Thursday, January 21, 2016

Date Night?

                       So have you had a date night lately? 
                    Or a day date with your Mr. Wonderful?  
Dating is sooo not what it used to be.  I feel sorry for the younger generations.  

Back in the day we had dates like this . . . 

Image result for 50's couple on dinner date

Or maybe like this . . . 

We went to places like the zoo . . . 

Or an amusement park . . .
Roller Coaster:

Maybe an evening of bowling . . . 

We'd spend hours . . . 

Talking on the phone with that special boy.

Now that special boy 

Sends me a text between appointments to ask me to dinner.  

Yes.  Times have changed.  We really don't have 'date' nights.
I miss them.  

Do you?

Disclaimer...None of the photo's are mine.  They all came from google.  And, I wasn't dating in the 50's.
My dates were in the 70's.  And the last photo isn't  The Cowboy he has alot more hair.


Mitch and Molly said...

Mom and dad went to the movies not long ago and they have a date night together at a local bar once a week. Times have changed. It's not the same for the kids today.

Denise said...

love this