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Being Real-Glimpses of my Christmas House Feat. My Kitchen Hutch

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Last week I wrote a post I titled 'Being Real'.  In that post I shared how my desk looked.  And then I shared My Christmas Desk.
You can see the 'Real' post here.  You can see the Christmas post 
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Today I am sharing a few photo's of my house. 
I called this post 'Being Real' because my photo's aren't fancy.
They are just plain 'ole pics with no cropping and nothing fancy.
I'm being real.
Enjoy the tour.

A glimpse of my hutch and table.  I took this photo because I was wanting to highlight the table runner.  It is meant for a swap.  
Here's a close up of the table runner before I send it off! . . . 

I love the red plaid.  
It is merely a piece of fabric laid on the table. 
It speaks Christmas to me.
And a close up of the hutch featuring one of my favorite things.
A couple of years ago I started a collection of Christmas trees.
The Cowboy brought this one home from a resale store! 
We are getting more 'real' here.  Sharing a pic that isn't very good.
I wanted to show you the tree that started my collection . . . 

Just a little glimpse.  It deserves a complete post. And maybe 
one day I will do that. 
The tree on the far left my DIL made a few years ago.  It is filled with handmade ornaments each representing something I love. 
In the middle is a tree that The Cowboy made himself.  The tree he found at Hobby Lobby.  He loved the camo.  I loved the burlap.
He added the fish hooks.  
Behind the  Cowboy tree is just a simple tree with lights.  Nothing special.
Here's a closer up of the tree my DIL made.  You can see a snowman,  a dog bone, lower left is felt Yellow Roses (for Texas).
It is a special tree!

There is a big window in this tiny breakfast nook.  On the left of the window is a small space where the Cowboy hung a shelf and put and I put a  rustic cabinet underneath. 

I have a new treasure that I am displaying on the shelf . . . 
I took this photo before I was finished with the Christmas decor. 
I had just begun.  I love the platter that I have displayed on an 
easel.  The easel was purchased last year for cents at a resale store that had a 90 percent off sale. 

The platter was a dumpster find.  Sort of.  I ran into a man putting things into the dumpster.  He had some items for donation he gave them to me.   He was fine with me keeping a few and then delivering to the resale shop the items I didn't want. 

Behind the platter you can see my ice trees.  I bought at Big Lot's back in the day.  

And another shot of the hutch . . . 
I am sharing this shot one more time because I wanted to share the red vase on the hutch.  I love it.  It was another Big Lot's find from way back in the day.  I have already moved it to my counter.  It perfectly holds a roll of paper towel!  I tried seeing what it looked like on the hutch.  But, it just speaks to me as a paper towel holder! 

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My house isn't fancy. 
My house isn't even completely decorated. 
My photo's are simple and unedited.
But I love it.
It's me. 
And it's real.  
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I hope you enjoyed my little tour.
I'd love to share with you the rest of my house.
Come by tomorrow to see my Cabin themed Green House Room
Merry Christmas

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