Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Crafting Sunday

 Hello.  Welcome to my crafting table.  

Today I am sharing two things I created for SWAPs.  

A Red Junk Journal page and a Flowish Junk Journal.   

First the Red theme J.J. Page. I almost didn't sign up for this SWAP.  I didn't think I had enough Red . . . 

When you sign up this group requires a Sneak Peek.  Here's mine . . .

I had more Red than I thought. 
After I gathered these elements.  I was stumped with how to create my page. 

I have a picture book of images from Country Living Magazine.  
As I flipped through the pages I found my inspiration! 

As soon as I saw these Adirondack Chairs I was on a roll.  I made this picture the front or cover.  I folded the bottom under to make a pocket on the inside . . . 
I folded the picture off center so the 3rd page showed. 

When you open the page you find the fold up pocket.  I made the with a napkin.  Old fashioned decopauge.  

I also folded the last page to make a flip out.  I glued lined paper to cover the text on the page.  I made a tuck and put Journaling cards in.  I also added a small red paper clip. 

Side view showing how I made the tuck.  I added a flower that I had punched.  And Washi Tape with Red Cheeries. 

I also found this page in the book.  
Board games for our summer theme.  I folded this page up for another pocket.  I glued the Uno card to form a tuck spot.  
In the pocket I put a little envelope filled with punched flowers.  And tucked more cards in the tuck spot.  
At the top you can see the envelope and the cards. 

The punched Red flowers. 

On the back I glue Red lace hanging off the edge and game tickets.  I only glued the bottom to create a pocket. 
I included a page from a Vintage Children's workbook. 

I attached a couple handmade tickets and swatches of fabric.  I attached a paper clip that I tied a Red ribbon to.  

I had a time packaging this one for mailing.  I loved the back of the games page.   I used Washi to make it look like the drawing was held up by the tape. 

I sure hope my partner likes this 
Red theme J. J. Page.  

And now I am sharing a Flowish Journal. 

A Flowish Journal is not bound.  It is made to take apart and use for other purposes or in a Journal. 

 This is a photo of the center.  I used a stretchy piece of elastic I got at Hobby Lobby.  I included several pieces of lace in different colors.

The first page which the center is a wax paper sandwich bag. 
Inside the bag I placed a sewn piece I made from paper and fabric scraps.  I love making these. 
I included a magnetic book mark
I am so sorry you can't see this pretty color.  I dyed some paper using Raspberry Kool Aid. 

A pattern guide from a horse show.  Lots of cool space to write. 
A pretty picture I photo copied from one of my gardening books. 
Junk Journals contain Junk. This is a page from a Drivers Education handbook. 
I love to include this paper I bought at Hobby Lobby.  It came on a roll and was marked down to $2.00.  
That was a bargain.  I am not even sure what it is used for. 
It takes dye really well.  I left this one plain. 
I folded it to make a pocket and added a Journaling card. 
Interesting color and design.  This paper is lined on the back. 
A pretty little bag . . . 
Cut from a cereal box.  More Junk. 
A paper I dyed and added a piece of ribbon. 
A page from a Muffy Bear journal. 
I made a Snipit roll and used it as a belly band to hold tags. 
A nice piece of paper.  
I made a pocket from the instruction page of a sewing pattern. 
Stuffed into the pocket.  The gold piece is from a Cigar.  The paper is gorgeous. 
A black and white photo
A coring page
A journaling card I made from a hymnal page. 
The back is decoupage 
A pretty floral page from the picture book
This page had lots of blank space for Journaling. 
An Avocado dyed paper.  I left the edges for texture. 

And last a page from the picture book.  I like to include some florals.

Everyone likes flowers don't they? 

One of my favorite things to do I call Cut & Glue.   Which translates to making Junk Journals.  

I love SWAPs it is fun to receive things someone else made.  

I hope you enjoyed visiting my little crafting table.  

I'll be back soon sharing my next project. 


Duke said...

Very creative!

GranthamLynn said...

Thanks for coming by
I am still trying to get organized. It's hard we core alot! Lovin' the Island Life.