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Foodie Friday- On The Rustic Dinner Plate-Easy Refrigerator Pickles

Welcome to Foodie Friday the day I share of few of the meals I've cooked.  The Rustic Plates are filled with just Good 'Ole Home Cooking.  No fancy photo's or staging and almost no editing.  

Just sharing to inspire you to prep and cook some good food for your family. 
Starting with a super simple breakfast of Canned Hash with over cooked Eggs.  The Cowboy likes his Eggs a little less done. He likes the yolk runny. We got a large container of Cherries so he's been having a few on his plates.  Simple frozen Pillsbury Biscuits.

The Cowboy looked forward to this meal. I know it kind of doesn't look real exciting but he loved it.  I had Pulled Pork in the freezer.
He had suggested serving it on a Baked Potato . . . but I was out of Russets and only had small White Potato's.
 So I made do.  I boiled them, peeled them and then sliced and baked in the oven with lots of cheese.  Dumped the Pork on top and we had Dinner

Along with the Pulled Pork we had a cold Appetizer plate of Tuna, Shrimp Salad and sliced Tomato's.

The Cowboy said he didn't feel like lunch.  I offered to make Chili Dogs and he changed his mind. 
See that Big 'Ole Pickle.  I made it!  Yep I canned Pickles. 
At the end of this post I share my experience and the recipe. 

Simple Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.  

He doesn't like his picture taken but he was proud of his new shirt.

I had planned Chicken Tenders, Mashed Potato's and Corn. 
We ended up with leftover Irish Nacho's so I reheated them and added Green Beans.  
I tend to lean toward Same O Same O meals.  I'm trying to change and make meals more interesting.

The Cowboy asked for Wing Sauce.  It was a yummy and different meal for us. 

More Biscuits this time with Bacon Grease Gravy we were out of Sausage.  

A super easy Breakfast.  Eggs cooked just right strips of Bacon and Flour Tortilla's.  I am not a fan of making Burrito's.  I am lucky the Cowboy is fine eating a deconstructed Burrito.  LOL.

Shrimp Lettuce Wraps and Spanish Rice a Roni, Queso and Chips.
The Lettuce Wraps turned out so good.  I just cooked Sweet Peppers and Onions with some spices in the grill pan in the oven 
when I took them out I tossed the Shrimp on top and covered the pan for a couple of minutes.  The Shrimp was perfectly cooked!
The Cowboy liked the Lettuce Wraps for a change from Tortilla's.
The Queso was simply Kroger brand fake Velvetta in the box.  It was White Cheese with Jalepeno's.  I just melt it and add some milk it is creamy and smooth and yummmmeeee. 
I pulled out a vintage towel and laid it on the tray to spruce it up.  This is before I spilled Soy Sauce all over it!
Mussels we found on sale at Sprouts.  They were frozen with a Tomato and Garlic sauce.  Just heat in the skillet. 
Tomato's and Cucumbers from the garden.  Yep there's the Soy Sauce.  I sure hope it washes out.  I love this little towel. 
I guess I can pretend it spilled from the pot.

For a change I added Walnuts to the Tuna plate.     

He cleaned his plate.  We needed bread though to sop up that sauce.  Did you notice in this shot the Walnuts are gone?  

And a meal that was not a 'keeper'.  It started with . . . 

Chips and leftover Salsa from Taco Casa.  This was our Wednesday dinner.  I went and got Taco's on Tuesday for lunch.  Did you see that pretty Pickle! HeHe
We had bought Okra a few days ago and it really needed to be cooked.  Fried Okra is my favorite.  The cornmeal didn't stick too well and got clumpy but it sure tasted good.  That was the best part of the meal.  The main dish was a boxed Enchilada Hamburger Helper.  I was surprised when I opened it that it was Rice but was just o.k. It had a fake 'Crema' packet that you pour on top after it is all cooked.   I think we'll 'Pass' on boxed meals.

