Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday's Hunt--Letter E

Joining Teresa' at Eden Hills for Friday Hunt and here are her topics.

Begins with "E"

This photo is waaaay back from a 2008 post.  Click here to read the post.  
In our house Elephant begins with 'E'.  My daughter collected Elephants when she was growing up.  In second grade she had over 200.  She took a few of them to school for Show and Tell and passed out peanuts. (that was waaaay back in the day when you could do that....She also took a knife to cut her pear!  Well the teacher cut the pear.  They shared it.)
The above photo shows only a few of the Elephants. 
Last year I dug all the Elephants out of storage and did this . . . 
Elephant Tree:
It was part of her Christmas present.  She's taken most of the Elephants home now.  

And now back to the hunt . . . 

Favorite Photo of the week . . . 
This was simple

Outside . . . 
I took this photo a few days before Christmas.  I just love my
'neighborhood'.  It's so nice to look at the pretty white fence everyday when I walk Daisy.  I love being Outside.

It's beautiful 'Outside' this week in Texas I hope your having some nice days!

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