Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Texas Cowboy Cookbook by Robb Walsh

I am a cookbook lover.  And a Cowboy lover.  Opp's  scratch that . . . too much info right?  How about I love anything relating to horses and ranchin'!  That's better. 

Found this cool book at the library . . .

If have a love for ranchin' and Texas you'll love this book. 
I have a lot of cookbooks and read a lot of Texas Cookbooks.  I have to say this one is my favorite. 

The photos are great.  And it isn't just a cookbook it has a lot to read. 

The cover describes it as A History of Recipes and Photo's
And it is.   There are lots of photo's of horses and Cowboys, Chuck Wagons and ranching.

So far I have tested two recipes the Cowboy Beans and the Charro Beans (Mexican Bean Soup). 

My new favorite Pinto Bean recipes!

The recipes are simple without a bunch of ingredients. 

A few of the Chapter Titles include:
West of the Pecos: Sourdough and SOB
Chuck Wagon Cook-Offs: Biscuits,Beans and Cobbler
Powder Puffs and Spurs: Cowgirls in the Kitchen
Urban Cowboys: Honky Tonks and Hamburgers
The New Cowboy Cuisine: Dr. Pepper Tenderloin (I'll be trying this one)

From the back cover:
Home on the Range
Bring the spirit of the Wild West to your home kitchen with this easy to follow guide to hearty
cowboy cooking. . . .
. . . Through over 100 authentic recipes and 100 archival photo's, the food lore of Texas cowboys ( and cowgirls) is brought vividly to life. 

This one is a must get.  I'll be buying a copy at Amazon for myself and ours sons Christmas present. 

                                          Happy Trails
Vintage horse photo.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Great Buy at the market...Lobster Tails tonight!

Only problem.  Never cooked only the tails.
Usually we've bought the whole lobster and dumped in a pot of water.

So checked on Pinterest and found a couple of broiled recipes so
I am about to attempt broiling these guys. 

Serving with a Tilapia filet on a bed of . . .
One Pot Pasta
Have you tried any of the one pot pasta recipes floating around
Pinterest.   Great easy cooking.  Tonight I am throwing in a zucchini,yellow squash and some spinach.   Delish and fast
and simple! 

I love bargains!  Gotta get that broiler going and pot simmerin'

Happy Trails . . .
Fotografía de caballos vista en Flickr. Autor: Osvaldo Zoom

Five MInute Friday--Nothing

Five Minute Friday a topic,This is the place where once a week we take the chance to just write, and not worry if it’s just right or not. Five minutes flat. Here’s how the game works: you simply stop, drop and write. Set your words free. Don’t edit them, don’t fret over them, don’t try to make them perfect. Just plan simple writing.
Please note this topic/post is not my normal cheery, encouraging
post.  Today instead of being the encourager.  I need encouraging.

Go...Nothing it's always the same.  Nothing changes.
No phone call, no text.  Oh there's the occasional. . . 'Mom
will you babysit.' Beyond that nothing. 
It seems that I've cried so many tears that nothing would be left.  But there are always more. 
There more tears cried.  The more prayers are prayed it seems that the nothingless becomes bigger.  The chasm
gets wider.  When we're together there is nothing to talk about. 
I cry more.  My heart breaks. 
And then there is Peace.  It breaks through the nothingness.
It's a Peace that pass all understanding.  Because I don't
I can only trust.  Believe and hope. 

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Wishing You Many Happy Trails

☀The Grace Foundation by mbelgal on Flickr.
Have a good day


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Don't Fence Me In

Fences and Gates . . . seen a few in my day . . . I actually love gates
especially if I don't have to open them. LOL.

When a Cowboy rides in the truck with friends he sits in the middle so he doesn't have to open the gate.  LOL.

Not so true anymore since everyone has 4 door trucks. 

Well here's a few fences and gates . . .

Worked many a gate this girl has.  She loves Horse Shows.
Her favorite class is Trail.  Horse and rider have to complete a pattern of obstacles.  Including opening a gate. 

One from the days in Colorado.  Looks like a greeting card I think.

Love boots on fences. Not sure exactly where I took this one.
Borrowed this one from Pinterest for a Blue Monday post. I love picket fences! Especially painted ones.

