Saturday, January 19, 2019

Simple Sunday-The Fabulous Party

May Your Week Be Blessed
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Happy Homemaker in Texas

Welcome!   Today I am super happy because at least for now my 
computer is working again!  It has been difficult learning to use the tablet and it is super slow.  Even slower than the computer sometimes.  It is also harder for me to see which makes it slower still!  With all that said let's get on with it!
Joining Sandra she provides the prompts
I add a few of my own!

The weather
Deceiving.  It looks nice outside but it is frigid (to me)
This was the headline on my phone yesterday morning 

F.W.  Stock Show Cancels All Western Parade Due to Weather 

“While the parade is a celebratory event kicking off our annual Stock Show & Rodeo, we need to make decisions in the best interests of everyone involved,” said Brad Barnes, president and general manager of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. “Winds are estimated to be sustained at 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts exceeding 35. The challenging effect of the Northwest winds through downtown skyscrapers will only make these conditions worse.”

This is only the 2nd time in it's history the parade has been cancelled!  

Outside my window 
The sunshine is bright trying to make it a nice day but it is super cold and windy. 

On the reading pile 
to review for a tour.
Just for fun.  I have received a lot of 'free' books lately
Image result for matchmaker evangeline kelly  Ranger Protection (Texas Ranger Heroes Book 1) by [Shannon, Lynn]
Just finished reading
book cover of Her Billionaire to Remember
 A good clean romance. My review is here

About menus
This week I wrote my menu daily.  Here's what we 
was on the dinner plate this week. 
Monday Frito Pie and Guacamole
Tuesday BarBQue Ribs (from the freezer) Fried Okra, Corn on Cob
Wednesday Tortilla Soup, Guacamole Chalupa's 
(we had some great Avocado's this rippen perfectly)
Thursday Fried Cod, Crab Cake, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Ceasar Salad
Friday Sausage Casserole, Broccoli, French Bread

Something fun to share
Do you crochet?  I joined this fun group.  We get 2 new blocks
each month.  They get tricky through the year but there is a lot of help within the group. 
Image result for moogly cal 2019
In the craft basket
I stopped on my first block because I decided I needed to add a couple more colors.  But here's my start

On my To Do List 
Buy more yarn to complete my pallete.
Buy Onion Sets
Work on getting rock moved and garden ready
Make Valentines Cards for exchange
Finish crocheting Hearts for Mothers tree

My Ta Da moment
Managed to get through the week.  Monday there was no heat in the house I worked in.  No heat on Thursday either.  But the repair man was due on Friday.  
Had a frustrating week dealing with mothers affairs but made it through.  Ta Da

The Fabulous Party Features
Loved this idea Marci shared.  Click here to read her post. 
New to the party this week.  A great post on organizing for the year.  Click here

A Domino moment

It was super hard to get a pic because they were running around like crazy but Domino was super happy to see the neighbor dog outside so we invited him over.

From the camera

The Cowboy is goofy!

Free Printables: Access to an ever-growing resource library, that includes these beautiful scripture printables, plus other printables to inspire you, help you organize your life, and more. Click…
Standing on this promise

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wordless Wednesday-Add A Caption

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday
We would love to see your idea for a caption

Add A Caption ___________

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Simple Sunday-The Fabulous Party

Proverbs 22:6 New King James Version (NKJV)

Train up a child in the way he should go,
[a]And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Sorry for the delay
The Part is in full swing!
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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Scavenger Blog Hunt featuring Garrison's Law by Mary Connealy -Review/Giveaway

Welcome to the scavenger blog hunt and giveaway for the Garrison’s Law contemporary romantic suspense series by Mary Connealy, hosted by JustRead Tours!

At each stop, there will be:
-special content by the blogger, and
-a clue
Here is my clue

of justice

Keep track of these clues each day because you’ll need to enter the clues you’ve gathered that day in the Rafflecopter (a new entry each day for that day’s clues).

On the last day, the final piece of the scavenger hunt will be revealed in a puzzle on JustRead’s (and JustCommonly’s) blog.

