Friday, January 1, 2016

Quilt Lock In Hour #5

Welcome to the 5th installment/post in the Quilt Lock In feature. 
Click here for the introduction post and details about the series. ( all the posts in the series are scheduled. 
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In an earlier post I've shared pieced and paper pieced quilts. The next is an applique. 

Hand applique used to be my favorite method of quilting. 
When I first began quilting I was not proficient at piecing.  
I've come a loooooooooooong way.  

Applique can be used to hide a lot of mistakes.  Hehe.

And honestly I am not a fan of quilts with block after block the same.   I'm not a fan of Sampler quilts which were really very popular waaaaay back in the day when I began quilting.

Quilt I chose for this hour displays my love for applique and 
old barns . . . 
After the Storm [M]
The source link takes you to the Judith Reilly website.  The quilt is featured along with cards and matted prints to purchase.

The workmanship in this piece is spectacular! Look at the tiny bird! And the bicycle leaning against the barn wall. And the snow on the

Hmm a collection of barn quilts might be on my list of things to do! 

        Do you have a list for the New Year?
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