And ending with a special one . . .

I realized I love photo's of fences.  I need to get my camera out!

Happy Trails . . .
Wild horses!   We'll ride them someday! ...And He said, "Who will ride with Me?"

                                                  Just had to add this one!

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What would your table say?

 What Would Your Table Say?

So, do you ever wonder if your dining room table could talk what it would say?

Crazy idea. But . . .
. . . stop and think about it?

How many family dinners have been set at your table?
Today I am sharing a special dining room table.  And boy if she could talk the stories she would tell!

This beautiful girl has had many dinners laid out on her.
Many, many prayers have been prayed.

This beauty was donated to the ministry that I founded back
in 2000.  This is one of the last photo's taken before our program ended. 

It is bittersweet to look at the photos from those days.  I remember
when we first added the dinner hour to our program.   Hearing the stories of girls that said they had never sat a table to eat a family meal. 

Well that got me off and running.  I made a few phone calls and the next week we had salads, casseroles, desserts and china to feed these sweet girls. 

It was a sweet and special time.  And then, things changed.
That beautiful table ended up at my home for awhile.

All set and waiting for my daughter to arrive so we could plan a holiday meal.

I enjoyed it while it was with me.  Although we didn't sit at it everyday.  There weren't as many prayers prayed around it. 
It was a beautiful blessing. 

During the time that beautiful table was with us I learned a lot about patience and waiting on the Lord. 

Now it is being used again at a boys home.  I haven't been able to visit.  But I know that once again God is using its beauty to share
and show his love to teenagers that need him desperately.

There are lots and lots of beautiful stories she can tell.
Wow I wonder what sweet stories it could tell now?
So what stories will your table tell

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Until next time. . . Happy Trails
Even if I never ride again in my whole life....these creatures are the love of my life.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hodge Podge Wednesday A New Linky


Saw this at my friend Denise's thought it looked like fun . . 

1.What news story are you following right now?

The weather.  We need ran.  Flooding in Houston.

2. What's the last thing you wanted but didn't get?

A different job at work.  I had an opportunity to take a new position. (PreK teacher I teach 3 year olds now).  The hours were different.  And not a raise right away.  I decided to stay where I am.
 3 28th is National Hamburger Day...when did you last have a hamburger? Other than your own kitchen or BBQ grill, where is your favorite place to go for a hamburger? And for all you non-meat eaters out there...when you're invited to a cookout what is one side dish you hope is on the menu?

A local small restaurant called Ernies.  They are a great sea food place.  We went for
lunch one day.  I was craving a burger.  So yummy.  If your ever in North Richland
Hills, Texas check out Ernies.


4. How have your priorities changed over time?
God and family.  But as family (children) leave or as elders go to be with the Lord it changes.  You make at least I do new priorities.  Hmmm....that sounds like a post topic.
5. What's a favorite memory with your grandparents?
This was the one that caused me to join the Linky!  My grandfather had a really small vegetable garden.  A garden on blackberries and watermelons.  He was never successful with the melons.  Our summer treats ended up coming from the local Safeway.
But he could grow some blackberries!  My two favorite fruits.  Thanks to my grandparents

6. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being fantastic!), how good are you at multitasking? Share an example.
Well 10 of course aren't all women!

7. How would you summarize your highs and lows for the month of May?

High having a birthday lunch with our grandson.  He's turned 6.                                          Low. That was the only visit with him.
8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Vacations are to short.  I love my job.  And love that I get a week off every few months. It is so nice!
Thanks Denise for sharing this new Linky.  Click here to join Hodge Podge Wednesday

        Happy Trails

loveBelgiumFawcettBrought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples   www.hannahscaramelapples.comSmiles


Alphabet Thursday Letter B-Back

Back. . . yes!!!! I am Back . . .

Perfect word I think for Letter B

I love taking photo's when they are walking away . . . Their Backs

One of my favorites of his Back.  I used it for a Wordfilled
Wednesday post.  (illustrated scripture) . . .

Going into school for his Christmas Party.  
Their Backs.  Pa and Zane.
I took lots that day!
His Back.  His hands in his pockets cracked me up!
 I love his Back

A sweet rare moment
Father and Daughter
Beautiful Backs
Thanks Jenny for Alphabet Thursday
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Happy Trails
Love this. Embarrassed myself last weekend by having to think about it though...."All King Edwards's Horses..."
 I couldn't resist this one is fitting.

