Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Welcome to Happy Homemaker Monday where I share a few 
plans for the week.  
Inspired by Sandra at Family Corner.  Visit and join the fun!
The Weather is . . . Nicer than a few days ago.  It was bitter for us Texans.  Sunday was so nice our daughter went on a trail ride!

On The Breakfast Plate. . . Yogurt.

As I look out my window. . . It's dark as usual.  I wish I was looking at gardens and birds.

Right now I am wishing . . . Thinking about a job interview on Tuesday.  Lots of apprehension!  Just started a new job in Dec. 
the hours are too long. Longer than agreed on!  We'll see what tomorrow holds.  
I am interviewing for a nanny job on Tuesday.

As I look around the house . . . I'm thinking about where and how I'll store the Christmas decor. this year.  We have lots of artwork that need covers made.  

On todays To do list. . . 
1. Work
2. Maybe stop at Home Depot to look for pansy's (I'm late) and/or
cabbage and onion sets.
3. Take final photo's of the decorations.  I tweek.  Nothing looks the same long. 

Happening This Week. . . 
Job interview on Tuesday.  I'm also stopping at our Tom Thumb grocery and Hobby Lobby and putting in apps.  
Beginning to put away the Christmas.
Finishing the Christmas puzzle

Currently Reading. . . Blogs and waiting on review books.

On The T.V.  
The National Treasure movies with Nicholas Care
Watched The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp on Sat.  

On The Menu This Week . . . 
Back to normal.  I work days.  The Cowboy works evenings. 
Another reason this nanny job is an option.  The exact same hours!
Monday...Leftover Pork and stuffing,Spinach and Squash Casserole
Tuesday...Guacamole Chalupas,Crock Pinto Beans and Rice
Wednesday...Poor Boys Chicken Fried Steak (hamburger)
with Mashed Potatoes and leftover pintos
love this.  If you haven't tried it.  Just take burger make into patties dip in egg and milk and flour and fry like chicken fried steak.  
Different taste it's good. 
Thursday...Smoked Sausage, Pan Seared Kale, Potato Gnocchi
Friday...wish we were going out.  Till I get a new job no eating out for now!  
I think I have a roast in freezer.  I'll add potatoes and carrots and
something green and call it a meal

What I am creating at the moment...
A book of illustrated scripture to give to my daughter.  

New recipe I tried or want to try this week...
Squash Casserole

From The Camera...
Horse show:
From the December horse show.  This pony and rider was adorable.


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