Title: Loving the Texas Mystery Woman Series: Garrison's Law, Book 5 Author: Mary Connealy Release Date: January 2019 Genre: Gothic Romance
A woman wakes up in bed with a dead man and no memory—at all.
A stranger drags her away and offers her an alibi. The trouble is, if he’s her alibi, then she’s his. And he freely admits he’s got plenty of reasons to want his cousin Victor dead.
She learns her name is Lanny Cole. She’s living in a derelict old mansion they call The Devil’s Nest, with a whole family full of people who look capable of murder. Her amnesia is caused by an ugly blow to the head. Whoever hit her, killed Victor, then tucked her into bed with the now-dead Victor hoping she’d be arrested for murder.
She is forced to trust her rescuer, Devereau Grey, her alibi…who is more family with the Garrisons than with the Devereaus. In fact, through Grey’s connections, Case Garrison is the law on the mainland nearest the Devil’s Nest.
Grey has come home to tear open the corrupt heart of his family and find who’s stealing money from the Devereau Trust. His main suspect is dead and every member of his family has a motive for the murder and the theft, including himself, and Lanny Cole, who foolishly took a job with the Devereau family’s cold, manipulative matriarch.
And then another body turns up, and another. They need to get away, but a hurricane cuts off the island roads to a port that leads to violent seas.
Grey and Lanny are trapped in the Devil’s Nest. While they fight for their lives, family history comes to light that provides a motive for killing Lanny, and her research…if she could just remember it…might reveal the hiding place for a three-hundred-year old chest of pirate’s treasure.

And I thought
I was excited to be offered the chance to join this tour.
I became a fan of Mary Connealy when I was offered to read books from a Historical series last year.
I have enjoyed each of the books that I had read and this one was no exception.
Mystery and Suspense is my favorite kind of book to 
read especially if there is some romance and a message
and is a clean read.
The main characters Grey and Lanny pulled me into the story.  They captured my interest and didn't let go!
There is lots of suspense between these pages that will keep you on the edge of your seat an turning the pages.
I will be reading the other books on the tour as soon as I get the chance.

My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.
I received a complimentary copy


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Friday, January 11, 2019

Gown With The Wind-Book Spotlight-Great Escapes Tour

About the book
Professional wedding planner Mallory Shepard knows her job is challenging under any circumstances. But when the groom is your ex and someone invites murder, there may never be another tomorrow . . .
Mallory’s fine—really—handling the wedding arrangements for her ex, Keith. But his fiancĂ©e, Becca, has at the last minute decided to switch from a Japanese-cherry-blossom theme to a Gone with the Wind theme. She wants to honor her ailing grandmother, who owns an impressive collection of GWTW memorabilia—and who is fiercely at odds with the groom’s mother over the nuptial plans.
But among other complications, Becca gets into a fight with an old childhood rival over a replica Scarlett O’Hara wedding gown. She wins the dress—but soon becomes a murder suspect when the other woman is found dead in Becca’s swimming pool. And it’s up to Mallory to solve the mystery behind this unhappy occasion, before a different kind of civil war breaks out . . .
And others are sayin'
 LOVE these characters . . . They are so colorfully written and have such amazingly created personalities.
~The Montana Bookaholic
I so enjoyed the characters, lovely setting, and the twisting plot with so many unexpected surprises.
~Mallory Heart’s Cozies

The pace never lets up and kept me turning pages faster and faster as jaw dropping events filled the story.
~Cinnamon, Sugar, and a Little Bit of Murder
This was a fun read!es My Reading Journeys
. . . there are a lot of clues sprinkled along the way, several suspects and red herrings to that this reader did not guess the culprit or the motive until the final reveal.
~Carla Loves to Read
Buy the book
Amazon    B&N    Kobo    Google Play

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To read reviews, guest post and check out recipes click

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Book Spotlight-Steamed Open by Barbara Ross-Giveaway

