
While visiting our daughter at her college campus I went to a Lifeway bookstore and found a Bible study book on being a mentor. I devoured it and felt a longing in my heart to mentor other ladies. I thought that I had raised two great kids. I had a great husband. I could share my faith with other believers. I was worth something and had some wonderful advice and things to share.
It was a short time later that we moved back to Texas. Inside I was grateful it wasn't Alaska. We became very active in our church. I tried to become a part of the women's ministry. I offered my help. I went to Bible study. I felt unwanted and not needed.
I began teaching quilt classes in our home. And I was happy and satisfied.

And then Cowboy and I were approached by our new youth minister to teach Sunday School. He had just come to the church and had great plans and was developing a leadership team. We began teaching Sunday School. Over the next few years I taught 7th grade through 11th grade. Each year when there was an opening for a specific grade I would step up to the plate and fill the empty spot. I loved working with the kids. I loved helping with the planning and organization part of the ministry. I moved into more or less the assistant to the youth minister. The ministry went from about 15 kids to over 80 on Sunday. And more than 100 every Wednesday night. I helped recruit teachers and develop programs.
I really didn't think about it at the time but I felt like I had found my niche at least for about 4 years I was in my element and I felt like God was using me. What I didn't know at the time was that he was molding me. He was teaching me.
And then the youth minister was called to another church. And then everything fell apart literally. I was asked to serve on the minster search committee. I have to say this was the worst experience I have ever had. I became too aware of the inner workings of our church. Our commitee was pushed and prodded by staff and ultimately we were coerced into presenting thier choice as candidate. During the entire time I kept telling myself that it was God's will and that I just needed to go along with everyone else. Basically because Cowboy was approached by one of the staff to convince me and so I thought that I was just missing something; that I was out of God's will. Thier candidate was called and accepted the position.
I continued to teach Sunday School but I was no longer needed in any other leadership role. Cowboy resigned from teaching Sunday School after.
He began to pray about where God wanted to use him.
And then something happened that we never expected. God answered Cowboys prayer and showed him where he wanted him to serve. And Auto Mission was born. Auto Mission is a ministry to At risk and disadvantaged teenagers. We had begun to realize that there were some kids that would come to the activities that church provided but they just wouldn't take the next step and become active in Sunday School etc.
Auto Mission began ministering to teenage boys by offering a place for kids to do community service. In 2003 Cowboy found a garage and got some friends together and opened the doors. Over the next 3 years the local teen cours assigned over 400 boys to do community service at Auto Mission. And they allowed us to do a Bible Study. One teen court coordinator came to our church when 3 boys from her court were baptized.
6 months after Auto Mission began I realized that we needed to provide a program for girls. I did not realize at the time just what was happening I just knew that there were girls that needed to learn about God and I could use my love of quilting to teach them. In our first year I met a 7th grade girl that was a gang member.
One of the hardest part of it was seeing these poor sweet little girls and know that they were a part of a gang and seeing how hurting they were. When Brittani accepted Christ as her savior on New Years eve we all Praised God. It was just a huge Blessing to be a part of it.
It wasn't my timing and it wasn't the way I intended but God gave me a quilt shopt. God answered my prayers and gave me my dream.
For the next 4 years God Blessed us and the ministry by allowing us to share his love with all these kids. We began working with Texas Youth Commission and last January I started a program for girls living in a Halfway House.
Although we don't always know exactly why things happen we have learned to trust God. And that is what we are doing now. Last November we lost the lease on our building. And most of the time there isn't enough money but God always provides what we need. Since we lost our builiding we have not been able to provide a place for teen court kids to do community service.
In January we began doing our food pantry program and we have continued working with the Halfway house. We go to the halfway house and provide programs there for the girls.
And this month we began a pilot program that we called A Holiday to Remember. God placed it on my heart to get mentors for all 20 girls living in the halfway house. I didn't know how it was going to happen I just knew that God spoke and that it would happen. We are still waiting for 2 more volunteers but 18 girls have mentors. This is a record for the halfway house.
You see all those years ago when I bought that book about mentoring God had a plan for me. And today I see what my purpose is. And today I am Blessed beyond anything that I can imagine.
Today I realize that all the things that have happened in my life have lead to this. God knew that I had a place in my heart for lots of kids and he probably knew that even though I would strive to be a good mommy to them that I am a better friend than a mommy.
I know that my post today was really, really long. And I hope that you managed to get through the whole thing. Because I want to encourage you. If you are sad and frustrated or depressed because things aren't going exactly as you think they should. Don't get discouraged. Lean on God and trust him. Turn your sadness and frustration over to him. He may not make the circumstances go away immediately but he will give you the strength and the courage that you need. Because he will never give you more than you can bear. Today I look back and see all the things that God has taught me. And I am happy. I am joyful. I have realized my purpose.
I pray God's Blessing on you. And I pray God will reveal himself to you today.

