Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blogging On A Tablet Part 2

Hello is is my second post on the new tablt.  I am liking it a little better.  The keypad is wrking now.
There is definately a learning curve changing from a  laptop to a tablet.

I normally feel like I am petty computer savy but this is really a  very new one for me.

The Cowboy is not real patient with me. He is better at learning new things than I am.

The good news is this post is going much faster with the keyboard working.   Except I am used to typing like you would on a typewriter or keyboard.  I am not confident with it yet so I am  using two fingers.  I eel dumb.  But I sm getting pretty fast. LOL

I am going to get real brave now LOL and try to add a link. Have  you visited Sally today for Blue Monday?   ..not  sure how to do this.  Click here.  Looks like it worked! Yea me. 

I guess to put in pics from other sources you will have to use prompts  or commands which I do not know I will have to do some tutorials.

 i hope you are having a great day.     Maybe my next post will have photos!

C u soon!

 Have a good week!

Happy Blue Monday

HappyBlue Mon
On a learning curve.

 I have had a friends comment on if I like the tablet the jury is still out.  If I had to decide tonight t I would say no.  I am planning on looking for a few
Reviews or posts, and tutorials one question I have is how to add photos. I don' t have any stored. So not sure if  I  can use two windows and copy paste from other sources which is what I am used to.

I have separate keyboard but haven't had time to install it.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to me . . . .

I am so sorry I missed Thanksgiving!   Computer all but died.  But today I got an early Birthday/Christmas present!
I got a tablet.  Still trying to set it up but I wanted to say Hi!

Is anyone still there?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fabulous Fall Holiday Party

Sharing a few images from around town 

Lights, lights, lights . . . 

Very festive and lots of Holiday spirit . . . 

A big 'ole Texas tree and a couple of Cowboys

Are there wonderful events or happenings in your town? 
I'd love to see them.  
This week please feel free to link any holiday post. 
If your not posting your decorating holiday plans or recipes yet just google your town events or locations and click on images and share some photo's!   

Happy Holidays
I'd love to see your photo's and posts.  Please be advised that I might use your photo's or visit your blog and borrow you photo's for an upcoming post featuring the linky party or a Sleepover Saturday. 
If you would like to have your blog featured in Sleepover Saturday please leave me a comment and invite me over!
Linky will begin at 5:00.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pantry Storage/Ready For The Holidays/Making My Saturday Sweet

I'm getting ready for the Holidays . . .

Baking is on my agenda . . .

Before I start though I need to make sure my pantry is stocked. 
Lisa shares a great post on holiday baking.  Click Here.
Living in a small apartment can be a struggle for me.  I spend a lot of time rearranging and organizing to make things fit. 
It's hard to fit a lot in my pantry storage.  So I am making some changes with a little help.
This is something I have been wanting to do for awhile.
I found these amazing printable labels here!  I printed the black and white option.  This site includes a collection of flour,coffee, tea etc.; a collection of spices, and a collection of blank labels in the round option and rectangle option.
I have my new labels printed and ready to go!   So now I am off to organize that pantry and get ready for baking!
all photo's found on google images and Pinterest.  I have included links to the original photo's if possible.
Linking with Amanda for Sweet Saturday, Jess for Homemaking Monday, Here for
Fabulous Fall Holiday Party,Mama Katz for Front Porch Friday

Friday, November 14, 2014

Frigid Weather In Texas/Good Fences

Good morning it is frigid here in Texas.  So I thought it was fitting to share a few photo's of fences in snow.  When I googled (because my computer is still on the blink) snow fences I got. 
Snow fences.  Here's one. . .

    Snow fence in Wyoming

Even when we lived in Colorado a few months. I never saw this much snow or a snow fence.   I actually never saw a snow fence until a few years ago.

Found on this blog
Changed my search to Snow Fences in Colorado and look what I 
found.  Not really a fence but a beautiful Critter.   

Back to a few snowy fences . . . 

This one would make a pretty Christmas card!

Just a few more Critters.  I knew Tex would love this one!

The sky is so pretty I had to add this one for Sally!

As a native Texan I prefer to look at the snow.  So thank you dear friends that post your beautiful Snowy Fences for me to enjoy looking at. 

Even if your day is Frigid I hope your hear is warm!
Sending you a Smile!

Linking with Tex at Good Fences, Sally for Blue Monday and 
Camera Critters.  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Good Morning

Good Morning!
I am on my computer for the first time in a couple of weeks. 
Praising God for this miracle!  Not sure how long I'll be here so.

I'll just say Hello.  And leave you with a few pics hopefully all my own!

Hello!  Oh Happy Day!
Not to jinx this but how about one more!

Have a good day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fabulous Fall Holiday Party

all the following images found and borrowed from google.  My computer is well sadly dead.  So I can't share my Fabulous photo's for a while.  
So seriously friends I just can't wait for the holidays. 
I am already planning Thanksgiving which is only a few short weeks away!

And wow Christmas is around the corner. And if you decorate like me the decorations go up soon.

So instead of waiting I am opening the party to include any holiday themed post.  I'm just thinking Thanksgiving or Christmas but if you have a Fabulous Family themed friendly Holiday post feel free to share it.