About the book
It’s summertime in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, and the clamming is easy—or it was until a mysterious new neighbor blocks access to the beach, cutting off the Snowden Family Clambake’s supply. Julia Snowden is just one of many townspeople angered by Bartholomew Frick’s decision. But which one of them was angry enough to kill?
Beachcombers, lighthouse buffs, and clammers are outraged after Frick puts up a gate in front of his newly inherited mansion. When Julia urges him to reconsider, she’s the last to see him alive—except the person who stabs him in the neck with a clam rake. As she pores through a long list of suspects, Julia meets disgruntled employees, rival heirs, and a pair of tourists determined to visit every lighthouse in America. They all have secrets, and Julia will have to work fast to expose the guilty party—or see this season’s clam harvest dry up for good.
And others are saying
Steamed Open is an upbeat cozy mystery that will have you yearning for warm days and sandy beaches with a cool drink nearby.
~The Avid Reader
. . . it was pure delight to read Barbara Ross’ STEAMED OPEN, with its likable characters (and a few not so, of course), a murder with far too many possible suspects, beautiful antique homes, and of course, Clambakes.
~Mallory Heart’s Cozies
This is an extremely well written cozy mystery that will draw you in so well that you will wish you could go on the clambake too since it sounds so yummy as well as fun. Absolutely perfect for fans of the genre.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews
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Amazon – B&N  – Kobo 
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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday the post w/ no words.

Come back Friday
We will share the story

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Book Review-Swimming in the Deep End by Christina Suzann Nelson-Just Read Book Tour

About the book 
A moving novel entwining the many faces of motherly love
Jillian Connors has the perfect daughter: loving and smart, she’s an Olympic hopeful with a bright future. But when Gabby becomes pregnant, Jillian fears that future is lost. Worse, she must confront her own secret past and hope the decisions she’s made don’t drown their whole family.
Gabby can’t believe God let this happen to her. She knew the risks, but who thinks about that when they’re in love? Now she has to face the consequences–and the disappointed stares from everyone who thought she was the perfect Christian girl. At least she has the baby’s father, Travis. Nothing can tear them apart, right?
Margaret Owens had determined dreams for her son. She’s furious that Gabby’s pregnancy jeopardizes his college baseball scholarship and terrified that Travis will be trapped in a life of struggle and poverty–the life she’s tried so hard to save him from. She’ll do anything to protect him–even if it means forcing him to leave Gabby.
Stacey Meyers is aching for a child of her own. But the son she was meant to adopt was taken before she could hold him in her arms. It feels like she’ll never stop mourning; even the move to this new town hasn’t distracted her from the pain. How can she and her husband find peace? Is there any hope of a family in their future?
And in the midst of all this . . . an unborn baby. Whose arms will hold him in the end?
Read an excerpt 
Margaret Owens
“What if I want to do something else? Did you ever consider that?”
His words yank me upright, bringing me to my feet. I cock my hip and jam my fists into my sides. This will not happen. “I think about it every single day. Don’t be a fool, son. We’ve worked too hard for way too long to walk away now. You have a chance here. Do you want to live like this forever?” I lift my hands and look around the shanty that I skimp and scrape to make rent for each month. Rolled up towels are taped to the base of the back door to keep water from coming in where the seal leaks. A blanket hangs over the front room window in place of curtains. If I only had the time or money, but I have neither.
Travis can have both.
“I know, Mom.” His hand is heavy on my shoulder. “It’s just, things aren’t working out how I thought they would. And this isn’t so bad.”
And I thought
A great read filled with emotion and strong characters.
This one was hard to put down.
This was different kind of read for me.  I was glad to get the chance to dive into this story.  A story filled with raw emotion at times as each of the characters find thier way seperately and with each.  
A beautifully written touching story that is filled with grace and redemption.

I received a complimentary copy.
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.

Buy the book
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Launch at JustRead Tours

Sunday Supper Now Family Dinner

Welcome to my Sunday aftrnoon/evening post.  Some of my regular visitors might remember Sunday Supper posts.

As I wrote each of those posts I began to think about Sunday Supper and what that means.  For me as I wrote those earlier posts it meant supper at Grand Ma's.  I wrote a few reminescing posts.

 I shared a few posts about family dinner time and my thoughts about the importance of dinner as a family.

Now a days things are different dinner time, Sundays
and Sunday Supper is not what is used to be.  Things 
have changed.  Family units have changed.  

Ours has.

Most of our meals are cooked for 2.  But on ocassion we have a visitor.  And I get some help in the kitchen.
It's always nice to have an eager helper. 
And we learned something new The Cowboy told us if you put a wooden spoon on top of your pot it won't boil over!

We had the perfect kid friendly family meal.  Pepper and spices added at the end.

And after supper some great entertainment!

Mr. Ed followed by Pirates Of The Carribean.   It was a great evening. 

No matter the day supper with Family is a Blessing

Simple Sunday-The Fabulous Party

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