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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Family Supper-Happy Memorial Day

Tonight we are having a special Family Supper
I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day
Image result for vintage family  Memorial Day picnic

Image result for vintage Memorial Day

Image result for vintage Memorial Day

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Simple Sunday-The Fabulous Party

Welcome to The Fabulous Party
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Let's party

Critter Saturday-A Special Guest

A few weeks ago we had a special wedding with a special guest.
Sharing a few precious moments today 
 He even nickered agreement when the vows were said.  He doesn't live here where the wedding was.  One of her students brought him from where he lives now at the barn where she teaches lessons.
 A precious moment

Of course a shot of a few of the girls from the barn and theirs boots
Look they even have on dresses!

A precious moment saying Good Bye for a week!
One last shot.  The professional photographer wasn't able to stay for the entire evening.  His daughter took over.  
She did an amazing job too!

It was a day full of sweet and precious moments!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our special guest Cowboy.
Yes his name is Cowboy!

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Welcome to Happy Homemaker.  
The post where I share a few plans for the week ahead.  
And a little this and that. 

I link with Sandra.  She provides the prompts
I add a few of my own 

The Weather
I keep repeating myself.   Spring Time in Texas is gorgeous.
Sometimes it gets a little hot in the late afternoon but it doesn't last long.   I love the Spring weather.  Lots to do outside!

Right Now 
I am listening to Domino lick her bowl.  She loves poached eggs in the morning!

On My Reading Pile
On The Kindle.  Reading now
These are all Cozy Mysteries on The Great Escapes Tours.

And another I will read for fun when I get a chance
Texas Fierce
I haven't read a Janet Dailey book in forever.  They used to be my favorites. 

And waitin' on this one.  I ordered on Amazon for our trip planning.
Can't wait to read this one and make some plans. 
The Most Scenic Drives in America, Newly Revised and Updated: 120 Spectacular Road Trips
I wanted this one but it was $75.00!
The Most Scenic Drives in America: 120 Spectacular Road Trips
I have a client who has one.  I'll have to borrow hers. LOL!

In The Kitchen 
Chile Rellenos | This restaurant-style favorite is shockingly easy to make at home.
Still planning the menu but I now I want to make Chili Rellenos 
this week.  Just have a hankerin' for some!

On The Menu
It looks like a busy week ahead.  Gotta get with The Cowboy 
tonight or tomorrow to look at schedules and decide on a menu.

It Was Precious To Me
When I asked Donimo to shake my hand and she kept licking my nose instead. I kept saying 'I didn't ask for a kiss.'  And then she would kiss me again.   Finally after 5 tries she raised her paw.  She is a bit stubborn.  

In The Craft Basket
I wish this was in the Craft Basket.  Just stumbled onto it on Pinterest!  I love this! And I would make it in red!  Click here to get the pattern.

On The To Do List
Almost done cleaning up my Pinterest Boards
I am re-arranging my craft room.  I had a new idea about that so it is still a work in progress

My Ta Da Moment
Not a huge deal but I got the big shelf in my sewing room cleaned off and ready to move out.  My space is coming together sort of.  
My desk and table and new shelves and the hutch are a mess with everything sitting in temporary homes until I get it all sorted and 
straightened out. 

Fabulous Party Features
Forget Mississippi pot roast. In walks Alabama pot roast. It's zestier, more beautiful, and makes your taste buds cheer Roll Tide!
This sound yummy.  A different kind of Pot Roast for me.
The Bearded Hiker calls it Alabama Pot Roast.  Click here

Do Your Kids Know You LIKE Them? | I counsel a lot of people who struggle because of words that were spoken to them as children. Certainly, God can use it for good as He helps them find their identity in Him, but how sad when our kids have to overcome our parenting, rather than remember it with gratitude. You kids will be grown before you know it. How will they remember you? They may know you love them, but do they know you like them? | Parenting | Encouragement
A worthy read for parents of any age.  Donna Reidland shares some Biblical insight into a great topic.  Click here to read the post. 

From The Camera
The Chickens wanted to come to the wedding.  They were banished to their house. 


Thanks for visiting.  It was fun sharing some plans 
and some fun things.  
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Friday, May 25, 2018

Flower Friday A Walk In The Garden

Welcome to the garden.  Everything is blooming and growing. 
Today we will take a short walk and see a few successes and some failures.  
 I am Thankful I have a garden.  So I wanted to share it with you.
And I am Thankful God gave us flowers and plants.  Aren't you?

This is the second planting of Sunflowers over by one of the 
tomato patches.  This planting has grown much faster than the 
first.  This area gets much more sun. 

