Sunday, June 27, 2021

Character Guest Post and Giveaway Murder Most Pemberly

June 28 – My Journey Back the Journey Back – CHARACTER GUEST 

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Great Aunt Iris Darcy’s Post


If Jimmy Buffet is correct and “wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been,” I wonder how many margaritas that man had in Margaritaville. Well, it is common knowledge that most Americans have lost the plot, and after counting the wrinkles crinkling every inch of my body, I’m positive Mr. Buffet is the daftest of them all. Who would have thought that my thighs and…other areas…smiled? They must have gone knees up when I wasn’t looking. What a load of tosh!


Well, enough faffing about. My great niece, Eliza Darcy, will be here soon, and I can’t wait to meet the only child of my nephew, Andrew Darcy. Sadly, I’ve never met my great-niece, due to a kerfuffle between Andrew and his brother, Fitzwilliam…over a woman, of course, and I still don’t see what Fitzwilliam sees in his wife, Nancy, but horses for courses, I guess. Besides, they all assume I’m deaf and ancient even in donkey’s years, so they don’t ask for my opinion. I once overhead Nancy accuse me of being gobby, but that won’t stop me from giving them advice.


Speaking of advice, I must make it my mission to guide my American great-niece through the tricky differences between American and English culture. I wouldn’t want her looking like a right daft cow. I’ll have to break her in slowly, and if she follows my advice and pays attention to her p’s and q’s, everything will turn out tickety-boo.

1.)    “Pants” refer to underwear, and “trousers” are pants. If Eliza asks British people about their pants…well, let’s just say they will think her a numpty.

2.)    She will need to practice eating with her fork in her left hand.

3.)    If Eliza’s invited for a walk, she’ll need to put on her hiking shoes and pack an afternoon snack.

4.)    I hope she’s not a lightweight as going for one pint at the pub isn’t a thing young people do nowadays. They tend to go for several rounds until everyone is sloshed.

5.)    There’s a reason weather makes for great conversation: It is truly horrific.

6.)    I do hope Eliza knows how to drive a manual vehicle.

7.)    She better like tea.

8.)    I’ll have to tame the American habit of making small talk with strangers out of her. If she tries that with an English person, they’ll be gobsmacked!

9.)    If she orders fries at a restaurant, she’ll starve. Fries are “chips.” Chips are “crisps.”

10.)           I do hope that my Midwestern great-niece isn’t too attached to Hidden Valley Ranch as that has yet to make its way across the pond.


All in all, I think she can manage the first ten lessons. Besides, if Eliza can survive her Aunt Nancy, then the differences—small and large—between England and America are nothing.

Well, I hear Joy Bingley’s Range Rover roaring up the drive. I must go and meet my great-niece I’ve waited twenty-six years to meet.


Pip pip,


Iris Darcy


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Happy Homemaker in Texas

 Welcome to  Sandra's Party Day 

Sandra provides the prompts.  We post then we all link over at Sandra's party. 

The Prompts 

The weather here in . . . 

I love my new city.  Did you know we moved.  The weather is always good. 
We are in upper 80's not quite to 90 but pushing it.
On Monday the high should be 84.
We seem get rain every few days or should I say night and into the wee hours.
We had one huge Gully Washer the first day we arrive.  Not a great Welcome  LOL. 
Normally it is is Sunny and Breezy. 

On the he breakfast plate . . . 
The Cowboy is not eating breakfast or lunch anymore.  His days begins about 2:00.  Usually he eats a Sausage or Hot Dog on a bun. 

I realized that I was not eating either.  Most days I was eating a few Grapes or a piece of Cheese waiting on him .
Today I fixed a  plate of leftover Chicken And Rice. 

What I am wearing . . . 
Last week I wore some White pants I have never worn.   They are cool and comfy.  
Most days it's shorts a cami and tank top. 

On My Reading Journeys
 in July . . . 

And in August . . . 
The Second Annual
Dog Days of Summer 
With all new books and new authors! 

And in September . . . 
I am bringing back Author Chat 

On my reading pile . . .   

