Friday, December 28, 2018

The End of The Road

Good Morning dear blogging friends,

Today I am writing you a letter because I no longer have a computer.
It's been awhile the computer has been on a slow death and
I have to sadly say it's run it's course which leaves me with only the tablet.
Luckily awhile back I logged on and dia few test posts so I was able to log on today.

I hope to work things out but I am not holding onto much hope.

I have no idea how toset up the Fabulous Party on the tablet.

I am thinking about using facebook more but have not decided yet.

I am praying and I hope you will too that I can find away to post.

On Saturday I will attempt try to do the party page at the library.

I hope I can work something out.

Until then I wish you many Blessings.  I will visit and leave you comments.

So now I will slip on those Blue Slippers pour a glass of  Brandy and remember  the good times

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