Friday, January 1, 2016

And Finally #12?

Twelve posts in 12 hours.  Has it ever been done before?  
Welcome to the last post in my Quilt and Hour series.

Drum roll please . . . 
                                         Image result for drum roll
                           Do you remember Top Cat?
Here's the quilt . . . 
One Fine Day by Laurie Britt.  1st place pictorial quilt.  2014 NQA quilt show.:
A breathtaking quilt by Quilt Artist Laurie Britt.  I searched through the links to find the maker of this work of art.  
Laurie's work is amazing.  This is NOT an inspiration piece. 
I'll never be able to do anything like this!  I am absolutely in 'awe'. 

Even though I didn't actually post the quilts in the series in a specific order I did save this one to the end.  

I hope you've enjoyed touring my Pinterest board and getting into 
my eclectic brain a little!  

Click here to see the intro. and quilt #1 in the series.

With that said you'll never quess what I have planned for 2016!

                      Happy New Year
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