Thursday, January 21, 2016

Date Night?

                       So have you had a date night lately? 
                    Or a day date with your Mr. Wonderful?  
Dating is sooo not what it used to be.  I feel sorry for the younger generations.  

Back in the day we had dates like this . . . 

Image result for 50's couple on dinner date

Or maybe like this . . . 

We went to places like the zoo . . . 

Or an amusement park . . .
Roller Coaster:

Maybe an evening of bowling . . . 

We'd spend hours . . . 

Talking on the phone with that special boy.

Now that special boy 

Sends me a text between appointments to ask me to dinner.  

Yes.  Times have changed.  We really don't have 'date' nights.
I miss them.  

Do you?

Disclaimer...None of the photo's are mine.  They all came from google.  And, I wasn't dating in the 50's.
My dates were in the 70's.  And the last photo isn't  The Cowboy he has alot more hair.

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