Friday, January 4, 2019

Flower Friday-Garden Plans

Good Morning. Welcome to Flower Friday.

I am already thinking about Spring.  Are you? I know
some of you love winter but it's actually my least  favorite season.  

Actually living in Texas sometimes we have very mild winters and I love that.  Next week upper 60's are predicted. 

I am hoping to get some seeds started in the greenhouse.
Saved my first O.J. carton for that purpose today.  I tried
egg cartons last but was not pleased the outcome. 

I didn't have alot of success with veggies last year but I am hoping and praying for a milder summer and longer spring.

I talked to my son the other day. I told him a little of my failures and he suggested crop  rotation.  Although I have only had 2 summers here I think he is rught.  

I realized the one huge tree we have plays a big part in my success.  Also we have  a huge Crepe Myrtle that is taller than the house!  It is not so much normal crop rotating but more realize where the sun covers my space.

I am replotting my garden.  And rethinking what to grow.  Tomatoes will go in the corner where I had the lettuce.  The lettuces will go on the edges of the flower bed portion because it gets more shade.  The green beans and cucmber will go where I the tomatoes last two seasons so that is a real rotation.

On the list:
lettuces, brocolli, kale, spinach 
green beans, tomatoes, corn
Sun Flowers

Last year I had great success with flowers so I will be doing several plantings of Zinnias, Impatients and more 
Sun Flowers.  All these I will grow from seeds.  The Zinnias  and Impatients seeds I got at Dollar Tree it was a box and had a very large number of seeds.  I hope they have them this year.  I will start looking soon so I don't miss them.

I will also and some bedding plants Pansys Begonias and 
 Geraniums.  I did not get to buy Geraniums last year.

I have Sun Flowers on my veggie list and flower list.  I have been learning alot about companion planting and the benefits.  I just thought Sun Flowers were pretty to look at.  I was sooo wrong.

Gardening is alot of work.  But I love to step outside for my produce!
 start  I almost forgot to mention the Herbs.  I have Rosemary and I still have Parsley.  I am sure we will have at least one freeze so I will replace the Parsley.  I have thought of digging it up and putting in a pot.  Maybe I will have a chance net week when we will have such nice weather. 
I will also plant Basil.  It is super easy to grow form seed.

I love my garden.  I am Thankful for the chance to grow things!

Do you have a garden?
When do you start thinking about planting?

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