Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY January 11th...
from Sherry's DaybookOutside my window...(kitchen window) I always seem to use the kitchen because it is the first window I look out in the morning. Today there is a donkey standing outside my window. In the bright sunshine.

I am thinking... How much I love waking up to the bright sun. I always pray every morning and thank God for the sun.

I am thankful for... Grace and that God knows it all. And that he gave us the Holy Spirit because when I can't put into words what I am feeling he does.

I am wearing... Not enough clothes. Still cold. I need to add another layer.

I am remembering...I was praying last night and I remembered when my kids 15 and 17 we were living in Boulder. It was cold and we were snowed in. We cuddled up together on under blankets on the couch and I read to them the Horse Whisperer. Sounds funny reading to kids that old but they soaked it up. I miss that time.

I am going... nowhere today. I will babysit the grandbaby and play on the computer till the pipes thaw and water starts to run. Then I will be busy.

I am hoping... and praying the pipes thaw and there is no breakage. And that I get to wash clothes and dishes and take a shower at home.

On my mind... what will happen. Our ministry needs a permanent home a building. I see some amazing things developing and coming together and I am just a little afraid to hope.

From the kitchen... nothing planned yet. I am thinking of baking but not today maybe tomorrow. I have yeast and flour and cinnamon. Hmmm what should I bake.

From my picture journal... above mentioned Donkey outside my window.

I finished my post and then went to the kitchen for a Dr. Pepper. This is what I saw . . .
Simple things make me smile. They are all laying in the sun. God always seems to know what will make my day.
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I hope your day is Simple and Blessed.


The Man Crew said...

LOVE your donkey pretty! Seems a silly thing to say about a donkey, but it's just what floats my boat...LOL! Hope your pipes thaw and you have no breakage. Our pipes were frozedn yesterday...and we live in Southern NEW MEXICO, of all the ridiculous things...hee hee! Hope you have a great week at home and enjoy the baking!

The Man Crew said...

THanks for stopping by my blog, it's always great to feel like you aren't talking to yourself on the computer, right?? You should totally read the Bad Girls of the Bible series. "Bad Girls of the Bible", "Really Bad Girls of the Bible", "Mad Mary" and now "Slightly Bad Girls of the the Bible". They are all Soooo good! Liz Curtis Higgs is super at taking an ages old account from the Bible and making it come to life through modern day parables. You would enjoy them, I'm sure. Have a great week and thanks again for stopping by my blog : )

Denise said...

Enjoyed your daybook.