Wednesday, January 13, 2016

15 Minutes . . .

What can you accomplish in 15 minutes?  
Today I am joining The Loft and writing on the topic of Bible Study.
A few days ago I wrote about being tired.  I won't bore you with linking to that post.  It was rather whiney. 
But I do want to mention it.  I did write about being tired.  What I didn't mention is I miss Bible Study.  I'm so tired that I haven't taken the time to read my Bible. 
I am working on illustrated scripture.  And so I'm working on specific verses.  And looking up verses.  But actually sitting down and reading.  Has been on the back burner.  
Oh I am reading posts.  And listening to the local Christian Radio.
But Bible study.  I'm sad to say hasn't been a priority. 
Which is silly really.  Because I know that being involved in my Bible.; and being involved with Father God would definitely make every day easier.  
But.  I have no excuse.  Except. I'm tired.  Your probably thinking well why are you blogging.  Why are you visiting other bloggers. 
It simple really.  I want to encourage you.  
I could be spending 15 Minutes a day in a little short study.  And occasionally I do.  But not regularly.  
Can I take this moment to say.  "Do as I say. Not as I do."  
And, can I encourage you if your in a situation is similar to me to check out this wonderful short devotional.
This is the version I have.  I love this devotional.  There have been a few reprints.  

This is the current version it is available at Amazon.  And I'm sure at all the other retailers.  
I kind of have to giggle because I remember when I bought mine back in the day before Amazon.  I bought mine at our local grocery story.  
The world is different 'now a days' there is even a Kindle version.  
So really. We have no 'real' excuse not to get into a Bible Study.
Except . . . 
Tired. Because I have an idea that a lot of you are tired.  
But.  Can I encourage you. To spend just a few minutes whether in a 15 minute study.  Or just writing in a prayer journal.  Just a few minutes 'Being Still' can rejuvenate you and give you energy to get through the rest of your day and 'Warm Your Heart'

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