Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Have A Good Day

May your day be filled with sunshine . . .

                                                             Happy Trails

Monday, June 29, 2015

Red White and Blue

Thought I would share a few tips and ideas for the holiday.
I visited Pinterest and found some great ideas. 
Starting with breakfast . . .

DIY Recipe | Patriotic Waffles for Kids ... #holiday #breakfast #brunch
Before you start your party have a good breakfast.  Simple. Patriotic and Yummmmmme.

And here are a few ideas to make your home festive . . .
Fabulous greeting . . .
patriotic bunting
Available on ETSY
Cute 4th of July Hairstyle
Great idea for a festive look.  And a little fun for the kids . . .


DIY A-frame Mini Tents
How about a little shade

We're all in for a special treat with a guest post on creating a patriotic centerpiece for the 4th of July from Southern Hospitality​ today! See more projects by Rhona at
Fun idea for your plants

Lori Hairston: Red, White & Blue for Craft Us Crazy
Love the glitter.  I'm a glitter girl

Here's a great idea . . .

Stayin cool in the sun . . .

Sonic Ocean Water Copycat Recipe       Fourth of July Treats, Printables and Decor - The Idea Room
                               Source                                                 Source
Refreshing drink ideas for the kids
Watermelon cake. This is impressive:) Party guests would be in awe of the creator of this masterpiece:)           4th of July Firecracker Dogs, the perfect kid food for the family festivities or the neighborhood picnic!
               Source                                                              Source

Fun cool refreshing.  I want to make a watermelon cake.   Those are some fancy hot dogs!

Image detail for -4th of July Cake Ideas - Cake Decorating - BabyCenter
So simple yet so cute!
4th of July Tea Party Decoration Ideas #4thofjuly #partyideas #partytime #teatime #teaparty #summertime         Host a 4th of July party in your very own backyard!
                  Source                                                                Source
Great ideas for a festive day!

And for dessert!
Cut open this simple white cake to reveal a surprise American flag. Click-through to learn how to make it!

Just a few ideas.  Join me tomorrow for more dessert and drink ideas!
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                                                       Happy Trails

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Just Desserts and Drinks

How about some great ideas for Patriotic Desserts.  Whether it's a cook out.  Or cook in.  Here's some great  Red, White and Blue ideas . . .
July 4th Dessert: Patriotic Strawberry Poke Cake Recipe
Always a yummy idea for an indoor party!  Cool and yummy.
Whether you're heading to a patriotic party or celebrating at home - you won't want to miss these patriotic 4th of July desserts. Yum!       
Super simple idea if you like banana's.  We're not banana fans her but I thought you might like.

Fresh summer berries and a flaky butter almond pie crust create a perfect pie for the Fourth of July.
We are having a simple day.  Just the two of us.  We'll probably go visit our daughter and grandson.
I am so thinking of making this pie.   So cute and fun!
4TH OF JULY STAR COOKIES - These are so cute!!  Like my mini fruit pizzas       Watermelon Cake          Dip your ice cream sandwich in sprinkles. | 31 Last-Minute Fourth Of July Entertaining Hacks
                            Souce                                   Source                                              Source
                               Cute fun and Super simple. 

                                 Full Video Tutorial on how to Make a Rose Cake   (it takes less than five minutes!)
                            Something a little  more elegant                                               
                           Decorate your cake with flowers made out of almond slices and berries. | 31 Last-Minute 4th Of July Decorating Tricks

How about a couple of fun festive adult drinks . . .
     Our Patriotic Passion Cocktail will get you in the spirit! Cool refreshing flavors with stars and raspberries. Mix it by the glass or pitcher. Celebrate!     

              So are you craving something sweet now?
                                            Happy Trails

                          Don't know what to wear on the 4th?  Join me tomorrow for few ideas.

By His Hand . . .

                                                             Have a Blessed Day

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Doin A Little Blog/House Cleaning


My Saturday is Sweet with new ideas and everything all cleaned up.  I hope . . .
How to Keep Your House Clean in 15 Minutes a Day! via @SparkPeople
There is an interesting article.  Click above to read the article.   Today I am doing a little cleaning here on the blog.  I've been wanting a new look for a while and so today while I am doing some cleaning and laundry around the house I figured it would be the perfect time to make some changes.

I think this is going to be a weekend project and maybe run all the way into next week.  You'll be seeing some changes a little at a time I think.  I'd love your comments.  Please let me know how you like the new look!

While I am getting things all spiffed up and sparkly around here I hope your having a great weekend.

If your planning a July 4th celebration and need some last minute ideas come by on Monday I'll be sharing some ideas!

                                                       Happy Trails

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sweet Dogs

The Cowboy has to keep me reined in because I would be the weird old lady with lots of dogs.
So since I can't bring them home I'll just share them here . . .


Somebody Crossed A German Shepherd With A Husky And It's The Most Beautiful Thing Ever.....gimme gimme!!
Oh my gosh . . .
Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy <3 #puppy I WILL have one some day.

21 Awesome Dog Breeds You've Never Heard Of And Need To Know About Immediately. IT LOOKS LIKE A WOLF.
Yes if asked I would probably take any of these home.  But what I really want is . . .
GAGA Labradoodles Puppies For Sale Dogs for Adoption Family Pets
A Labradoodle.  Part Lab. Part Poodle.  And adorable.  I can only imagine what a puppy would be like.
I think I really want maybe a 3 year old trained one. LOL.  There is one in our apartment that is about 2 1/2
I've watched him from puppy stage to adult hood.  His family was truly dedicated!

Or how about . . .

A Chesapeak Bay Retriever.  I've wanted one of these forever.  They have the look and agility and attitude of a Lab but a soft curly coat.  They aren't very common in Texas.

Why can't I have them all?

So, what puppy would you bring home?

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Good Fences Underwater

Lots of rain falling around these parts.

This one is a little 'spooky'  looks like something out of a movie.  The Cadillac Ranch located in
Amarillo is an interesting sight to see even when it's not wet.

How is the flooding affecting fisherman?

And ranchers . . .

Texas is truly looking like the Old West in some parts . . .

Image result for flooded texas ranch fences
Rancher, David Edwards, opens a gate to a flooded pasture to round up some of the stranded cattle on his family's ranch in High Island. Monday morning.

Be careful what you wish for – it may come true. With all of us Texans praying for rain, we now say “enuf.” Above is a group of horses in Gainesville, Texas ...

Tivoli Texas.
www.texasescapes.com410 × 255Search by image
Tivoli Texas 1913 flood scene
And what happens after our spring rains?  A hot humid summer perfect for . . .

And then, we wait till the spring and this is what we get.
                                    Image result for flooded fences in texas
Our days are sunny and warm almost hot and dry for now . . .
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