Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Woof on Wednesday-Posts by Domino

Hi it's Domino again with my new weekly feature.
Mom said I could tell you albout what I have been doing!

The other day I was having fun playing in my yard.  I was running and running. I was playing hide and seek in
my bushes.

And then I thought of a new game called 'Catch me if you can' MaMa was calling me to come and sit by this flower but  I wasn't done running!

Did you know I can run really fast? Mom went inside and got my leash and so I decided the game was over.
She was so proud of her flower she only wanted me to sit beside it for a picture.

Then I was ready to goin for a little snooze.
But I heard sounds form the kitchen!
 I know that sound! My cookie jar! I came running!
Is there a cookie for me too MaMa?
Cookies for me too! 

I learned a lesson. Always dome when MaMa calls!
You never know when you might get a cookie!

See you next week!

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