This is the first planting.  Already pretty tall.  But they are much 
older.  I planted another row in front.  They are 2"s now.  
I meant for this to be a Sunflower house.  Still makes a good hiding place.  We'll add a pallet to the right side and stand it up for a wall.
 I planted 3 sides.  The side on the right no Sunflowers sprouted.  I also planted Green Beans on the right and left.  I got 1 plant on each side.  Not sure if it was my seeds or the fact that the week after I planted the mower ran over them.  Hence the addition of the little twig border.
A tiny Crepe Myrtle grew up on its own.  Yes they will reseed. 
I had another one earlier I tried to transplant but it did not survive.
Totally my fault I think.  I dug it up and stuck in an empty pot and forgot about it!  I think I'll leave this one be.  For awhile anyway.
Growing around the CP is Basil you can barely see its round leaves next to the weed!
On the right is the first blooming Nasturtium.  I planted 3 seed packets.  I have a lot spreed around the garden.  It is planted in a pot in the pallet garden. 
This area was pretty much a failure.  I started this bed earlier and then didn't get to work it like I wanted.  I planted 3 short rows of Corn mixed with Green Beans between 2 rows.  One Corn sprouted. I had a couple problems with this area it was still covered in gravel. And Now there is a huge ant bed on the edge by the Corn.  I was pretty happy that at least one stalk sprouted.  Fairly good for a beginner!  I am learning!  I know now what to do different next year.
I am very happy with the Zinnia bed.  I wanted a  mass planting. 
I got about half what I intended.  But they are still pretty. 
The pic will show the length of the bed and the other flowers.
The Zinnia's are in the back corner and spread to the left and are 
interspersed amidst the herbs.  
The bed will eventually run the length of the garden to the pallet area.  Right now it ends just before the vertical planting area and the 2nd section  of Tomatoes.    I will share another shot in a few days it looks so much better now.  Beyond the Zinnia's are the Pansy's and bulbs. The bulbs are all done for now and the Pansy's are struggling. The Zinnia's actually would do better on the other end of the bed and I might add a bigger area and do a corner down there next year.  This corner is closer to the tree and gets alot of shade.  If I move the Pansy's, Snapdragons and bulbs they will do better and the Pansy's and Snapdragons will last longer. 
And one last shot.  My pumpkin plants.  I did not intend to plant them in a pot.  It just happened.  These seeds are from a pumpkin 
The Cowboy bought after Halloween.  I left it in the garden to seed.
But I moved it and set in the pot until I got the garden ready.  Well
this is what happened!  I still plan to try and put some of the seeds
in the ground.  
Thanks for visiting and taking a short walk with me.  Next time
I'll show you my butterfly bush and a few more flowers. 
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Hope you have a Happy Day 
and a 
Fabulous Weekend

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wordless Wednesday-Add A Caption

Good Morning 
Welcome to Wordless Wednesday

Add A Caption ______________________

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Buried Secrets by Barbara Cameron-Gilead Publishing Tour-Review/Giveaway

Paperback, ebook

May 22, 2018

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Gilead Publishing 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1683700579
  • About the book 
  • Family secrets could get in the way of a second chance at love

    After her husband dies, Rose longs to be near her family—especially her twin sister, Lillian—so she packs up her young son and leaves their life in Ohio to move back to Paradise, Pennsylvania.

    Luke Miller is ready to settle down in Paradise. He soon forms a partnership with Rose to help farm her land. He finds that he's enjoying the company of the quiet, modest widow and she may be just the woman he's been waiting for. But is Rose hiding a secret beneath her reserved exterior—one that could keep her from having a future with Luke?

    And Rose isn't the only one concealing something. Luke has a secret of his own, and it could threaten their partnership—and their chance at love.

And I thought
Another great Amish story by Barbara Cameron
Buried Secrets is book 2 in the Harvest of Hope Series.
I read and reviewed book 1 (click here to read my review) I 
was glad to receive the offer to continue with this series.

Ms. Cameron weaves together a story/plot that keeps the reader happily engaged all the way to the end.  And then 
some.  You'll probably be a little sad to turn the last page.

I almost wished that happy ending ended with an epilogue.

This is one that the cover gives you some secrets into the 
story.  I loved the Cardinals presence in the story. 

If your a fan of Amish stories check out this series.  

I received a complimentary copy.
This review will appear on retail sites.
This review will appear on Good Reads.

The book  is available
                              Amazon  CBC  Barnes/Noble

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Simple Sunday-Fabulous Party

IWord Art & Scripture Passages

The Fabulous Party

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Welcome to Happy Homemaker.  
The post where I share a few plans for the week ahead.  And a little this and that. 
The late post. I started this at 9 a.m. it is now 3:38 my computer has been shutting down all day.  

