Friday, January 1, 2016

Quilt An Hour 3

                       I'm locked in moving onto Hour #3

                                                    The One That Got Away and arbour:
"I just love this quilt! I think it's whimsical and colourful and playful. As I was putting the coloured bits together, I began with the intention of piecing them into a square, but then I had the idea to amp up the quirkiness by having one piece making its getaway."  Felicity

I love her description of quirkiness.  This another one with the circle theme that draws me in.  

I'm loving the more 'modern' quilters methods.  I love the offset multicolor section.  And the gray background. 

Concentric circles are my new favorite quilting methods.  

One more thing I love about the quilt is the binding matches the quilt making it appear there is no binding at all.  

              I love inspiration pieces!

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