Friday, December 21, 2018

Photo Friday-The Story Behind Wordless Wednesday

Did you catch this photo on my Wordless Wednesday post?
There were some great ideas for a caption but 1 caught my attention because it was exactly what I was thinking!

Yes, who at the cake?

The kind of funny thing was I was trying to take a photo to show
my breakfast and the book that I was reading on Saturday.  

But the cake just kind of took over.  So your wondering who took 
a bite out of it?  

I have to admit it was me.  Yes.  It was an odd thing for me to do and an odd way it happened.  

Here's the story. . . 
Last week one of my clients asked me to make a bundt cake for her sons birthday.  A Sock It To Me Cake.  She shared the recipe and 
Wednesday morning I stirred it up and left it sitting on the counter cooling. 

That afternoon The Cowboy helped me get ready to leave and put the cake in the cake taker an I delivered it to the client. 

When I returned home what did I find on the counter?  Not the 
lemon cake for my mom  it was the Sock It To Me Cake.   I had baked my mother the lemon cake the day before. 
Is exasperated! Almost in tears because I need to cook supper but   I turned around and headed back out to deliver the real cake. 

I knock on the door with cake #2 and the 15 year old birthday boy just shrugs and we exchange cakes.  

Driving home it's almost 6:30 by now.  I am sure your guessing it. 
I was so starving I reached over and grabbed a hunk of cake.  It was so tasty I got another bite and ate it on my way home.  

And so the mystery is solved.  The mooses didn't eat the cake. 
I did it!

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