Monday, January 28, 2019

Menu Monday-Dinner Last Night-Winging It

Good Morning everyone.  I am back with Menu Monday.

This week I have planned a few new things and some old standbys
Monday - Mongolian Beef, Broccoli and Rice
Tuesday - Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Wednesday - Brown Sugar Pork Chops, Italian Pasta Salad
Thursday - Chicken/Dumplings   Beef Stroganoff, Corn, Salad
Thursday - Rotel Quiche, Salad and Fruit

Did you notice I already scratched the Chicken and Dumplings?
Yep I ended up cooking them last night (Sunday).  I don't know what I was thinking when I made the plans.  We had Chicken from last week that I planned to turn into Dumplings but it wouldn't wait till Thursday.   
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It was one of those meals that I am crossing my fingers and saying a prayer.  And thinking we'll love it or toss it.  Sadly I have to admit this happens more often than not. 

Dawng as I am writing this I am kicking myself in the ______
for not taking pictures along the process.  Maybe next time!
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I had intentionally decided on the Chicken/Dumplings for two 
reasons.  #1 I already mentioned it was leftover Chicken. 
#2 I had cooked Pork Chops with Rice and Cream Gravy and Sweet Peas on Saturday night.  
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I kind of have a secret when I make C&D.  I don't really have a recipe.  I have eaten some amazing C&D's cooked by some amazing cooks but I never got a chance to get the recipe.  I have had to come up with my own.   My secret that works for us. 
I use leftover Cream Gravy.  I add the regular ingredients most people use Chicken Broth and Milk.  
Here's the 'Winging It' part.  I used all the milk last night in the gravy.  And I didn't have any broth.  I made a few adaptations. 
I added this
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Walked away and let it simmer a bit. 
I said a prayer too!
Here is how it turned.

A 'Keeper'?

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