Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thankful Thursday

I hope your having a wonderful week!  I've had a busy but 
good week.  It's already Thursday and then means sharing my 
Thankful Heart.  

And a few hearts we made today . . . 
We made a few origami hearts that I will include in the cards that I  will mail to my PenFriends.  Interestingly I have a few new friends.  One of them loves Origami!  

I photo'd these on my new planner which I am still debating about if I like it or not.  I'll be going tomorrow to the Ace Hardware.   It's where I got my 'free' calendar last year.  I think if they still have some I'll go ahead and pick one up!  

And now on with the Thankfulness. . . 
I guess I am Thankful that I can get a free calendar in case I decide not to use the $8.00 planner I bought!

I am Thankful that I had help today making the hearts.  My grandson is here for a couple of hours on Wednesdays since MaMa works nights and his stepdad doesn''t get home in time to take him to Karate.  So his 'Pa' takes him.  I am Thankful that we live close to each other to help out.  

I am Thankful they are all well.  Last week my daughter and Son In Love both had Pneumonia.  He missed a week of work.  

We are all Thankful he has lots of sick days so they didn't loose his pay.  However our daughter doesn't get sick days.  But she 
can re-schedule so she can make up the time.  

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I am Thankful that it is almost Spring.  I love Spring.  
I am Thankful for my home.  We have a nice house and a wonderful yard for Domino.  We have a great neighbor with a sweet dog that comes to visit.
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Life is good!

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