Saturday, July 30, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas


Welcome to my regular Saturday feature joining Sandra's party. 

Sandra provides prompts. . .

The weather highs of 92 everyday.  Slim chance if showers  Thursday thru Sunday.  

Bring on the rain!

Outside my window Just outside my window are 2 Palm Trees and a Plumeria

Right now I am Thinking about this post and how we will decorate for Christmas!

Thinking and Pondering How Thankful  I am we made the decision  to move to Galveston. 

How I am feeling Happy and Blessed!

On the breakfast plate  Maybe this

Or . . . 

What I am wearing Same ole.  Same ole.  One of these days I will surprise you all! 

On my reading pile  

To review for Great Escapes Tours

On my TV this week 

I don't even know.  Been spending my time reading or crocheting. 

On the menu 

Saturday White Chicken Chili and Guacamole 

Sunday Steak, Salad Scalloped Potatoes

Monday Pork Fried Rice and Egg Rolls

Tuesday Mexican Spaghetti just made that up maybe Pinto Beans

Wednesday Fajitas from L/O Steak and Spanish Rice 

Thursday Mussels over Pasta... His Fettuccine.  Mine Spaghetti 

Friday  Some sort of Chicken 

Looking around the house Dogs hanging out.  When  I look at them they thump thier tails onthe floor!

To Do List  

So many dog hairs. Sweeping and mopping daily

Hop tomorrow or index few days we are going to Big Lots for shelves for books!

 Organize my craft space

Cleaning out kitchen cabinets.  Got bugs in a bag of Rice. Never had that happen before! 

Wash dog bowls 

In the craft basket 

From the camera 


Thanks for stopping in. Don't forget to go by Sandra's! 

I just noticed her new banner.  

I ❤️ it! 

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Friday, July 29, 2022

Junk Journal Project


Good Morning Friends

Today I am sharing a post for one of my Facebook groups called Encouraging Women 

We are doing a project for August that I think will be fun. 

It is a Giveaway for a Junk Journal sort of like this . . . 

This is just an example.   You can  see more of this JJ over at the blog post.  Click Here

The one we will Giveaway will be made from the supplies our members send to the crafter (another member) who will make the JJ.

To enter members are required to send an envelope with papers and other items to use in the Journal. 

In the photo below  you can see Lace is used alot in Journals.  Vintage is great but even new Lace can be dyed to look old.   

Lots of pretty papers like these 

Can you believe you can get these images to print yourself!  That is if you have a good printer and lots of ink!  Click Here to visit The Graphics Fairy.  They have cool stuff! 

Pretty and fun papers can be found at craft stores and even Walmart has scrapbooking paper . . . 

Also used in a J. J. are Junk papers scraps of mail, old envelopes, book pages, music sheets. 

Kind of almost anything works as long as you like it and fits into the theme. 

And it doesn't even have to be old. 

Our theme for our project is Pretty .

We want to make a Pretty Journal that will make all our members wish they are the Winner

It is super easy for our members to enter.  (Bloggers keep reading you can enter too)

   1.Get an envelope and just put in a few pieces of Pretty Paper.  And a couple of Postage Stamps.  ( The Stamps will be used to mail the JJ to the winner. 


2. Put some Pretty Lace or even Pretty Yarn or String in an envelope.  

Don't forget the Stamps!

3. Even old Black and White photos, old envelopes, old church bulletins.   


A Stamp or Two  

You can send as many envelopes as you want! 

It is super easy to enter but you have to be a member of our group. 

But you can join and maybe you will be the lucky winner! 

You can join our group over Here

Best Wishes and good luck everyone. 

Come by and visit my blog anytime. 

I try to post daily!  

Foodie Friday

 I have  had a busy week putting food on . . . 

The Cowboy  read on FB a Kolache Bakery opened . . . (Did I already do post this?)

This is the Upside down Pineapple I had.  It was o.k. 
The Cowboy  had Apple Pie. He asked 'Where are the Apples?
What little I was able to scrap off the paper was the best.  Strawberry Lemonade. 
Did not meet our expectations.  I asked for a box.  So this wouldn't happen. 

Chicken, Mushrooms and 1 Tomato on his plate.  I love this dish.  Usually  I add Spinach.  The package of fresh in the fridge froze.  It was icky!

Fish and Chips at the marina.  
So good!  I took a piece of fish home. 
I could have eaten two cups of Cole Slaw.  I even got Onion Rings instead of Fries at no extra charge!
The Cowboys plate.  I will get Fries next time. 
We had errands in town.  Stopped for Ice Cream at Cordary Drug.  

Strawberry  was his favorite  so far.

Did a bunch of shopping so it was a simple meal of Frito Pie. 

A healthy day
 But that Ice Cream is soo good!

Guess what we had Tuesday!
Wonder if he will share! 

A yummy healthy  breakfast
Leftover Pot Roast from Sunday.

He loves his Jelly!  It’s  the healthier kind less sugar
The Cowboy  saw Hamburger Helper at the store and insisted.  I knew he wouldn't  like it.  It is not the same as it was waay back in the day. 
He was disappointed. 

You think he will listen to me next time? 

I cooked his Eggs perfectly!

I eat mine anyway they turn out!
LOL... He cleaned up his plate so he got a second Biscuit slathered in Jelly and Butter  

Tonight I am cooking a Pork Roast in the Crockpot and homemade Stuffing.  We call it Dressing.  He suggested Stove Top.  I stood firm! 
It is no the same! 

Have a Fabulous day