Saturday, December 15, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Down troddin' but not giving up. 
 It seems I am continually under attack here at the blog
The newest is my Pinterest pics. don't show up. 
I may not be able to include any pics. today.
The weather
Beautiful sunshine today.  The last week it has been cold and rainy. 
The few days I don't like it in Texas.  Can I move to Florida for a few a couple months?

On the breakfast plate
I just took a cookie sheet out of the oven with bacon.  Do you cook 
your bacon in the oven?  I love it this way.  Always perfect and 
not greasy.  And then I have drippings! 

As I look out my window
Sunshine.  It is deceiving because it's pretty nippy. But it's a nice day.  I am looking at the yard and garden and realizing if I am going to start anything in the green house I need to plan and get going on it. 

Right now I am 
sitting at my desk an old library table that holds my almost as old laptop.  I am wearing my favorite red plaid pajama pants and an 
Old Navy Christmas shirt from 2009.  Has a bleach stain on the shoulder.  Have no idea how I did that.  But my grandson says 
it looks like Tie Dye so it is 'in'.

As I look around the house
I see Christmas.  And I am thinking about next year and if we will be here and where we will be and if we are downsizing and what I should pack and keep. 

To day's 'To Do' list
Get packages ready for the post office. 
Finish post cards to mail for swap.
Laundry, clean and bake maybe.  Brownies are speaking to me. 

The Fabulous Party
Last week I didn't get the party posted so no features to share. 
I hope you'll come back and link your posts!  I'll be starting the 
party early today at Our Holiday Journey.  The party will be 
live here at midnight. 

Currently reading
Finishing up a 4 author  Novella Christmas book.  It is so good I am on the last one.  The 4 authors wrote about a town called Friendship.  There is a Santa type character that is in each novella.
It is so good. Have you read it?
Christmas With You 
Christmas With You: A feel-good holiday romance anthology by [McLaughlin, Heidi, Dover, L.P., Madsen, Cindi, Prescott, R.J., Briggs, Amy]
On the t.v. 
Haven't watched much at all.  This last week I've been 
catching up on reading.  I was very behind. 

On the menu this week
Gosh it's been so long since I put together a menu!

Monday Spaghetti, Salad and Garlic Bread  (I want some
Romaine so bad!  I miss it)
Tuesday  Cowboy Beans and Corn Bread (I have been craving thin cornbread made in a sheet pan.  Is that weird or what?) 
Jalapeno Poppers a  new recipe from Pinterest.
Wednesday  Pork Chops, Rice and Black Eyed Peas
Thursday  Pot Roast, Potatoes, Carrots 
Friday Something new maybe Mongolian Beef.  I've been seeing recipes.

What I am creating
Finish up Christmas Post Cards to mail.

New recipe to try
Copycat Texas Roadhouse Rattlesnake Bites (like a cross between jalapeƱo poppers and fried mozzarella)  Mongolian Beef 
And these for Domino
Mighty Muffin Muttloaf ( This is an original twist. I like the look of this #dog #treat. So unusual.

From the camera

I was so happy to see our son and his family.  They came for my
M.I.L.'s Memorial but arrive in time for my birthday.  Got in a few visits with my mom too. 

A Miracle happens when you abandon all of your attempts to try and fix yourself. When you simply let go of all your striving, controlling, and worrying. Then let My Spirit fill you, then you will live, move and breath your Miracle. Then you will find the real Miracle is My Presence within you. Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. ---John 8:36
We are standing by this promise right now as our son transitions into owning his own riding school.  It's a huge challenge but a huge blessing!
Have A Blessed Week
Merry Christmas

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