Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday Supper Now Family Dinner

Welcome to my Sunday aftrnoon/evening post.  Some of my regular visitors might remember Sunday Supper posts.

As I wrote each of those posts I began to think about Sunday Supper and what that means.  For me as I wrote those earlier posts it meant supper at Grand Ma's.  I wrote a few reminescing posts.

 I shared a few posts about family dinner time and my thoughts about the importance of dinner as a family.

Now a days things are different dinner time, Sundays
and Sunday Supper is not what is used to be.  Things 
have changed.  Family units have changed.  

Ours has.

Most of our meals are cooked for 2.  But on ocassion we have a visitor.  And I get some help in the kitchen.
It's always nice to have an eager helper. 
And we learned something new The Cowboy told us if you put a wooden spoon on top of your pot it won't boil over!

We had the perfect kid friendly family meal.  Pepper and spices added at the end.

And after supper some great entertainment!

Mr. Ed followed by Pirates Of The Carribean.   It was a great evening. 

No matter the day supper with Family is a Blessing

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