Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Sketch and A Little About Me

Alexandra over at Blue Chair has a fun little Sunday linky party.
It's a place to share your sketchs.  Today she's added prompt . . . 
A Little About Me . . . 
I'm going to share my sketch first because I love it . . . 
Lookie, Lookie at what I drew!
Isn't it adorable.  I'm so pleased with my sketching. It's not complete
and I'm not so enchanted with the background.  
But I figure I can cut out the sketch and add to a better background!

And now a little about me . . . 
I love mixed media.  It's my new passion.  quilting is on the back burner. I've been spending the last couple of months buying supplies. I visiting Hobby Lobby, Michael and Walmart only because I got a gift card for Christmas.  But their acrylic paint is alot cheaper.  I might go back for more. 

I love to read and reviewing books.   
I love blogging.  
I love horses.  
I love to cook.  I'm not enchanted with the clean up.
I love shabby, I love rustic, I love simple 
I love dishes.
I love kids.  I love teaching.  I am a pre-school teacher. 
I love comments on my blog and to visit everyone.

I'm so 'over' my current job.  

I'm in the process of getting a nanny job.  I am super excited at the possibility!  Would you say a little prayer for me.  And for the family that is waiting to find a super nanny.

There are a few/alot of things I dream about....
A House with a tiny yard but big enough for veggie's and flowers
A second bedroom/crafting room
A maid that will clean up my kitchen after I cook. Hehe
Having both my kids near me.  Thank God for cell phones. 
Working part time

Dislikes . . . A few
Olives and Honey (me too Alexandra) 
Neighbors  that don't say "hello" when they pass you walking their dog (and that don't pick up after their dog!)
No comments on my blog
Cold...Snow and Ice (I do love to look at it)

So that's a little more about me!  I hope you enjoyed my lists.  

                   Have a Beautiful Week
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