Monday, January 25, 2016

Mosaic Monday

Welcome to Mosaic Monday.  I've been thinking about joining for awhile and now that my work is changed I'm here!

Today I wanted to share a few photo's from last week . . . 
Mosaic Monday:

I played a little with Picmonkey by rounding the edges of the mosaic and making the background wider.  I also added the Blue.
Just in case I want to link to Blue Monday next week.  hehe

I wanted to share these pics again because I got some many comments and questions.  

A few more of the girls sewing and some info.
For a few short years.  I had the priviledge of managing a non profit.  Our program ministered  to at-risk teens.  In addition local privates schools and church youth groups would volunteer and serve.  It was a sweet, sweet time.  

On the left are a few of the over 300 quilts that were made and donated to charity.   
The two center photo's were an evening of service for a local private school.  They worked along side the teens that were assigned to do community service. 
The last photo on the right was one of the very first taken.   

Because I received so many comments and compliments about this program I wanted to add some thoughts and share how much of a Blessing it was to be a part of this ministry.  

The photo of the horses in the top Mosaic was the sweet little shot I shared for my regular Camera Critters post.  A linky I join every Saturday.  I usually share a horse photo.  Or maybe my dog.

I've been thinking and planning for our annual Valentines Day Dinner Party so I shared a photo of the 1st one last Tuesday at Creative Tuesday.  A new linky I joined.  You can click here to read that post. 

And last the fabulous old house was  a photo I took last December. I had never posted it so I thought it was time!  I was able to snap a couple of great old places when The Cowboy and I went to get my mantle.  Which I love BTW. 

Thanks for coming by and joining me.  Tomorrow I'll be posting a few pics of the mantle and the rest of the 'clean' palette I'll be working with for Valentines Day!  

Have a Great Week.
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Denise said...

enjoyed the pictures

Donna said...

What a wonderful glad you shared it!

and LivingFromHappiness

SpicingUpIdaho said...

What a great idea to help the girls learn to sew and donate the quilts to a good cause too... enjoyed your sharing of this ministry! Glad to have met you too! :)