Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Is IT . . .

This is it . . . What you've been waiting for . . .
Drum roll please . . .
Here's what I want to trade
And yes it is Pottery Barn see below

And yes it is perfect. And yes I did get it at a garage sale. For pennies. The price sticker
say's $29.00 but it had a mark down to $19.99. It is mirowave and dishwasher safe. Sorry about the glare but the sun shinning in my window caused the glare. Yes I said sun.

So who wants this?

What do you have to trade.

I would really like 4 white or off white salad plates. Anyway have any? I'll trade this for anything that I take a fancy to so.

Take your pictures get your post up and come here and tell me. Leave comments today if you have something you want to trade with me or anyone else. I didn't put up Mr. Linky because if this goes well I want to move this to my other blog. But I have more readers here.

Let's see how fast this goes!