Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Character Guest Post- Meet Parker Campbell the Calico Cat Mystery Series by Patricia Fry


Olivia proves she’s not just a pretty face.

A Day in the Life of a Cozy Mystery Star

Guest Post

By Parker Campbell from the Calico Cat Mysteries

I’m Parker Campbell, a figment of author, Patricia Fry’s imagination. She has given me a very interesting profession as an investigative writer. My partner is a cat—yes a cat! She’s Olivia, a gorgeous and spunky calico. In fact, while I have a lot to say and do in the stories, Olivia is actually the star—thus the name of the series, “The Calico Cat Mysteries.”

            Patricia has been generous, indeed, by giving me a beautiful and fun cat to work with and a fascinating career, plus a handsome boyfriend who has his own busy life as a rodeo cowboy, and who understands my need to rigorously pursue my career. We meet up once in a while, but otherwise, it’s just me and Olivia. My psychic brother, Wade, whom I adore, comes into the stories occasionally, and I communicate with my mom. Along the way Olivia and I meet some interesting people who take us down some fun, crazy, precarious, and always noteworthy pathways.

            We go where the mysteries and stories are. You first read about us in Book 51 of the Klepto Cat Mystery series, also written by Patricia Fry. Olivia was such a hit in that story and on Facebook, that Patricia couldn’t help herself. She could envision Olivia having her own series and she invented me to come along on the ride.

            So who am I? I’m a young woman who loves her cat and craves adventure. The fact that her cat, Olivia, also has the adventuring gene is actually helps to create the stories. When jewelry and other valuable items were disappearing from a bed and breakfast inn, I took Olivia there to see what she could find. Her instincts kicked in and she helped to paw the culprit—who happened to be a cat burglar. Yeah, if you like cats, you’re going to love all the kitty-cat action in the Calico Cat Mysteries.

            I’m actually a pretty organized, regimented, relaxed woman, however, Olivia’s shenanigans do rattle me sometimes. I always forgive the anguish she caused me once the crises is over, because usually she has identified the perpetrator of a crime, found a missing person or a clue as to where that person is. She’s queen of getting herself into trouble, which drives me crazy, but she almost always comes out smelling like a rose, except for the time she got stuck in a trash barrel and someone tossed in some coffee grounds and leftover stew. All was forgiven (after her bath, of course) when she helped a neighbor calm a crying baby and fell asleep in the bassinet along with the child. Oh yes, no one knows the anguish I experience because of Olivia or the joy she brings me until they read the Calico Cat Mysteries.


Patricia Fry is the author of 97 books, including the 52-book strong Klepto Cat Mystery series and two books in the Calico Cat Mysteries.


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Monday, August 2, 2021

Menu Monday


Welcome to Menu Monday.  Do you have your meals all planned on out this week?  

I get a jump start and plan my menus on Saturday when I write my Happy Homemaker in Texas post for Sandra's blog party. 

So here's my plans for the week. 
I am sure a few will change.  It always happens!  

I am always ready for a chance to let someone to else cook! 


Bratwurst/Kielbasa, Cabbage and Potatoes


Shrimp Tacos and Guacamole


Oven Baked Flounder, Green Beans, Baked Potatoes


Split Pea Soup, BLT's 


Surprise me I am out of ideas

I might have Cubed Steak in freezer for Chick Fry. Yum.

I am totally open to anything the Cowboy suggests.  Especially if I don't have to cook.  And clean up. 

For lunches this week 

I want to make a Tuna casserole

The Cowboy will have sandwiches. We went to store that has his Lebanon Bologna

I want to make some soup.  Beef Vegetable or maybe Chicken and Rice.

Chef Salad.  Need to boil some Eggs. Maybe Devil some for dinner one night.  Hmm which night?

Maybe they will be a snack.  I love Deviled Eggs.  Do you?

Hope your week is

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Simple Sunday


Have a Blessed Day

Foodie Friday



This the day I share

My meals are made with love and served on treasured Dinner Plates. 

My photos are Rustic and unedited! 

We went to a new fish market and found . . .

So good.  I served with Flounder

Oven baked.  So easy to prepare! 


On Wednesday night we tried a new Pizza place.  They have a Special on Wednesday . . .

It was really good.  I was so hungry I forgot to get a picture!  We ate all but 1 piece. 

But the Cowboy ate it for a midnight snack. 

The restaurant isn't a cheap place.  
We will definitely get Pizza again.  Maybe check out the rest of the menu sometime. 

On Tuesday night we decided to go to a concert in a park downtown. 

It was really fun.  Not crowded at all.  But lots of locals and lots of dogs  

We went to The Strand for a late snack . . .

Some great fries.  And they were hot. Unlike some we got at another popular restaurant.  

We each had a cup of soup. . . 

Or Gumbo in my case.  The waiter asked if I wanted extra Rice.  I hadn't even taken a bite.  I kind of reluctantly declined.  I usually put lots of Rice in my Gumbo.  But this was so good.  Just the right amount of Rice. 

I enjoyed my Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo . . . 
I didn't get a picture of the Cowboys Lobster Bisque. 
He said it was great!  We will be going back to  . .  

Hmm on the decor.  Very Beachy LOL.  Well it is called Shark Shack!

We had lunch out on Tuesday . . .

Look at what we had for lunch!
I can not tell you the last time I had a real Milkshake.  Oh and it was so good!

We split a Burger. That was super yummy.  And a good size.  

My only negative; it was not served with Fries.  I mean who serves a Milkshake like that and no Fries.

Chips hmm. Dumb.

Maybe next time we will stop at McDonald's on the way for the Fries!

Well even though they didn't have Fries the atmosphere was great!  
And those Milkshakes.  I want to go back now! 

The Cowboy snapped pics fast between diners. 

We happened in  a perfect parking space when we arrived . . .

I did cook at home on Monday . . .

But I forgot to change the calendar! 
I made Hash Brown Casserole.  It was just o.k.  Nothing to write home about. 
We had leftover Enchiladas and a Salad. 
The Cowboy wanted Biscuits and Bacon.  The Biscuits were just o.k.  
I think we like Pillsbury frozen much better. 

Pan Seared Cod, Green Beans (they were so good!) And a Caesar Salad. 

Those Biscuits again
Sausage Gravy

And Tamales from the neighbor.  Always hot and yummy when he delivers! 

When we bought groceries the other day Fried Chicken be was on sale.  Not a keeper!  My Fries and Okra were much better.  

On Friday night Pork Chops, Hash Brown Casserole and Okra.  

We had a great week and some good food. 

I love to cook and I love eating at new and favorite places! 

Do you like eating out? 
Enjoy your weekend! 

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