Super Sunday and My Journey

Today I planned to share about the purpose of my blog and My Journey. The last couple of weeks I have been praying about how God wants me to use this medium for him.
I mentioned it briefly on Friday at Kellis Show and Tell which is one of my favorite parts of the week. But Friday was the last Show and Tell that will be posted at this blog.

After much prayer and waiting on God's answers and timing I have created a new blog
called My Home Sanctuary I want to invite you all to visit me during the week as some of my regular posts will be at My Home Sanctuary.

I know you must be asking questions like 'Why start another blog?' (the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to keep up with one blog!) When I started My Journey it was an attempt at kind of getting my life back and being able to do some fun things for myself and be able to use my blog to maybe help someone else.

One of my favorite things is my home and my family and I have learned over the last couple of years how important it is not to let anything including ministry to become more important than your home and family. And it really isn't that I allowed that to totally happen but in many ways I did. I was absorbed and consumed and spent so many hours in ministry that I was so exhausted I didn't have time for anything else.
Including myself, home and family. The thing that has suffered the most is my marriage. Now don't get me wrong we are great and cool with each other I mean my Cowboy is just as busy and absorbed as I am but I see how we neglect each other.

Through reading other great blogs I have met some wonderful people that have helped me learn how to be more organized at this time in my life. I have found ladies that challenge me in my relationship with God. I have met wonderful ladies that have shared their ideas and hearts and have given me new ideas and new ways to share my faith.

With all that said. I am separating my house keeping and home organizing posts from my Journey and faith posts. There may be days that I will post on both blogs. But God has placed it on my heart to use the My Home Sanctuary as a blog to reach non believers. I hope that those of you that are reading this will understand my heart. And understand my method. You see I minister daily to young girls and their families that have no desire to hear anything about God. And while I read other blogs I stumble across others that are great homemakers and fun crafters but the main focus of their blogs aren't about God. It is my pray that My Home Sanctuary will be a safe haven to draw in these ladies and help them get a glimpse of God. My Home Sanctuary will always be God's blog just like My Journey but the main emphasis will be home and family. I don't really know exactly how to explain it so please come over and visit me at both blogs.

I know dear sweet Peggy that this isn't the kind of post that you outlined for your Super Sunday and I hope you forgive me for taking this time to share my heart with everyone. And so as not to totally ignore what Super Sunday is all about here is my Super Sunday submission.

This is my first attempt at making one of these great scripture illustrations. It is pretty elementary and I know I need lots of practise but I wanted to share it with you because this verse means a lot to me as I am sure it means a lot to you.
I wanted to share it today and ask you all to come back tomorrow and visit me and Peggy for Mission Monday. Tomorrow I will be sharing how I ended up where I am and how God has shown me his plans for my life. You see I get it now and I am looking so forward to sharing it with everyone.

Thank you Peggy for your sweet spirit and encouragement. Thanks too for your wonderful idea of Mission Monday and Super Sunday and I look forward to being a part of both.

Friday, October 17, 2008

More than a Friend all week . . .

My Show and Tell post is below this one. But I wanted to invite everyone to More than a Friend. I have extended it through Tuesday night since it is the first week and I want everyone to find out about it because it is just loads of fun.
Here's the button to grab and post and give away too.

Now take the button and write a post about one of your friends. It doesn't even have to be a blogging friend. Mine this week wasn't. Just share someone special.
Now link up here

And that's it. Oh you might want to tell your friend too.
I will put your name into the drawing 4 times. Lots of chances to win.
Please join us. I can't wait to meet lots of new friends.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Welcome to Show and Tell Friday.
Kelli and I must have been thinking the same thing today. Because we are showing the same treasures. Although her photo's and display are much prettier than mine I hope you'll enjoy seeing my collection. I am fascinated with the handwork done in these.
And I wonder about the person that made them. All three were donated to our ministry for a craft sale. I couldn't bear to let them go.
I know the photo isn't great on this one because I had to scan it but I think you can see how pretty it is anyway.

