Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Random/Update. . .

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Hello friends,
I mentioned a few weeks ago I started a new job.  Although the money was what we've needed.  I'm worn out.
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I went from 10 3year olds a day.  To 13 18 month olds a day.  I am sad to say it's too much for this old woman.
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I was promised an assistant.  And, I do have one for 1-2 hours a day.  She stays in the room while I take a lunch break.
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This is me in the morning.  'Cept I don't have a purple robe. LOL.

Please forgive me for not posting regularly.  Please forgive me for  not visiting.

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If you could say a prayer for me I would be so grateful.

I'm praying that God will open the door for something different.  I've actually considered a nanny job.
I've interview with an agency and going through that process.

It's just kind of long and I just hope I can hold out.

I've also put in applications at local groceries.  Not my first preference but I need to work.

So, if you can pray for me I'd appreciate it.

I'll be coming by and visiting for sure even if I'm not posting.

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