Wednesday, December 26, 2018

My Blogs Been Hacked (by a Dog) New Wednesday Feature

The plan was to wait until January 2nd.  The first Wednesday. 
Somehow Domino sneaked in a wrote a post when I wasn't looking.  Hmm.
Hi.  It's me Domino with my super sweet Sissy Jenn.  
Look what she brought me for Christmas!
It's a really cool Pupcake from a special place that makes people cupcakes. 
I waited ever so patiently while Mom took some pictures.
Really I was planning what I was going to tell you when I managed to get to the computer.  I was trying really hard to keep my mind of that 
My Sissy Jenn said she would break it into pieces so I don't gobble it.
Why do they always think I am a Turkey?  
Turkeys say Gobble. Gobble.  
I say Woof!
I took the first bite and the second and third ever so gently.
Sissy Jenn taught me to "Savour the moment"
I sure did like love that Pup Cake!
I'll be back next Wednesday when Mom has nothing to say and share with you all I've been doing. 
Happy Wednesday

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