This one is just as pretty I think. It is a very vivid blue and the thread was really thin. It is really fragile.
I just love this butterfuly. It came to us mounted on a piece of foam board.
I just love it. I haven't been able to figure out exactly what to do with it. It just sits on an easel in my sewing room. I just think it is pretty; it makes me smile.

I hope you enjoyed my Show and Tell. Next week I'll be posting here
Don't forget it isn't too late to post about one of your best friends. Check out my yesterday's post for all the details.
Have a Blessed Day.

Kelli's Paper Crafts and More Than a Friend Con't.

It's not too late to join More Than a Friend I have extended it to go all week this week since it is the first week. Please go to yesterday's post for all the details. I would love it if you joined.

One of my favorite places to visit is Kelli's House she is the great hostess of my favorite meme Show and Tell Friday. But on Thursday she is hosting a papercraft/card making challenge. Please go over and visit her and see her cool cards. If your a card maker link up and share your craftiness with us.
Here's what I have been working on.

First is a card for my churches card ministry. It's pretty simple just a stamped 'Thinking of You' image and some cute paper.

This is a place card for our November activity night. I will be making 25 of these.
This one I actually made a couple of years ago and liked it so much that I saved it.
The cross on the edge is made with embossing powder.

And before I go I have an announcement to make. Next week I will be posting my
papercraft here
Thanks for coming by and visiting. See you tomorrow for Show and Tell.

Thankful Thursday More Than a Friend con't

Today I begin my post Thankful that I am getting this post up!

I don't have much time as the baby arrives soon but I wanted to get my Thankful Thursday post written. Please visit Iris

I am so Thankful this morning that I am so busy. I know you sitting thinking 'What is she crazy?'
A few months ago I was thankful from the break from ministry that I could get my house and my life in order but I missed so much working daily with our girls.
Well my schedule has changed drastically and new programs are beginning and I am in the planning stages for January programs and life is in the "fast lane" again.
And the best part it is al Glorifying God.
And so I guess the biggest thing I am Thankful for is that I get to work in ministry.
. . .I just got a 3 month mentoring project called A Holiday to Remember started. God provided 15 of the 16 mentors that we needed to get this project going. We are still praying for one really special lady to place with the last girl. Doesn't that sound so sad. I know it really does. This young lady is has special needs. Not in a physical or handicapped way. But in a spiritual and emotional way. Her name is
Amy and she has been through some really bad situations.
. . .We have a job skills training class starting the 2nd Thursday in November and I am in the midst of pulling it together.
. . .The first weekend of November I go to Houston to recruit volunteer mentors. And I get to see one of our girls that lives there now. Her name is McKenzie and she is off parole and working and doing great! She is a success story and I thank God for her and her wonderful mentor Judy.
. . . And last but not least I am thankful that 3 people posted on my More Than a Friend meme. This week I am extending it all week just to get the word out and get it started. Please read my last post from yesterday it explains the details. And go and visit Alicia she wrote a lovely post about her friend and invites everyone to join us.

I hope you are having a wonderfully Blessed Thursday. Many blessings to you. I am off to visit Iris and then play with the baby all day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I know many of us are Blessed to have some amazing friends. Because so many of you have been a Blessing to me I want to meet those friends that you have that have Blessed you.

I am planning a giveway. The rules will be simple.

... Write a More than a Friend post between now and Monday.
... Be sure and post the photo and come over it link up.

... Pass it on to one friend and invite them to participate.

Do all these and your name goes in three times!

I'l be drawing on Tuesday.

I look forward to meeting all your epecial friends.
Many Blessings to al.

Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

Wow God is just so cool he brings into our lives the sweetest people. And one of those sweet people he has brought to me recently is Denise. I love to visit her and when I arrived today I found this.

Now this award isn't just any award, it comes with a questionnaire. Here goes:
1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? No This is amazing to me because I lived in the same town growing up. We never moved. But once married I moved around alot. The interesting thing is our daughter has a friend from 4th grade.

2.What do you value most about your friends? Other than the friends that I have made lately through blogging. I don't currently have any close friends. At least not in the sense of girls you shop and lunch with. Shopping and lunching is a season in my life that at least for now is past.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards? I wish I could answer like Denise did that Jesus is her sounding board but I can't honestly say that. Cowboy is though most times. Or our daughter.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends? What I wish I could do is the shopping and lunching thing. I really miss those times. And actually ladies Bible Study and the friends you find there; which I always ended up lunching and shopping with.