Maybe your holidays aren't what the used to be and your feeling a little nostalgic like I am. 

I want one of these
I have some Fabulous memories of Christmas' past.

I've been looking at a lot of pictures we've pulled out of storage so all the holidays are a clearer memory for me. 

So have fun with it this week and link your fun and Fabulous posts!

Don't forget the fine print...please remember Family friendly.  And, please allow me to use your photo's in an upcoming post here to encourage other bloggers to share their Fabulous posts.   I may feature your blog in a Sleepover Saturday post.  So please allow me to use photo's from your blog in a feature.

That's it so party on!

Monday, November 10, 2014

I will not, I will not, I will not . . .

If I say it enough maybe it'll happen!  I will not be Blue because my computer is not working!

Yep it is still not working!  I have no access to my pictures so I am using really old ones that I posted a loooong time ago.  
The above are pics.  the Cowboy used one Sunday in a message.  Our church consists of about 40 teenage boys.  
Hence the kinda silly pics. LOL.

  This isn't us.  But I wish it was.  This shot is from a post I wrote about Date Night.   We went horse back riding on our honey moon.  Many years later we got to ride on the beach in Mexico. 

I did a series a while back called Date Night.  Check out the label on my sidebar.   I just loved the Blue truck.  I think this photo came from either Martha Stewart or Country Living.

I wrote about this table in a post titled What would your table say?  This shot was taken at Mission Makeover the nonprofit that I managed. The table was set for the evening meal.  The quilts hanging were made by teenage girls that we taught to sew.  The were assigned to do community service for misdemeanor offenses.  Mostly fighting at school and shop lifting. 

Here's a fun collage I did a couple years ago.  I loved all the dogs in the mailboxes.   Notice I put a Blue one right in the middle!

This was the Thanksgiving table that our daughter set a few years ago.  Notice the little hand putting his guitar on the table?  That little had is a bit bigger now.

This shot was taken the next year.  I love the squished looking pumpkin.  I can't wait to show you this years pumpkin photo's.

I can't figure out how to download my pictures since my computer is broken.  Any ideas?

This was a fun table setting.  I was having our daughter over for lunch to plan the thanksgiving meal that year. 
Click here to read the post.  I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks.  It's a little hard to see but the pens are in an
antique mason jar that has an elephant on it.  She collected elephants when she was until she was married. 

Had to add a little more Blue for Sally.   This is another shot of the table from the nonprofit.  We took it home for awhile and then donated it to another ministry. 

And one more Mosaic that I put together a few years ago.

Colder weather is expected in a few days.  I hope it isn't like this.  This was Christmas Day about 4 years ago.  I think. 
For use it was a blizzard.  Thankfully we had a 4 wheel drive truck.  The Cowboy and I delivered dinners to 6 family's that night while the snow was coming down. 

It was a beautiful White Christmas.

Did I ever tell you when the kids were growing up I had a tree in every room?  It was a little over the top. But we all loved it and we have many sweet memories from our holidays together. 

Do you have sweet holiday memories?  I'd love it if you would share your holiday memories or plans at the Fabulous Fall party.   Let's make it more this time especially since I can't post like I want.  I am opening it up to any holiday themed post.  Please feel free to link your posts.  The link starts again on Tuesday about 5:00.   Come and join the party! 

Well I can't believe the computer cooperated.  I am on a different one than yesterday.  This one seems to be working fine thank goodness.  I think I will stop on a good note. 
Let's see if I can manage to link to some favorite parties.
Linking with Sally for Blue Monday and Judith at Mosaic Monday

Have a wonderful Tuesday.  Don't forget to come over for the party!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Have a Good Week--the weird random post . . .

Bear with me this might seem like a weird random post. Still having trouble with our computer. I am on the office computer. It keeps moving my photo's around. Grrrr! So this post might turn out a little random. For some reason I can't see the photo's. And to move text around the photo's I have to go into the html. So I can't even see the spaces. Sorry. I hope you enjoy my attempt. Have a Great week.

Wishing you a beautiful week.  Are you making Thanksgiving plans?

We have plans for a meal on Thanksgiving Day.  But not a lot of
traditional Fall decorating.

I am off that week and I'll be doing some of this.  And a little of this . . .

We'll be dragging out more lights.  I'm planning on doing this with Daisy.  Hopefully I'll get to share the pics this year!

So seriously.  Writing and publishing a complete post just isn't in the cards for me.  I am the office.  Using google images.  This computer just keeps moving the photo's.  I cannot figure it out.  There where I put them.  Then magically the move around.
I hope this post makes sense. 
Thank you for coming by.  I am visiting all my favorite blogs.  I don't get to make very many comments but know that I am there lurking!

The Cowby has been working on the newer computer trying to fix it.  I got a bug when we were downloading videos for Church of all things. careful with youtube.  We had anti virus but we still got a problem.

So I give up for tonight. I think you got the 'jest' of what I was trying to say. Maybe I'll get home and the Cowboy will have the computer fixed. Say a little prayer for me will you?