Hold The Post---Off to the store

I had a post all planned and then I visited Cindy at
Little Miss Celebration and saw this . . .

Hot Milk Cake with Blackberries & Cream - a perfect summer entertaining dessert! Easy & you don't even have to remove the cake from the pan! At #summer #dessert Can you say Yummy! My favorite summertime fruit. Well anytime! Is the beautiful Blackberry.

I am stopping what I'm doing and runnin' to the store. Be back later!

Actually I cannot tell a lie.  I was only planning on visiting a couple of blogs then running to the store! 

Beans are on the stove!  Recipe from this cookbook ...

I'll let you know how the beans are!  And the Yummy cake although I am already expecting five stars with that special ingredient!

Happy Trails ...

This is our blackberry lover.  Story to follow.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Have a day filled smiles

Sweet images to fill your day with smiles . . .

                        Someone mentioned my blue slippers.  
                                      It made me Smile. 
It takes a herd - are there similarities in raising horses and children?
                         I hope your day is filled with Smiles.
Happy Trails


Monday, May 26, 2014

Blue Monday/ Alphabet Thursday Letter A

Happy Memorial Day

Celebrating the Letter A 

America the Beautiful by Gods beautiful hand.

And a little Blue too because it's Blue Monday.

God Bless America

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I think donkeys are absolutely one of the cutest animals!! Love them!!
Because they make me smile.  I hope the bring a smile to your face.
                            Happy Trails

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day started after the Civil War when ladies placed flowers on the graves of soldiers from either side, knowing they were all somebody's "sons"\

Happy Memorial Day

Plans for the Day/Week

My day began at church. . .
I love our congregation . . .
It's not your typical group.  Our congregation is a group of boys ages 15-18.  They are in prison . . .
This morning when Cowboy asked "What tools can you use to fight
Satan?"  My heart leapt when they said Matthew 4:10 and John 3:16. 

The remembered.

Cowboy had used the Matthew verse last week and taught them how to remember the reference. 

Matthew the first book in the Bible
4:10 a 4:10 shotgun is called a snake charmer . . .
Satan(the snake) get behind me. Matthew 4:10 . . .

My day started with a smile and a Praise . . .

And it is the beginning of my vacation.  A week off from work.
I love my job!  It is so nice to have little weeks and days off here and there to rest and get caught up at home.  And make plans for my classroom. 

My plans this week include . . .
Sleeping late
Writing blog posts and visiting lots of blogs
Reading (stopped at library on the way home and got 6 books)
Catching up around the house
Giving the dog a bath

But first a nap!

Happy Trails . . .
Make an inference.
This one made me smile. Well actually they all do! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Katherine's Give A Way Offer

I went to visit my old friend Katherine who hosts a great Thursday
linky and I found a great give a way.  You can't pass this up!

win a canon camera giveaway

Pretty cool huh?  Go over to Katherines and enter.
Click Here

Good Luck!

Happy Trails,
"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." ~ Marilyn Monroe #horse #equestrian
Love this one thinking about adding it to the sidebar...(insert Smiley face)

Sweet Saturday--Day/Night Date

Romantic date
So our day ended with a nice dinner.

Today for the first time since October Cowboy had a day off. 

We spent the day together. 

A little day date . . .

Riding into the sunset. Photo Credit: Haley Boatright. JC Photography. Horse engagement pictures, engagement pictures, sunset pictures, horse pictures, couples pictures.
Maybe ending in a nice ride . . .

Our date wasn't quite like my fantasy.  Nontheless it was dreamy.

We spent the day at a trade day sale.  Cowboy had cleaned out some of his stash of hunting things.   

It was fun watching him get excited over a sale.  I sat quietly reading my book. 

He told me later that the vendor behind us commented to him that he was lucky because his wife would never sit all day with him just happily reading a book. 

I didn't realize it was a big deal.  I guess it was. 

My dream date may be different than the Cowboys but in the end
we both enjoyed a rare and special day together. 

A sweet Saturday for sure!

Happy Trails . . .