Now to pass this on to five friends.........Hmmm. This is a hard one because I really want to pass this on to some ladies that I actually just visit thier blogs rather regularly and that I really enjoy. Some ladies that I would love to visit my blog and become new friends. I'll compose my list and at it later.

BTW...I'll be posting More Than a Friend contest info. tonight too.
Stay tuned.

More Than a Friend and Wordfilled Wednesday

Amy is the wonderful host of Wordfilled Wednesday and always supplies me with a beautiful illustration of God's word. This verse spoke to me today because it really confirmed to me the calling he is giving me. Please visit Amy.

I am home from the foodbank and now determined to get my More Than a Friend post done for today. I mentioned earlier if you checked it that I think this project was doomed today. But God has really placed it on my heart to do this meme each week and so I continue. I hope you decide to join. It isn't too late because I am extending it. I'll be posting the new rules later tonight along with a photo of the prize for a drawing next Wednesday.
But before all that stuff here's my post for today.
Below is a photo of me with one of my besttest friends! I am on the left and Jacque is on the right.

This photo was taken at the first craft sale that our ministry hosted. My dear sweet friend traveled two hours to come and support our work. She brought a friend with her too. I met Jacque when my daughter was in 2nd grade.(she is now 26) We met at the first quilt class that I ever attended. The quilt ended up being the worst project I ever started but that is another story. Jacque told me later that the first day she thought to herself "I want to meet her'.(referring to me) When she told me this I thought she was nuts! We became fast friends and began quilting together and shopping for fabric. We were part of a group of about 10 ladies that stayed together for a couple of years but the others finally drifted off but Jacque and I stayed friends. 9 years later our family moved to Colorado. That is when I learned to email! I had to find a way to communicate with my friends and family. Thinking back I can't hardly imagine not emailing.
We have been dear friends all these years. I am now back in my home state of Texas. And I live about an hour away from her. I miss her because we both have different activities going on. I miss her because there were many times that she indeed was the person that got on her knees for me. And she was the person that listened when I bellyached.
I hope that if you have a special friend. A blogger or not that you will share her with us. It is a Blessing to me to remember Jacque and maybe you have an old friend that comes to your mind today.

Below is a bouquet that I would love for you to pass on to your friend. (Sorry I don't know how to make a fancy button but you can just cut and paste this into your post)

I am passing it on to Carla
Carla started visiting my blog awhile back and went over to check her out. And found out she is also a Texan! Today even though I had a hard time getting this post done and didn't even get Mr. Linky up Carla went ahead and wrote her More Than a Friend post. Thank you Carla because today you were a true friend.

I loved the verse Amy shared today. Whenever trouble comes your way let it be an opportunity for joy.

For when your faith is tested your endurance has a chance to grow.

So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed you will be strong in character

and ready for anything. If you need wisdom - if you want to know what God wants you to do

ask him and he will gladly tell you. He will not resent your asking.

James 1:2-6 ~ The Message

More Than a Friend (speed posting today)

Please join me.
This is a speedy post. Blogger didn't work last night. I am off to the food bank and the halfway house.
Peggy left me a sweet Blessing. Here it is

"Hi Sherry,
Have a good night's rest! And it's OK! REAL comes before VIRTUAL! But I do believe the enemy is at work too! It's all right! I just saw a second ago that Blogger wasn't working!I was trying to leave a comment! Then I tried to add more to my FRIENDSHIP post. Then I figured it out...that it's the power outage...thing...but they said 10 minutes...
Pleasant dreams! God bless! May He go with you in the morning! May you awaken fresh & filled! Have a pleasant day! Food bank be filled also, Lord! Bless Sherry this day as she serves You & Your kingdom!
In Christ, Peggy"

Please join me even though I didn't get Mr. Linky. Just leave a comment and I'll come over and read your post and I'll make my own list tonight.
Don't forget Wordfilled Wednesday at Amy's it will knock your socks of go see her at


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sharing Seeds of Love

As soon as I received this award the other day from my new friend Denise I new who I was passing it on to.
My plan was to pass it on Sunday but as you can see it is Tuesday. The last couple of days I have been busy and also as I posted last night wordless. Some many things going on I couldn't just pull my thoughts together. And now I have little time but I want to get this award passed on to these wonderful ladies.

