Friday, January 1, 2016

Quilt An Hour #4

I've locked myself in to share some of my favorite quilts 

Why? You wonder?  Click here for the introduction to my madness.  (insert wink) this is a scheduled post.  When the post goes live I'll include links)

Hour #4 Quilt 
                    Beet root quilt by Gillian Travis (UK) | art quilt:
My bloger title used to say something like 'weclome to my eclectic,crazy chaotic life'.  I didn't realize till now that it's gone.

This quilt says 'crazy' to me but I love it.  And, I'm not even a fan of beets.  Actually I don't like them at all.  

But that would stop me if I had the right fabric and nothing else going on.  I want to make this quilt!

I'm not never have been a fan of machine applique.  But I love this 
one!  I love the added stitchery details!  

My life is crazy and chaotic and I'm a bit eclectic.
I bet one day you'll see my version of a 'Beet' quilt!

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Mitch and Molly said...

We do love beets and we do love this quilt A LOT!