Thursday, January 3, 2019

Thankful Thursday

  Welcome to my first Thankful post of 2019!
First  I am Thankful for a New Year! Another chance to 
"Get it right" 

To that end I began yesterday doing a morning Devotional and I am journaling scripture.

I also got a planner this year to use instead of a calendar.
I like to draw and doodle and I needed somewhere to 
write myweekly dinner menus.

I am planning on posting my menus on Mondays.
One of my goals this year is to stay on track with menus
and take more photos of our meals.

I also have a goal to get better with my photos and to add captions to them like this one.
I like how this one turned out.   I made the Hello January too. 

In case you missed it I am now working on a tablet.  The computer finally bit the dust.

I am thankful I/we had the tablet.  It has been a huge learning curve. I have had to google How To so many times I have lost count.  It is so different from a computer.

But I am Thankful I am learning something new.

I am Thankfuk I have had the last couple days off. I have beeen spending alot of my time trying to clean and organize my creative space  and get it operational again.  Today I cleaned up my papercrafting table, put away the post card making supplies and got a couple of paperswap packages ready to mail.

I will be starting on Valenties Day post cards this weekend.

Speaking of Valentines Day I am Thankful I have found some fun and easy crochet patterns.  I have made a bunch of flowers the last few days.  I need to get started on some hearts.

I am Thankful I have the time and the energy to enjoy my hobbies.   I know I have too many.   I know someday
I will have to make choices which ones I keep but for now I have the time and the space to do them all!

So this year I'll keep playing with paper and paint, sewing and quilting, crocheting, working in the garden and reading books.

And of course blogging!

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