First to Marsha I think I found Marsha because she found me. She has just been so sweet to visit me and encourage me in ministry. And when I went over to check out who she was I found out what she does here I can't put into words how her post this morning touched me. Please go over and encourage Marsha today.

And of course I immediately thought of the wonderful Amy our hostess for Wordfilled Wednesday Amy shares God's love and plants scatters seeds of love every week. This is a true ministry that deserves this sweet award. Thank you Amy for your caring heart.

And of course dear sweet Peggy I think you all know Peggy.

And lastly a sweet new dear friend that I just met the other day. The darling
Susan this sweet sister has a testimony of God's love and protection. Please go by and read her blog.

I must run for now because the baby just came in and I will be spending the rest of the day rocking and playing.

Ladies, friends please enjoy this wonderful award and please pass it on. You all rock and you share God with me everyday.

And don't forget to come by tomorrow and share your More Than a Friends with us.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Dear regular visitors friends along my journey. I have had a ridiculously crazy, busy last few days.
God is in the midst of ministry and the challenges of my life.
And even though I know he is here and he is giving me strength to get through I am just amazed and wordless.
I have been thinking a lot about church and how important being a part of a church is. And so I posted this picture of what church looks like to me. I know that it is not a building. It is the people inside the building. It is about the spirit of God inside the hearts of his people.
It is how God uses the body of Christ within the church to share his heart and his love with us. And you may not agree but I feel like God uses this body of believers that are all joined together through this little world of blogging. Some days it is you sisters that help me and others make it through the day.
Tonight I am not sad. Tonight I am just wordless. I know your thinking how can she say she is wordless when she has already typed who knows how many words. But there are so many things going on in my mind right now that I can't focus on what I want to share.
I intended to join Peggy's Mission Monday. I intended to pass on the award that I received the other day. But my mind is going in so many different directions right now that I can't seem to pull my thoughts together.
I don't intend to take a break as sometimes it seems we all do. But tonight I need to just Be Still and rest in God's arms.
I pray that everyone had a great Simple Day and that Peggy's Mission Monday went great today. If you haven't visited her please go by.
Many Blessings to you all

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Simple Sunday

Coming Soon . . .

I only have a few minutes before I leave for church but I wanted to post this real quick and invite you to visit Peggy. She is hosting this new little Simple meme. Please run over and visit her and leave her a sweet comment too. She has been struggling through all the really bad weather hitting Mexico and Baja California.
I'll be back later tonight and leave a Simple Sunday post and Daisy's post. I hope your day is packed with God's Blessings.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Then Sings my Soul and Look What I Got!!!!

I am humbled to receive this sweet award from the wonderfully kind Denise Thank you Denise for your continued words of encouragement and prayer. I will be passing this wonderful award to a couple of dear friends in my post tomorrow. Please come by.

I really thought alot about what I would post today for Sings My Soul. There are so many great songs out there that really speak to me. And as I thought and prayed about it this song just kept coming to mind.

The words are express what I feel about wanting to let Jesus live in me so much so that people can see him. As I think of where I should be in my relationship with God. And what I should be doing I feel unworthy to be so Blessed. I feel unworthy to be allowed to work in ministry. And then I have to realize those feelings are not from God. I am thankful that Denise allowed God to use her this morning to remind me that God loves me and that my efforts are not in vain. That as long as I trust in him and seek that I can do what he asks of me. And my prayer is that Jesus Live in Me.

I wish I was more than a man.
Have you ever felt that way?
And if I had to tell you the truth,
I’m afraid I’d have to say
That after all I’ve done and failed to do
I feel like less than I was meant to be.

And what if I could fix myself?
Maybe then I could get free.
I could try to be somebody else
Who’s much better off than me.
But I need to remember this
That its when I’m at my weakest I can clearly see

He made the lame walk, and the dumb talk
And He opened blinded eyes to see
That the sun rises on His time,
yet He knows our deepest desperate need.
And the world waits, while His heart aches,
To realize the dream.
I wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus live through you and me….Yeah.

What if you could see yourself
through another pair of eyes?
And what if you could hear the truth,
instead of old familiar lies?
And what if you could feel inside
The power of the Hand that made the universe
You’d realize…..


All our hearts they burn within us.
All our lives we’ve longed for more.
So let us lay our lives before
The One who gave His life for us.


