Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Potlock part 1

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What kind of memories does this simple word conjure up for you?
Potlock . . . 
Did you have good family memories?
Do you immediately think chocolate cake? 
Do you just envision table after table of food?
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      Do you think Sunday lunch?  Or family reunions?
                                    Or Deviled Eggs?
                                    Or Potato Salad?
                My mouth is watering thinking about it!  
My most vivid memories of Pot Luck were when we went to family reunion.  Which by far were the boring 'est' few years of my preteen existence.  And a few years of my childhood before that. 
As I write I questions go through my mind that I never bothered to 
ask my parents.  Like why did we never go to reunions before I was 12? 
Twelve that was the first year we started going a couple hours away to the tiny town of Weatherford,Texas. 
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                                           The home of Mary Martin.
                                       And peaches.
I think the peaches is the 'real' reason my mother wanted to go. 
(It was my fathers family)  

I remember the first time walking in to the community room at a local park.  The ceiling had orange painted egg cartons covering it! 

            Snazzy! It was the 70's. I didn't get it.  Still don't.

I didn't 'get' being drug over to all these poor old (at least I thought they were) people that were clueless who I was but were so happy to see me.  

Isn't it weird.  You have these family members you never see. Never hear from but they act all excited to see you and then you never see them again.  

At least that's the way it was back then.  Before the internet and the genealogy crazy. 

And that was the population at these reunions.  The absolute 
total number of children was 1.  Me.  My brother and sister were teenagers.  Actually they were almost adults too.  
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                              Fun times were had by all!

I think I'll go boil an egg or two.  The Cowboy makes the best deviled eggs!

                     How about a Potluck!
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