I link with Sandra 
.She provides prompts.  I add a few of my own.

The weather
It starts out gorgeous but this past week it was a bit hot.  We are already into the 90's.  I sure hope it is a short spell and we get 
a little more Spring.  I love Spring Do you?

Right now
I am listening to birds singing.  A peaceful morning no baseball
today; and I am eating pancakes from McDonalds.  We were
out of dog food and laundry soap so I had to run out to shop.

On the reading pile
Last week I mentioned Crazy Fox Ranch.  I finished it and loved it!
This one came in the mail.  Not really sure where it came from.
Maybe the publisher.  I'll have to search emails to find out.  
Books like this without actual tours I don't put on my calendar because I have 30 days from when I receive them.

And on my phone...
 reading now.  Some of the covers are so cute.
The cat lives in the library.  I was interested in reading it because it is located in North Carolina.  The Carolina's and Georgia are on my list to see when we start traveling. 

And a few more I just can't wait to start reading . . .

In the kitchen 

Rosemary Bath Salts Recipe
DIY in the kitchen for the tub.  A great use for the Rosemary from 
my garden.  I love soaking in the tub!

On the menu
Monday  Stew from Sat. pot roast, biscuits
Tuesday  Taco Tuesday
Wednesday Tuna Casserole, Green Peas, Salad (leftovers for lunch Thursday)
Thursday  Chicken/Shrimp Fried Rice
Friday  Steak, Sauteed Spinach, Baked Potato

Last weeks menu/What worked what didn't
Monday ✔   Did it on Friday but got 'er done!
Bar B Que Ribs The Cowboy can't pass up a sale on ribs he'll cook them I'll add One Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, Deer Camp Beans (pinto's,black eye peas, black beans, pink bean mix)
Tuesday Yes and I had leftovers for lunch at work on Thursday!
Goulash, Green Beans, Green Salad from the garden still waiting on those tomatoes to turn red!
Wednesday Well got it done on Friday night to have on Saturday 
That roast I planned last week
Fried Chicken Wings, Mashed Potato's, Green Beans
Rotisserie Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans 

Alfredo, Salad, Bread  Cowboy got those Ribs smoked, I added a baked potato and leftover Green Beans

Something fun to share
I hope you'll join me in touring America.  We are going RVing and looking for great places to visit.  
Click here to read the post. 

It was precious to me
A new prompt because it was just precious and I wanted to share.
Sorry I didn't get a pic.  Hopefully a story will do.  
Thursday our grandson was here.  I asked him to check the mail as I was busy in the kitchen and he loves helping.  He's always asking for something to help me with.  He returned smiling with a package (large envelope).  And he said 'Gigi you have papers!  I was taken back a little and asked him how he knew it was papers.  He smiled and said because it is from Canada and your papers come from all over the world!  I was surprised that he picked up on that it was from Canada because books come in the same types of envelopes!  It was precious to me!

In the craft basket
I am collecting some new crochet patterns.  Planning on doing alot 
while on the road.  When we are traveling I won't be able to be sewing.  Visit my pinterest board to see the patterns I hope to try.
Elephant edging has got to be the most unique pattern of edging of all. This pattern will be perfect for the border of any baby cover but can be also used as a decorative motif in children’s wardrobe. Elephant Edging Border – Video Tutorial and pattern #freecrochetpattern #freecrochet #crochet3 #easycrochet #patterncrochet #crochettricks #crochetitems #crocheton #thingstocrochet
This one I want to try as soon as I can get to Hobby Lobby for 
yarn.  Click here.

On the To Do List
Post office run-letter to mail for Pen Friend, Papers to mail for paper swap and a box to my DIL
Finish cleaning up my pins/boards
Finish  deleting things off computer
More talks/discussion on the move
Make more decisions on what we keep and take,give,sell

My Ta Da moment
Can't really share it yet.  It has to do with the move/lifestyle change. Cowboy had made a suggestion that I was not comfortable with. I've been praying about it.  And the other night clarification came and now a weight is lifted and I am super excited even more than before.  But I am impatient!

Fabulous Features

Love this quote.  Ellen at If It Brings You Joy shared a post about 
friends.  Check it our over here
Amanda’s Books and More
Christine at Amanda's Books and More shared one of her 
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. From the camera

Not sure if these little sprouts are Bachelor's Buttons or maybe some stray Zinnia.  Look in the foreground on the left.  Anyone 
know what this pretty thing is?  It just sprouted up!

Word Art & Scripture Passages

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