The Cowboy had store made Cole Slaw as his side. Ick. 
Maybe a better angle will make it look better.  Nope.  
Let's talk Pickles
Look at that jar of Pickles
We have already eaten half of this jar.

I've never canned before and so I wanted an easy recipe for a 
'Newbie'.  I remembered seeing on Beat Bobby Flay that they made fast Pickles and so I thought I would give it a try.  I searched for Refrigerator Pickles and found this recipe.  It was as easy as the label says.  
I started out with 4 Cucumbers.  One was much larger.  It was hiding from me I guess.  I was worried it wouldn't be as good for 
pickling but it turned out fine.  The seeds were much larger than the others. 

From the 4 Cucumbers I ended up with 2 jars.  Since I had a small jar I cut a couple into chunks.  I really like them the best. 
It was a bit tricky because I kind of guessed at how much Brine to make because the recipe made 6 quarts.  
I figured it didn't matter much so I cut it down just a bit.  Didn't want to waste the Vinegar.  It also called for Sugar and I cut that part way back.  
The finished product was perfect for us.  I think next time I'll make a jar of just Dill because the Dill I bought at the store was way more than I needed for the 2 jars.  
Next year I hope to plant Dill with the Cucumbers.  I did plant some seeds but they didn't sprout.  I will start some in the Green House.  
Here's the recipe
Cucumbers 4
Garlic (the recipe called for 1 Bulb---1 used 4)
Fresh Dill a bunch
Water  5cups
Vinegar  1 cup 
Kosher Salt  1/3 cup (I used half)
Sugar  1/2 cup (1/4)

Mix the Water, Vinegar,Salt and Sugar and heat till boiling in a big Spaghetti pot.  
Once it boils turn off and let cool.
While it cools slice your Cucumbers into spears and stand them in jars.  I put in a few and then added some Garlic and Dill and then put in a few more till the jar was almost full. 
Once the Brine is cool pour over your jars. 
I just set the lids on till the jars were cooled down.  This took a few hours.  Once cool tighten the lids.  Label and put in 'Fridge 
for 24 hours.  
This was the hard part.  The waiting.  It was worth it though. 
I didn't bother to label mine because I new we would eat them fast!
That's it.  Yummy super easy Pickles.  
Have you every made Pickles? 

Thanks for coming over and share your day with me. 
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Have a Blessed Day!

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Thankful Thursday-Blessed And Grateful

Hello and Welcome to the blog today. 
 I hope your week is going great.  Can you believe it is July day 2 already.  They say Time flies when your having fun and well I am having fun. 
Are you?
It does seem like the days fly together.  For me staying home/in isn't a change or a bother. 

 I am sorry for those that are getting stir crazy.  

I realized when I was thinking about writing this post that I am not only Thankful but I am . . . 

Grateful, Thankful, & Blessed - Home | Facebook

I have always been a home body
I like being able to  . . . 
Play/dig in the dirt
Play with paper and glue
Cut/dice and chop veggies
Read a good book 
And write on my blog(s)

Did you know I have two blogs?

Some days I write here and over here it's where I write the majority of my book reviews.  I read Cozy Mysteries, Sweet Clean Romances, Romantic Comedy, Romances with a few bedroom scenes that might make MaMa blush, and my favorite Romantic Suspense.  You might find a few spotlighted here but most of my reviews are over there at
My Reading Journeys.  
My Reading Journeys

I am Thankful for the friends I have here in blogville. 
I am Thankful for the great blogs/bloggers that offer such great parties to link.  It is fun meeting new friends through 
the parties. 

Today I am just feeling Thankful, Grateful and Blessed to meet such great ladies that have much the same interests that I do.  

I am Thankful for this world of Blogging; that it gives us the chance to meet people we would never meet otherwise.  And it gives us the opportunity to learn from each other.  

I hope you are having a great day and that maybe you've thought of some of your friends you've met here.  

Thank you to all my blogging friends.
Thank you for sharing your ideas.
Thank you for sharing your heart.
Thank you for being you. 

Have a Blessed Day!

I'll be linking my posts this week at these parties.