Thursday, December 7, 2017

Menu Monday-Thankful Thursday-Frugal Friday

Does your freezer ever look like this?
Too often mine does. Filled with  non recognizable leftovers.

So next week I plan a Freezer Meal Week

First things first.  Inventory. Followed quickly with organizing. 

Something in my freezer are leftovers, smaller portions of raw meat, and other pieces of meat.

Since there is only 2 of us I tend to break my meat purchases up before putting in the freezer in to smaller portions.


Then menu planning. My goal is to use it all. So I can fill it up again.  But in a more organized fashion I hope!

I know it doesn't look like it but I do pretty much know whats in there even thought most things aren't dated and labeled. 

Some things are labeled like this package . . . 
I roasted a whole chicken and made a few meals out of it.  Here I have some meat saved to make my Mexican Chicken and Rice.

Even though most leftovers aren't labeled it's pretty easy to keep
track of the dates because I plan a menu every week so I know when I've cooked what or can check my archived menus. 

I hope to someday soon have an organized freezer like this. . . 
How to organize a top freezer and still have room for stockpiled items!

It will be awhile.  I need to budget for some neat containers
to help me in my quest.
But someday soon I hope we'll be seeing a much better organized space that is much easier to manager.  

So now I am off to plan my menu for next week using the bounty in my freezer!  

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