Thursday, December 28, 2017

Our Fabulous Christmas 2017 Sharing A Few Traditions Old/New

We had a wonderful Christmas.  I have a few photo's I haven't shared yet.  
I hope you enjoy the mini tour . . . 
I started decorating this year even earlier than in past years.  
As soon as the tree was standing my grandson had to get the train out and put it under the tree even before I was finished decorating.

Then a couple days later I got the main tree up and decorated and then needed a little help putting the tree skirt under it.
It's a tradition my grandson crawls under and spreads it out. 
Another tradition is adding the wooden train.   
He adds a building from Lincoln Logs.  This year it was a general store and lumber yard. 

We began the tradition in 2015.   He seems so little. 
We were still living in an apartment so space was at a premium

We set up by the train by the cocoa bar.  

Here's a 2016 setting up the train pic . . . 
And then crawling under the tree to 'ham it up' for a photo . . . 

He wasn't too much of a 'Ham' this year.  It's a good thing I got some good shots last year! 

This year I started a new tradition.  And then I realized that we 
started it a few years ago . . . 
This is Rascal and Daisy in 2014.  This was not a set up photo. 
They did this on their own.  I just managed to get a good shot. 
I found Domino almost under the tree.  I was reminded of Daisy and Rascal!
I had removed the train and breakable things because Domino had a house guest for Christmas. 

I did a very short impromtu shoot with Domino and her new friend

I have two main trees.  I worked on the tree in my favorite room 
The green house room We have decorated as a shabby chic cabin.

We have a large family of mooses that visit us every year.  They
have dubbed this room their little B&B for their stay here before
they leave on their annual cruise.  HeHe.

The 1st time they visited in 2015 . . . 

They like the shabby chic cabin much better!

I have a few traditions.  I like Christmas trees
This is the horse tree . . . 

One of my favorite trees.  I hope to get a bigger one next year. 

A new tradition I started a couple of years ago is a special way to label our gifts . . . 
I love the idea of using photo's.  A few favorite photo's of 
our grandson when he was a lot younger.  
Here's the tree the first year . . . 

The Cowboy started a tradition in 2015 while we were still in the apartment.  He has carried it on.  This is his after Christmas 
decoration . . . 
He has a whole collection of Christmas and Fall flags.  He starts with a Snoopy Halloween and then Fall.  He changes them weekly.  
So this was just a little peek at a few of our holiday traditions. 
I hope you enjoyed part one. 

Tomorrow I have another tradition to share.  I hope you'll come by for the ride.  (That's a hint)

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