Sunday, January 17, 2010

Simple Sunday

What does worship look like to you? When I think of church this is what I think of. Although I have never actually been to a church like this it is what I envision.
And, it isn't where I worship now. I worship inside a prison facility every Sunday morning.
My job is the powerpoint and believe it or not I am the Worship leader. In the old days Music Minister. I laugh as I think of that because I can imagine what Tommy Lyons the music minister/youth minister when I was teenager would think.
Our music doesn't consist of hymns. Although we have been singing The Old Rugged Cross. We try each week to incorporate hymns along with the contemporary worship songs. And Christian hip hop and rap. And to tell you the truth I am amazed. I have lots of new material to post on Saturdays for Then Sings My Soul.
Today my Cowboy ended the service with prayer. He asked God the Father to be with all of us that were there. He asked for specific prayers to be heard. He asked that the families of the kids would feel God's precense that they would receive a hug from God today.
Today we talked about Philipians 4:13 and today I am trusting in God and giving him the Glory and I am asking him to help me to trust that he will give me the strength, wisdom and knowledge I need to do as he asks.

I pray that your day is simple, Blessed and that God gives you the strength you need for whatever your tackling. And that you get a hug from God today.

I am spending the rest of the day simply. Although the sun is shinning and it is beautiful outside I need to be inside today. I didn't spend anytime yesterday in the sewing room and I am trying to stick to my goal of getting some quilting done today. I found a new blog and group of quilters this morning and they have inspired me.

May you day be Simply Blessed


Beth in NC said...

I pray today was a blessing for you as well.

I think you are doing exactly what God would have us do ... take Good News to those in prison.

Denise said...

Praying the same for you.