In the garden . . .
I have a few dollars left on my Home Depot gift card so I plan to go Wednesday and get a few bedding in plants. 

Did you see the Butterfly plant I got.  It is so pretty!  
This is what it looked like when I first in planted it ...

In the crafting space . . . 
I have been unpacking and discovering my long lost supplies. 

I have finished a Flowish Journal for SWAP.  

And an altered Magazine for my Planner for the month of July.  

Recipes to try . . .
I have cans of Spinach and Chick Peas. I found these recipes on Pinterest to try 
This one looks cold it might pair well with what we pick up off the boat. 

Trying to this one to night

This week's menu . . . 

The Cowboy found a Tomahawk Pork Chop on sale at Kroger. 
I will cook it up and serve with h French Fries and Creamed Spinach. 
I will have a Chicken Breast. 

Usually we try to go out for Pizza but the Cowboy isn't feeling too good.  
If we stay home I will make Frito Pie.  It is easy and he likes it.  

Plenty of Hamburger and Cheese so we will have Taco's.  Just need to get lettuce. 

I like to make Spaghetti following Taco's the leftover Taco Meat makes good Sauce 

It's not Stew weather but I cooked a Roast over the weekend so Stew and Biscuits sounds good.  Maybe a Salad to cool us down. 

Fresh Catch from the Pier
Fresh Veggies

Pinto Beans and Cornbread 

I will give Cowboy  the chance to to decide between two favorites. 
Not! Mine fav's anyway.
Either Meat Loaf or Chicken Spaghetti  

To Do List 
Finish letters and packages to mail
Go to Post office 
Go to Home Depot for plants 
Finish organizing my crafting space
Go to an antique  shop to try and sell a few things.

Something to fun to do 
Stroll the Historic area and find Antique Shops  
Maybe take dogs to dog park 

From the Camera  

The really cool step at the place we get Pizza.
And a cool outside wall painting for photo opps. 


Sparkle Anyway 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Good Morning A Garden Stroll and Book Feature



What are your summer plans?

Snoopy has the right idea don't you think? 

I also plan to do alot of digging in the dirt.

On Sunday I did some digging.  I bought this pretty plant.  I don't remember the name it attracts Butterflies. 
Beside it I planted some cuttings  from a hanging basket I bought. 
Not sure what the plant is.  The clerk thought clover.  I doubt it.  It grows long and trails over the basket like String Of Pearls but is finer softer.  We'll wait awhile and see how it grows. 

I bought this basket at Home Depot.  I took out half the Jew.  It was do full!  I realized when I began the process I don't have a shovel or spade or broom!  
More shopping!

And touring local gardens . . .

  There is so much to do here.  I love this garden.  I have been twice.  It is close to the hospital and the Strand.  

It is a beautiful garden filled with flowers and vegetables.  

I love how they mingle together in the same beds. 
Corn overlooking flowers
I am not sure what this plant is but I think it is the same as  . . . 

. . . One I brought home.  There are always several pots at the gate to take for a donation! 
Lots of green . . . 
A gorgeous place to sit and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.  
I read on the Gardens FB page that it is lighted at night.  

On my list for an evening visit! 
I never tire if looking at flowers 
and . . . 

Taking pictures and finding surprises . . . 
Look what I found growing among the flowers.  Black Eye Peas!

Pretty little Posey's hiding the peas! 

More Black Eyes.  I don't think there really is enough to do much with maybe they are testing to see if they grow!  I will be planting me some in the Spring! 

I always love the Zinnias so bright and pretty! 

 I will also be peeking into neighborhood gardens. HeHe 

This house has its own beautiful gardens.  They have the lovely view of the garden. 

We take a drive ever few days to explore.  

I love exploring our new city. 

When I am not exploring I love reading a good book.  

This week is our Anniversary and so to celebrate My Cowboy I am hosting a book tour.  

 I hope you can drop in at My Reading Journeys and visit the tour and find a great summer read. 

Have a Sparkly fun week!