Let Him live through you and me…yeah.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Show and Tell

Welcome to Show and Tell Friday hosted byKelli I love going over and visitng all the others that post Show and Tell.

My ministry schedule has changed alot in the last couple of weeks and so I have to re-evaluate and re-think my schedule so that I can keep on doing Show and Tell.
Today is late I really hope that some of you will go ahead and come on by.
My Friday mornings are now spent working with my Halfway House girls. This is a huge Blessing to me and a wonderful opportunity to serve God. Please come by on Sunday and Monday I will be posting about our ministry and linking to our ministry blog.

Here's my Show and Tell one of my favorite Fall decorations.

One of my favorite fall things are these coasters. I have one sitting on the computer desk to hold my bottled water or Dr. Pepper or Cowboys coffee in the morning. I have three others that are in an old wooden bowl waiting to be used on the other tables in our livivng room.
These are special because they were made for me by a friend when I lived in Missouri. When I pull them out in the fall I always think of her. Oh I am seeing a
More than a friend post. Don't forget to come by Wednesday!

I just love these coasters and I have made a bunch of them to sell and for gifts. The hardest part is finding a fabric that works. I have been working on some kits to sell in my new online shop that I hope to be opening soon.

And I want to share God's word today too. Because my mission for My Journey is to grow closer to God and serve him. And I hope by sharing a wonderful verse and illustration of God's word that you are Blessed.

This was Amy's Word Filled Wednesday illustration this week. I loved it because I am happy and joyful and Blessed and even though my song isn't really great to listen to (my grandbaby loves my singing) God loves to hear my song. I hope you are Blessed today.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Things about me

I've been tagged by a new blogging friend Caroline If you get a chance, check her great blog out.

Random Facts about me:

1. I have never been to Europe and really have no desire to go.

2. I love photography but I am not very good at it.

3. I have always wanted chickens.

4. I love chick flicks and adventure movies.

5. I have always wanted to play paint ball

6. I wanted to have big family. I am fascinated with Jon & Kate and the Duggars.

Sorry I know these random facts are weird and borrowing but I was asked to do it and I just didn't want to disappoint.

Now the harder thing is coming up with 6 friends. How do I decide to tag? Man. I'll have to think about that awhile.

Here are the rules:
Link to the person who tagged you.
Post the rules on your blog.
Write six random things about yourself.
Tag six people at the end of your post.
Let each person know he or she has been tagged.
Let the tagger know when your entry is up

OK I thought about it ...tagging

Amy the WFW woman because I haven't heard from her in a couple of days.
Sandra Diary of a Stay at Home Mom because It hink she is fun and cool and will post something cool.
Rachelanne because she is a great writer and I know she'll say something funny and just crack us up.
Doughal Daisy's friend just because I thought it would be fun to add him. He is a really cool pup.
Carla because she is from somewhere in Texas too
Denise at Shorty Bear's Place because I just want to hear what she has to say

Now for this tag thing I am supposed to let all these people know that I tagged them.
I hope everyone has a Blessed Friday. I'll be posting a Show and Tell but it will be late because I go to the food bank in the morning.

BTW tonights activity night with the girls was amazing. It was a lot of fun and we really connected with a few of the girls. Two girls got assigned mentors tonight and I was really pleased with how quickly they connected to each other. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us.


Posted by My Journey at 1:23 PM

Thankful Thursday and More Than A Friend

Welcome to Thankful Thursday hosted by Iris I just love Thursdays so that I can actually write down the things that I am Thankful for and share with all of you.

Today the sun was shinning when I woke up. as opposed to Wednesday and Fridays when it is still asleep LOL. So I guess I should also so I am thankful to have slept till 7:45 today. It always makes me smile and thank God every morning when the sun is shinning.

Today I am also thankful for an amazing first More Than a Friend Wednesday. Some amazing ladies visited my blog yesterday and left some lovely comments. Debra wrote a post and also Carla please read my comments from yesterday and go read thier posts. I am working on figuring out how to do Mr. Linky for next week. Please come by

And also Denise Short Bears Place wrote the sweetest More than a Friend post. She reminded all of us how much God loves us. If you need to be lifted up today and need some encouragement please go read her post.

Before I go because I have a million things to do I have an activity night tonight at the girls halfway house. Please pray for us and the girls and that God will reveal himself there tonight!
But I wanted to share a photo collage my husband made. He put this together for a
brochure for our ministry.

Have a great Thankful day today.